Thursday, August 28, 2014

Kate Moss’ breast used to create a Champagne glass

We all know British model Kate Moss. But how many of us know the exact shape of her breast? Well now, everyone will know, since a London restaurant has created a Champagne glass shaped like Moss’ left breast. London’s 34 restaurant, where Kate Moss celebrated her 40th birthday, has commissioned British artist Jane McAdam Freud (the daughter of Lucian Freud) to create a mould from the model’s left breast that was used to shape the bowl of the glass.
Moss said in a statement that ”Champagne is always associated with celebration and happy occasions, and I had fun creating this beautiful coupe.”

The 34 Kate Moss Coupe features an elongated slender stem and a bowl decorated with an Art Deco-influenced geometric pattern. The base of the coupe is etched with her “Kate” signature and a small heart.
As described by Freud, “the glass is an intricate abstract design reminiscent of Art Deco symmetry which, when held at an angle, shows a beautiful curvy shape”.

The glasses will be used to serve Champagne at 34 in October, and Kate herself will be therem, in Restaurant’s Emin Room to toast their debut. So, if you want to taste Champagne from Kate Moss left breast, you have to now, that’s possible only at 34 and its sister establishments The Ivy, Daphne’s, Scott’s, and The Club at The Ivy starting Oct. 9.


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