Friday, September 12, 2014

Dyson’s First Robot Vacuum Cleaner Has 360-Degree Vision For Navigation

Some must be thinking: with so many electronics giants making robot vacuum cleaner, why hasn’t big name like Dyson jump on the bandwagon yet? Well. You see Dyson is the like the Apple of home appliance world. They take painstaking effort to make sure they get it right, or at least ‘right’ in the eyes of the company.

So here it is, after expending sixteen years and an astronomical sum of nearly $47 million, Dyson has finally taken the wrap off its first robot vacuum cleaner, dubbed the 360 Eye. Being a Dyson product, you can expect two things: meticulously engineered on the inside and pretty on the outside – both which you will find in the Dyson 360 Eye.

However, at first look, it appears that the 360 Eye is significantly taller than most robot vacuum cleaners out there and for good reasons: it is packed with cyclone technology, on top of its own energy-efficient motor. We can’t say it is for the best of an autonomous vacuum cleaner cos’ the height makes under sofa or beds a no go zone.

The 360 Eye is so named because it apparently has a 360-degree camera that allows it to “see” your house and in addition to that, it is also rigged with infrared sensors that allow it to navigate around efficiently. It can even select objects as reference points and triangulate to determine its own position. Those are the navigation aspect.


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