Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Gresso Protective Case for iPhone 6

Gresso – one of the world’s leading luxury smartphone and fashion accessories manufacturers, is currently in the process of patenting its solution to the iPhone 6’s bending problem. The Gresso Case features innovative design and protection unparalelled in the industry. Due to the Case’s patented magnetic lock system, no assembly is required, allowing for easy and convenient use. Gresso’s engineers have reinforced the Case’s construction. The results show that the amount of force needed to deform the device was increased from 70 lbs to 300 lbs.

The Case’s durable front frame and 2mm back panel are made from CNC machined aluminum, and is highly resistant to stress, compression and bending.
The Gresso Case features a minimalist design that fits and complements the original design of the iPhone 6. Decorative engraved lines and the Gresso logo are featured prominantly on the back panel.
Currently, the Gresso Case is being packaged for mass distribution. The protective Case for iPhone 6 will be available for purchase October 2014. The Case can be ordered through the Company’s official North American distributors, D&H and TechData, or online at official store.


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