Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Takumi Pen Is The World’s First Length Adjustable Pen

I can’t remember when the last time I used a pen or pencil was. Oh wait. As a matter fact I do: it was for filling out the lottery form. Anyways, it goes to show that traditional writing instruments still has its place in our gadget filled, gestures-reliant world. be it for filling out forms, doing concept sketches or to scribble your contact number on a napkin for the hot girl sitting next to you at the bar, the importance of pen will not be diminished anytime soon and hence, the market is burgeoning with options, but if versatility is what you are after, then perhaps you might want to check out TAKUMI Pen (no relation to Initial D) from Taiwan-based Tronnovate Design Laboratory.

Besides touting the flexibility of accepting over 50 types of refill and thereby giving you the option to use your favorite refill, it also boasts as the world’s first length adjustable pen to fit your hand size, writing position and usage – ranging from note-taking to technical drawing to doodling.

He head or should we say, the tip, is adjustable from anything between 5 mm and 15 mm. the benefit of adjustability will not be as apparent if you just need a pen to fulfill your writing needs (or in my case, shading ‘boxes’), but it will be if you uses the same pen for other things like making precise drawings where ruler is involved, which lengthening the tip allows the pen tip to get closer to the guiding ruler, thus a more precise line. TAKUMI Pen has a minimalist, streamlined aesthetic, and it is modular in design, allowing you to switch out parts, albeit limited, to fit your style. we are not sure if needing a tool to assemble or disassemble a pen is a good idea, but that’s what this pen need – a special “anti-slip” tool which is basically a Torx point hex key. It comes in a choice three colors and is offered with four types of caps.


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