Tuesday, September 2, 2014

The Shibaura Travel Tote From Jam Love Comes With Goodies Women Desire

The top five items women want in their handbag as found out by the newly launched handbag label, Jam Love, goes something like this; a high-end smartphone (hint iPhone!), a wallet with a luxury brand name, a tablet, camera and of course a pair of fashionable glasses/sunglasses. Jam Love put this knowledge into good use by creating “The Ultimate Handbag” named “The Shibaura Travel Tote” for the upcoming Fall/Winter collection, and filled it with a Vertu Signature Touch phone, Burberry Contrast Leather Zip around wallet, iPad Air, Sony Cyber-shot RX100 III camera and Gucci sunglasses.

Jam Love has teamed up with VeryFirstTo.com to launch the Shibaura bag as well as to conduct the survey. Other fascinating facts found out from the survey includes women also love to have in their bag Thor star Chris Hemsworth’s room key, a bottle of wine, a puppy and a magic wand! I think women sometimes don’t know what they want.

Named after the Shibaura-Futo district near Rainbow Bridge in Tokyo Bay, it is well-known in Japan for its high-fashion and fine living, and also as a celebrity enclave. The bag has pockets for a phone, wallet and keys. The roomy Shibaura bag also has a separate sleeve to fit in a laptop or a tablet. Suitable to carry around as a day bag or for travelling, it is available in colors including Jam & Toast (featured), Apricot, Blueberry, Chocolate Gingerbread and Black Truffle. A peculiar highlight of the bag is its Jam Love logo, the 1880 typographic font is etched onto each bag using a 19th century British letterpress process.

Made from the finest leather and bonded canvas, the Shibaura Travel Tote filled with luxury goodies comes with a price tag of $17,700 (£10,325/€13,076). Of course, you can also buy the bag for just $775 (£450/€569) without fancy items.


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