Wednesday, October 15, 2014

3d Printed Epochs Collection Pimps Up Panasonic Gm1, Improves The Grip

Other than adding colors to camera, you have to admit that camera’s aesthetic is anything but groundbreaking. You can’t blame the camera makers though, after all the camera has to be commercially viable to make any business sense in order to mass produce them. however, if German design studio, WertelOberfell‘s custom parts for Panasonic DMC-GM1 were to become a reality, then you might have a shot at changing how your GM1 look and handles. Note that we said ‘handles’, because not only does these custom parts lend an entirely new and artistic look to your shooter, it will also improve the ergonomics and grip too.

Made using a method of 3D printing, the Epochs Collection, as they are collectively called, consists of three micro structures which the German outfit refers to as “root”, “interference”, and “weave”, each so named with reference to the micro structure pattern of the individual model. Each design reflects the different ‘age’ of our time, namely art nouveau, modernism and digital. According to Design Boom, the resulting products are “strong and hardwearing enough to be used in everyday situations” and obviously, beautiful pieces, but we dare question the practicality in terms of the “everyday use”. As we all know, dust is one of the greatest foe of a camera and the various nooks may prove to be a dust-friendly home where extra care would have to be taken to keep them free of them.

However, the point is not in the design or even as an aftermarket part for that matter; it is to demonstrate “how thin and minuscule 3D printing can go, and how strength, durability and the look of the parts can be enhanced by coating them with real metals like copper and nickel“, Jan Wertel, co-founder of WertelOberfell, explains. In short, WertelOberfell just proves that 3D printing is able to achieve far more complicate objects then we thought. So, is 3D printing the future of products, or at least, parts that made up our products? It might very well be. If so, we are right to anticipate future gadgets to be much more affordable then they are today. No?


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