Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Hermès’ First Ever Pen Designed by Marc Newson

Australian designer Marc Newson had priviledge to design the Hermès Nautilus, the first writing instrument from a brand that has already ascended to the top in the fields of leather goods, saddlery, silk scarves, scents, clothing and wristwatches. To design this really clever writing instrument, Newson collaborated with Hermès artistic director Pierre-Alexis Dumas, who believes it is more important than ever to support the act of writing. ‘This is an encouragement to remember the pleasure of using one’s hands,’ he explains. ‘It is through writing that we can explore our thoughts or even go further.’

Made from aluminium and stainless steel, the pen is opened and closed by turning the body. A rotating mechanism makes the gold and iridium nib disappear with a touch of the hand.
“Designing this pen was no simpler or more complicated that conceiving the inside of an aeroplane,” said Newson. “The main constraint was having to fit a complex rotating mechanism into a very small space.”

This smooth, cap-less retractable instrument comes in colours of dark blue, burgundy, and black with nary a spot of that signature Hermès orange to be found, and is available as a fountain pen ($1,650) and as a ballpoint version ($1,350). It is the first item designed in a set of writing materials that includes a stainless steel with Box calfskin cartridge box; a Grain d’H notebook, airmail paper pad and writing pad; and vellum paper lined envelopes.
Dark blue, burgundy, and black with nary a spot of that signature Hermès orange to be found.


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