Sunday, October 19, 2014

Killspencer Card Carrier Provides You With A Stylish Way Of Carrying Cards With Your Iphone 6

If you depend on cards for your daily survival and two) hate to mar your iPhone 6 ultra-thin profile, then we think the Card Carrier for iPhone 6 by KILLSPENCER might be the accessory worthy of your consideration. The Card Carrier is essentially a combination of a decal made from real wood and a card holder that holds up to four credit cards. It adheres to the back of your iPhone 6 using a special removable industrial adhesive, while the card holder part of the equation is of black pebbled leather and lined with the finest Italian-made Alcantara suede endoskeleton, and boasts a nifty thumb port cut out for sliding out your cards.

Handcrafted at KILLSPENCER’s Silverlake Workshop by master craftsmen and women from exotic rosewood or black maple, the decal/card holder combo provides an elegant and minimal solution to carry both your cards and your beautiful crafted smartphone on any given day. Like we said, that’s only if you need only cards and the phone, and nothing else in between, and also, you don’t mind shelling out 89 bucks for it, which is how much the Card Carrier for iPhone 6 by KILLSPENCER costs. Before you said you are all up for it, it is worthy to note that this product is recommended for one use only. Which means, you can’t peel it off and stick it on another iPhone 6. Bummer.


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