Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Tempescope Tells You Tomorrow’s Weather By Physically Creating It In Your Living Room

Under normal circumstances, to know tomorrow’s weather is as simple as reading graphical representation or listening to your local weatherman. Whichever way we are using today is more than sufficient for our knowledge and it seems nothing else needed to be done, or so we thought. Apparently, a group of Japanese inventors think otherwise. They want to physically create tomorrow’s weather that you can “experience” and they are calling their invention the Tempescope Ambient Weather Display. This minimalist lit-up box is essentially a miniature weather world that pulls forecasts from a wireless connection from a PC. With the forecast at hand, the device will attempt to create the meteorological conditions within the sealed cuboid.

It uses a combination of water, ultrasonic and LED lights to form the forecasted weather like creating cloudy vapor with the combination of water and ultrasonic for cloudy day, dripping water to show that it will be raining, or with the aid of the LED lights at the top, it can depict thundering or sunshine. A rather interesting concept and novel approach to showing forecasted weather, and as the product name implies, it is designed to add ambience to your home while letting you in on tomorrow’s weather. Though it will be interesting to see how the device is going to throw out hurricane or windy conditions. The Tempescope sounds like a cool idea that may appeal to the masses, but that also depends on the number the inventors intended to put on the price tag.

The Tempescope Ambient Weather Display is still not ready for production; the inventors do have plan to bring it to crowdfunding early next year, which will have the fund to produce a professionally-finished, weather station of the future. however, if you can’t wait, the good folks have the whole nine of how to DIY one for yourself on their website, which you can download and have a go in making one if you are have you are so technically inclined.


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