Wednesday, October 15, 2014

This Avant-Garde Desk Has A Built-In Natural Amplification Sound Dock For Smartphone

We won’t start a debate on how uncluttered is an uncluttered a desk should be, but if you love a bit of music while you are at your desk, the Sound Table and Seat by South Korea-based industrial designer Jina U is one awesome idea that would allow you to enjoy your favorite tunes from your smartphone while not robbing you of the precious desktop real estate. How? Because among the expanse of acacia desktop hides a recessed smartphone dock that is actually a sound dock to a natural amplification speaker.

Presumably designed with iPhone in mind, the iPhone audio is directed through a horn under the desktop and exits the front of the desk, thereby amplifying the sound. And if we were to judge how loud the amplified sound would be by the size of the horn, then we would think the amplification could be quite substantial.

Perforated sheet, which we assume to be metal, keep the horn hidden when looked from the side. Similar perforated sheet is also used to seal the back of the single below desk shelf. The table comes complete with a matching chair and the set is constructed from a combination of copper, acacia wood and steel, harmonized by the natural color of copper, patchwork of acacia and turquoise. This unique combination lends this table and chair combo an extremely sophisticated yet, retro-ish feel.

The perforated sheet on the side is hinged and opens up to reveal the horn within and it looks like there is still space for some other stuff. Just in case, you thought the incorporation of a huge ass horn has wasted a perfectly good storage space. Honestly, I would love to have a desk like that, but unfortunately, the Sound Table and Seat appears to be a concept work with no further information other than some cool product images and size.


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