Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Elixir Mini Bar By Leonhard Pfeifer

If you just can’t seem to find the right spot to store your precious liquor without risking to make a way too pretentious first impression on your houseguests or co-workers but still can’t afford a full-scale wine cellar just now, we may have just the right thing for you: with CB2 Elixir Mini Bar, your favorite drinks will stay safe, concealed and yet close at hand for those precious moments when all you need is a glass of fine spirits to brighten up your evening after a hard day’s work.

Another brilliant piece of furniture designed by Leonhard Pfeifer in collaboration with Crate & Barrel, Elixir Mini Bar offers a sophisticated liquor storage solution that will impeccably blend in any interior décor of your home or office. Measuring 24 x 12 x 24 (W x D x H), this stylish liquor cabinet features a solid frame handcrafted from fine acacia wood and its sides and shelves are built from acacia veneer over engineered wood.

Thanks to the unit’s smart transforming design, the sides of Elixir Mini Bar conveniently fold down to let you access your beloved spirits without getting up from the sofa or couch. Large enough to hold several bottles of liquor, drink-mixing tools and a host of cups, this two-in-one storage cabinet is primarily built to serve as a mini bar but it can also double as an end table, ledge for mining drinks or even a nightstand, which is mighty convenient if your office or living room is not all that spacious.

Simple and hassle-free maintenance-wise, Elixir Mini Bar requires just a damp cloth for the regular cleaning procedure (make sure you use no glass cleaners or abrasives because these may easily damage the acacia surface). So, if you are a true lover of all furniture multipurpose or just need an unassuming yet handsome piece of furniture to accommodate your drinking gear, try Elixir Mini Bar for size – more likely than not, it will perfectly fit your liquor storage needs.

Milwaukee Inkzall Stylus Marker

Ever tried to handle your iPad or similar touch-capacitive screen with gloves on? If you have, then you know how tough a task that can be – and if you haven’t, take our piece of advice: don’t go there. Well, with the Milwaukee Inkzall Stylus Marker, you no longer have to fumble around with your phone screen or remove your gloves every time you need to access the menu, actually – with this little pointer tool, navigating your touch screen device becomes a piece of cake, no sweat, fuss or hassle involved.

Especially designed for handling iPad, smartphones and other touch-screen devices when wearing gloves, the Milwaukee Inkzall Stylus Marker features a soft conductive stylus tip and a clog-resistant permanent ink marker with super-quick dry-time for minimal smears and blotting. With its fine-point marker juiced by black non-toxic ink, Milwaukee Inkzall Marker lets you write on dusty, wet and oily surfaces, and it’s also built for scribbling on rough areas, so you no longer have to worry about marking down that concrete slab, OSB or cinderblock.

Other specs include an anti-roll body design, a hard hat storage clip for ultra-easy on-site access and a convenient lanyard hole, which means that your new stylus marker will go everywhere you go and be ready to serve you whenever you need it.

Having a full-time job is stressful and tiresome enough; make work easier for yourself and rely on the Milwaukee Inkzall Stylus Marker to handle all your writing tasks for you.

Get it from Amazon here: Milwaukee

NOCO Genius Boost Jump Starter

It happened to all of us to find ourselves in a surrounding with no direct electrical source, at the moment when your telephone battery is at a very low level, or worse, when your car can not start. With NOCO Genius Boost Jump Starter, you can protect yourself from the unpleasant situations like this.

NOCO Genius Boost Jump Starter is super safe starting device with compact design and great cumulative power. Spark-proof technology, together with reverse polarity protection is what makes this device so safe for use with almost every battery, in almost any condition.

Its ultra-bright dual LED flashlight has 7 light modes and it is very helpful in different types of emergencies. And what is the best thing about this irrepleceable device is that it fits and starts a wide range of electrical devices easily and quickly. From now on, you can start everything from tablets, smartphones, and e-readers to cars, motocycles, motorboats, even lawn mowers with single batery engines in only a few seconds.

Thanks to High-Density NOCO Element lithium-ion battery empowerment, this device can stay charged for almost a year. Nevertheless, the NOCO Genius Boost Jump Starter is of pocket size, portable and handy.

Make your next trip safer and more carefree by buying this very compact and useful device for the reduced price of  $129.95, shipping free on Amazon.

Get it from Amazon here: NOCO Genius Boost

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

KnowRoaming Stickers Cling To Your SIM, Aim To Kill Roaming Charges

With Skype, social networks, and similar media gone highly popular and still growing, staying in touch with you friends, family and loved ones when traveling abroad is nowadays much more easy than it used to be in the past. Nevertheless, a Facebook chat with your brother, dad or girlfriend is not quite the same as hearing their voice on the phone, but if you’re a frequent cross-border traveler, roaming charges will probably put you off from ringing up your home-bound spouse or family member in the middle of a sleepless night and shooting the breeze ’till the cows come home. But it doesn’t have to be that way all the time – with KnowRoaming sticker SIM card, you won’t go broke over international calls, however lengthy or frequent they might be.

“If you’re somebody who needs to be connected 24 hours a day, seven days a week and receive your local calls, and have the option of having local numbers in the countries you travel to, this is the product for you,” KnowRoaming CTO and co-founder Matthew Stein says in a promo video.

Created by Toronto-based start-up KnowRoaming, this ingenious little electronic sticker easily attaches atop of your nano, micro or mini SIM with the help of an adhesive applicator tool to prevent high roaming charges when communicating with your friends and family or browsing the internet during your international trips. Once you’ve applied the sticker to your existing SIM card, simply download the KnowRoaming companion iOS or Android application and you’re all set for some busy texting, fast browsing and long-winded calls worldwide.

When within the range of your native network, KnowRoaming sticker will remain dormant but it will automatically snap into action as soon as you cross the border and enter one of the 220 countries on the KnowRoaming list of states that allow 85% roaming rate discount for international voice call, data and text charges. Once abroad, KnowRoaming will instantly switch to a pre-selected local service carrier so instead of risking to come home to a phone bill gone through the roof over lengthy and regular international calls, you will pay only the local carrier rates as if you were a local in the country you’re visiting. With the help of the companion application, you can check a list of local carriers and their charges beforehand and pick the one you like best upon (or even prior to) arrival, and you can also monitor your usage, manage your numbers and top up minutes via your credit card on the go. But that’s not all – in case you don’t use up all your KnowRoaming credit on your voyage, it won’t expire as you return to your mother country so you can use it on your next trip. Now that’s whay you call a real bargain.

On top of that, KnowRoaming company also offers a number of different family and business rate deals and several unlimited prepaid data packages so you no longer have to worry about the odd downloaded megabyte costing you an arm and a leg or the extra hour or two on the phone eating up the same amount of money as your actual trip costs. Compatible with most SIM cards and almost all unlocked phones (including older handsets), the intelligent KnowRoaming sticker is all you need to keep your phone bill in check when making international calls, accessing local network data and sending texts abroad. Give it a try, you will definitely love it – and your trip budget will stay happy, too.

Get it here from Amazon: KnowRoaming sticker SIM card

B4RM4N Smart Cocktail Shaker Connects To Your Smartphone To Make Mixing Easy

We have all been in those social situations where we have friends or family over for a few drinks, we have been selected to be the designated bartender and we have to prove our skills at being able to pour the perfect Martini or a cocktail of the guest’s choosing; alas, it gets botched as our mixture ends up being poured inaccurately. Fear no more for the perfect solution is here – B4RM4N Smart Cocktail Shaker.

B4RMAN Smart Cocktail Shaker is packed full of useful features which will help you to achieve the status of “cocktail hero”. Armed with an Atmel Microcontroller, Accelerometer, RGB Led’s, Precision Weight Sensor, Sound feedback, a Lithium Ion Battery, Isolated USB Plug, Bluetooth 4.0 and a smooth silver finish, this shaker comes straight out of a sci-fi movie. Designed to work with a Smartphone application that features over 110 pre-programmed recipes this shaker does everything for you, well, everything except shaking itself.

B4RM4N makes sure that you get the perfect drink every time by telling you what ingredients to pour and the amounts, how much ice to use, if it needs to be shaken or stirred, how many dashes of bitters that needs to be poured, it even gives you suggestions on what to make according to your current ingredients that you may have in the fridge or bar and of course, it allows you to share your creations and experience others via social networks.

Pre-order your own personal B4RM4N Cocktail Shaker at Kickstarter (available in July 2015) since everybody is raving about it. In the words of one reviewer “this smart shaker practically makes cocktails for you”.

Friday, November 7, 2014

Wrap Your iPhone 6 In Elegant Vaja Leather Cases

If extravagant solid gold iPhones and cases are out of your reach, next best thing is a genuine leather case for your iPhone. Vaja, the Argentinian luxury case-maker is known to make some of the most elegant iPhone cases you can ever lay your hands on. Their cases, made from natural Argentinian leather are presented in a range of designs. Cases offered in a vast color palette, gives you the opportunity to customize them in limitless ways.
Notable features of handmade Vaja cases are their slimmer design and light weight. Compare to most other designer leather cases, Vaja are priced right so most of us can afford one. Let’s take a look at few Vaja iPhone 6 cases that’s going to protect your new investment worth few hundred dollars .

 Wallet Agenda – From $130

Guys, leave your wallet home. This wallet + case come with two card slots, one ID slot and a dedicated bill compartment. Its polycarbonate frame comes wrapped in vegetable tanned Natural Argentinian leather and soft natural leather lining. Handmade case has cutouts for camera, volume buttons, power button, speaker and charger. Case measures 14cm x 6cm – 5.5″ x 2.4″.

Lola Wristlet – From $130

The Lola Wristlet is to women what Wallet Agenda is to men. Ladies can leave their handbags at home and just carry everything in Lola Wristlet. The highlight of this practical case is its detachable “Grip” leather case. It has four credit card slots, a bill compartment and a removable wrist strap. Leather options available include vegetable tanned Bridge, grainy Floater and smooth Caterina. Interiors are lined with natural Caterina leather. The Lola Wristlet come with a magnetic snap closure.

Top Matelassé – From $120

Vaja’s Top Matelassé quilted case has seen an update with new stitching pattern, more padding and improved texture to add more luxury to an already unique case. It comes with a magnetic clamshell closure system and additional protection for corners. Its polycarbonate frame cover is offered in two leather versions – vegetable tanned Bridge and smooth Caterina.

Grip Stripes – From $110

The Grip Stripes as the name implies is made from multiple stripes of dyed Caterina and Bridge leather. Extremely thin yet strong, Grip Stripes feature a camera opening, cutouts for all necessary buttons and protection for all four corners. There are over 200,000 strip color combinations to choose from – no country’s colors are safe with this case!

Top LP – From $110

The Top LP is handcrafted out of 2 pieces of Argentinian natural leather and the back from polycarbonate. It features a magnetic clam shell closure and cutouts for camera, and other buttons. Lighter and thin yet strong case is available in multitude of color combinations.

Grip LP – From $90

The Grip LP is Vaja’s most basic case for iPhone 6. Simple and elegant, and made from Argentinian leather, it features a camera eyelet and cutouts for buttons, speakers etc. The thin silhouette offer plenty of protection including for corners.

Urbanears By Marc Jacobs – Fashionable Headphones From Sweden

If you want to spend hundreds of dollars on a set of headphones you can do that – buy a pair of Beats, Sennheiser or a Bang & Olufsen. You can even spend $14,500 on a gold plated Happy Plugs pair. But, if you want an affordable yet fashionable set of headphones, look no further than Swedish-made Humlan and Kransen. They are the result of a collaboration between Marc by Marc Jacobs and Urbanears.

Urbanears by Marc Jacobs are available in many textures and host of striking colors plus additional three striking shades inspired by nature – oil, ocean and berries. Humlan range is made from removable and washable parts, they also come with an additional socket so that you can share music with a second person. Highlights of the Kransen range include a patent-pending cable loop wrap and secure the cord and the snap construction feature that let users connect earbuds around their necks. Both boasts microphone and remote for hands free use with phones.

The Humlan retails for $60 and Kransen for $45 – both are available at and at Marc by Marc Jacobs stores and online.

Silver Cross Releases A Special Edition Balmoral Pram With A Hefty $8,000 Price Tag

Last year’s £3,000 Aston Martin Surf buggy from Silver Cross takes second fiddle to their latest luxury buggy. Available exclusively at Harrods as of yesterday and limited to just 50 units, this special edition Silver Cross Balmoral come with a hefty £5,000 (about $8,000) price tag. And the Rolls-Royce of prams is presented with many bells and whistles to go with the price.

Its hood and matching apron are covered in red hand-stitched leather, while the buggy carriage is made from metallic silver. The red and polished silver color combination can also be seen on the C-spring chassis. The buggy also feature Balmoral’s signature large white wheels, without them of course a Balmoral will not be a Balmoral. In addition to red, special edition is also offered in four other statement colors.

To make sure that no one mistakes the special edition to the regular £1,450 ($2,300) Balmoral, it comes with a “Bespoke Range” logo identification plate. If you want, you can even get a plaque fitted with your toddler’s name engraved on it. All these minor customizations are there to ensure everyone in the park knows who ride on these fancy wheels.

The Silver Cross is a company that’ been in the business of making baby buggies since 1877 and the Balmoral is literally their jewel in the crown. Royals from the Queen, Prince Charles, and Princess Diana to more recently Prince George had rides on their buggy and there are plenty of pictures to prove it. Instead of the old fashioned Balmoral, Prince George though travel in a more modern Silver Cross Elegance.

Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Bluesmart Carry-On Bag

We often spend more time preparing for a trip than we actually need to – and we usually forget some vital bits and pieces, like a spare battery pack, extra pair of socks or gadget chargers. Needless to say, even if you successfully managed to pack just about everything you might need on the go, it doesn’t mean that all your stuff will arrive at the same destination as yourself – because suitcases and backpacks frequently get lost, forgotten, stolen or displaced in chaotic transport, at busy airports and on crowded bus stations. So, how does a guy actually get all his bare essentials safely from point A to point B? Not a problem, mate – with Bluesmart, all your belongings will always stay safe and sound on your trips, wherever the road may take you.

The world’s first smart and connected suitcase that easily pairs with Android and iOS smartphones, Bluesmart aims to solve all potential bugger-situations a modern traveler may face on the fly. The revamped suitcase design features a powerful built-in energy pack with enough power to recharge a phone as many as six times (37 Watts lithium ion battery), so you won’t end up phoneless in case you forget to pack your charger and your battery decided to run out of juice in the middle of nowhere. Bluesmart battery even allows you to simultaneously charge two electronic devices so you won’t have to stop the music on your MP3 or tablet to top up your smartphone or e-book reader instead. On top of that, Bluesmart has a built-in digital scale which allows you to weigh your bag by a simple pull of a handle. The companion application displays the total weight on your smartphone display with surprising measuring accuracy, so say goodbye to airport extra baggage fees. A neat feature, you have to admit.

For maximum gear safety, Bluesmart is fitted with a smartphone-controlled and TSA-accepted Travel Sentry® Approved Lock that lets the user lock their suitcase via phone application or set it to lock automatically when separated from the owner – and just to stay on the safe side, it will also deliver alerts in case any would-be underwear thief tries to fumble through your luggage. And in case your phone runs out of juice when you need to unlock your Bluesmart, you can always use the special key to access your stuff once you arrive at your destination.

But there’s more still. The Bluetooth proximity sensor in your Bluesmart will send you an instant notification in case your suitcase gets mishandled in transport, and it will also help you track it down via the proximity heat map. Plus, there’s some GPS onboard for more detailed luggage tracking in case your Bluesmart wanders off a larger distance than you expected and cannot be located by means of the proximity sensor, which is extremely convenient function, considering that tens of thousands of suitcases get misplaced by U.S. airlines every month.

If you’re a genuine jetsetter at heart and like to keep accurate track of your trips, Bluesmart application will act like your personal travel assistant with handy real-time reports on all your trip essentials, such as miles traveled, airports visited, time spent per country and more – and that’s still not all: Bluesmart application should also be able to sync with your calendar to send you timely reminders about forthcoming trips and the stuff you need to pack before hitting the road. And for those nasty security checks that tend to get way too intimate tech-wise, Bluesmart has a special quick-access compartment up front where you can store your laptop, tablet and other vital electronics so pack ‘em all up and worry not about TSA checks.

Design-wise, Bluesmart sports a heavy-duty 34-liter case with a waterproof zipper fitted with an anodized aluminum handle and placed on four spinner wheels. The current protypes weigh a slight 8.5 pounds but further development will probably render the suitcase somewhat lighter for added handling ease and portability.  And last but not the least – the team behind the world’s first smart connected carry-on is working on the Bluesmart smartwatch application concept so this sophisticated suitcase may soon offer some handy wrist-based controls to put an end to all your packing and traveling woes.

Currently crowdfunding on Indiegogo, Bluesmart can be yours at a surprisingly affordable $235 pledge and first shipments are expected to begin in July 2015, so don’t hesitate – get yourself all the suitcase bling you deserve and travel in style, because the ultimate smart carry-on has finally arrived to do away with your luggage nightmares and turn your trips into sheer sightseeing bliss.

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