Monday, January 27, 2014

Bang Bang Colorful Solar-Powered Tents

Conceived by former MTV festival presenter Rob Bertucci, the Bang Bang Colorful Solar-powered Tents are designed with mega events, such as music festivals, in mind. Breaking the tent design convention, these solar-powered tents opt to go with colorful, printed skin as oppose to unprinted dull colored item, so that your tent will stand out from the sea of typical blue or grey tents, making your tent easier to spot. Additionally, each tent comes standard with a 5W solar panel and lithium battery pack, and USB charging adapters that you can use to keep your portable USB-powered devices such as your smartphone or even LED lighting, juiced while you out at the festival.

Though it boast a solar panel, it is far from being integrated, which we would love to see one day. It will be cool if the fabric could one day double as a solar panel to get the most out of what Mother Nature has to offer. Anyway, that’s just our wish list, but for now, having a tent with an integrated pocket inside the rear of the tent designed for the said solar panel is our best bet.

These solar-powered tents are designed for up to four adults and are available in six awesome styles. so whether you are planning to camp over at the next big music or sport event, or just want to break away from those monotonous items, the Bang Bang Colorful Solar-powered Tents might be worthy of a consideration.

Orikomi Handmade Origami Lighting By Blaanc

Architecture office blaanc have created Orikomi, a pendant light made from origami art paper.  Orikomi is a handmade origami lamp and by buying one you are also helping the Adobe for Women Association.

They are produced in Portugal by the architectural office blaanc, co-founders of the association, which is currently helping Mexican women build their own houses with their own hands. Orikomo’s form is simple and elegant in its visual effect, yet complex to create. It is suitable to light a variety of spaces in the home.

Workbed - Perfect For Small Spaces & Workaholics

Designed by Ines Kaag and Desiree Heiss of BLESS, “Workbed” is a multifunctional desk that can be flipped over to reveal a bed, making it perfect for those that can’t seem to drag themselves away from their work. Or it could be used as a guest bed in a small house that doesn’t have space for a dedicated bedroom.

Workbed is one of many furniture pieces aimed at transforming the traditional desk into a sleeping space (perhaps most notably, the wall bed or Murphy bed). Unlike its contemporaries, the Workbed rotates – as opposed to a fold-down action – around its side supports, revealing the single bed found on the underside. According to Dornob the bed flips of its own accord at the push of a button, perfect for those struggling to keep their eyes open after a long stint in the “office”.

Its chunky appearance gives the Workbed a sense of solidity and quality. The side supports double as storage for your “bits and bobs”, while also containing the mechanism for rotating the bed/desk. The piece is currently featured in Mira Schroder’s own apartment in Berlin, which acts as a showroom for a shop called BLESS HOME. People are able to pay a visit to Schroder’s apartment at a specific time, have a nosy around and purchase any of the curiosities they taking a liking to. It’s an unusual approach, but certainly interesting.

The Rocking Horse For Children By Marc Newson For Magis

The Magis Rocky is a modernized rocking horse for children -- although it wouldn't be surprising if adults will want to take a turn on it as well. Sleek and minimal, it nevertheless maintains a playful aesthetic as well as a true representation of a horse (especially the brown version). Complete with a gold rope to imaginatively reign in the steed as well as a carved saddle and sculptural horsetail, the Magis Rocky is a welcomed addition to any playroom.

Created by Australian designer Marc Newson, the Magis Rocky is loosely based on medieval jousting horses. Made out of rotationally molded polyethylene chosen for its durability and recyclability, the Magis Rocky will be able to withstand even the most enthusiastic horseplay while teaching children the importance of eco-friendliness.

Stylish Bunny Chair By Normann Copenhagen

Normann Copenhagen is design Company that promises to make the style ideas by using conventional materials in an unconventional matter. They have crafted some amazing designs that are a result of the innovative minds of their designers who always find a new way to use the common materials. They have a large collection consisting of furniture, lighting, textile, glasses and tableware, accessories and many more.

Bunny Chair from the company is less of a chair and more of a friend. It is a soft and amazingly stylish design that works well with all kinds of interiors with ease, thanks to the edgy and out of the box concept. The product has been designed in three stunning colors, ensuring the design doesn’t lose its appeal. The entire chair has been designed with upholstered fabric and the colors are hugely classy.

While kids are going to like the new addition in their rooms, the adults will love the snuggling effect of the design that creates an instant liking. With a length of 100 cm and height of 120cm, the design is smart enough to beautify any corner of the home. One can add one to the living room or even in the study room for some cute effect. The purple color works for colorful interior themes, while the rose is all about some brightness in the room. There is the third color grey that brings some stylish hues to interiors with subtlety. In short, this chair is a classy interpretation of the classic ear chair.

The armchair is not just about the design, the comfort has not been compromised either. The soft edges and smooth finish ensure that you have the best time of your day while reading a book or enjoying your coffee sessions. Creative, edgy, quality infused and smart!

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