Thursday, January 30, 2014

Legacy Kitchen Set by Malle W. Trousseau

Time and again, our itinerant lives require a molting process. When leaving home, changing jobs, and chasing our dreams, we are forced to shed our possessions in a series of yard sales and Craigslist ads. The objects we desperately cling to—the cooking pot, the paintings, and the dinnerware set with a chipped plate—are the ones that carry our ideas of home in them.

So when the French entrepreneur Isabelle Mathez’s 18-year-old daughter decided to move out, the soon-to-be empty nester discovered that she might end up with a bare kitchen as well. Her daughter wanted to take a treasured chopping board made by a friend of the family, a cast-iron casserole designed by Timo Sarpaneva in 1959, and a Corsican knife, among other things. “She wanted to carry with her the rituals that have been in her life since she was a child,” Mathez says.

That’s how Mathez ended up creating the Malle W. Trousseau, a set of 43 handpicked and custom-made tools to help modern nomads set up a world-class kitchen no matter where they go. Out of the objects she had collected over a lifetime for her two homes in Paris and the Alps, as well as the items she had noticed on her travels, Mathez and her business partner, Juliette Thevenin, packed a beautiful wood-and-cardboard trunk in three layers—containers, cooking utensils, and cutting tools.

A Handmade Modular Kitchen from Finland by Izabella Simmons

The handmade Cargo kitchen designed by Kaisa Luukkanen for Scandinavian Carpenter Collective supports a world that believes in freedom. In a quick fix, a desperate loft space finds its centre with these wildly smart modular.

You’re free to express yourself, to change it up, keep it compact or spread things out. Make it uniquely yours using the work table, appliance unit, and storage unit. The sink surround in stainless steel impresses like a true chefs kitchen.  Top quality appliances and ample storage tucks everything away into clean package. Available in four beautiful wooden finishes either solid birch, oak, black alder, or ash.


Critter Mobile Kitchen by Elia Mangia – Movable Kitchen For Culinary Nomads

More than any other room in the home, the kitchen has undergone the most dramatic changes in the last century. From the large basement battleships de cuisine of the early 20th century to Margarete Schutte-Lihotsky's space saving 1920s Frankfurt Kitchen that embodied all the rigor of the Deutsche Werkbund, the kitchen has now evolved from a pure work space to a hub for socializing and entertaining. I spent half of my time at a recent party in the kitchen with my host and our friends, making drinks, prepping food and, when that was done, gathering around the countertop to chat.

Milanese designer Elia Mangia has anticipated the future of our ever evolving kitchen with Critter, a free-standing mobile unit with a cooktop, sink, garbage disposal and work space. Even if you keep Critter in your kitchen where you do most of your cooking, you can easily lift it like a wheel barrow and move it outdoors for a backyard cook out. Unlike a traditional barbecue (which you don't need to buy now), you can position Critter anywhere you like—the patio, the edge of the yard or down wind from the outdoor seating. True, most readymade barbecues can be wheeled around, but even if your unit has more than the standard, plastic wheels that weather and crack, how many of us ever actually move it anywhere on a regular basis?

With Critter, the mobile function is a central part of its design. In fact, the entire kitchen can be taken apart in just a few simple steps. Because Critter is fastened with only eight screws and the components are modular and freely interchangeable, it wouldn't even be a pain to pack it up in the back of your car and take it camping. And its solid ash wood, stainless steel and cast iron construction make it practical for outdoor use and beautiful enough to bring inside.

Fantasia lamps by Design MID

Design MID’s family of Fantasia lamps is made up of Mr. and Mrs. Fantasia and the Little Fantasias. All of the designs include open bulbs and 3D printed bases. The Mr. Fantasia design, unlike the other lamps in the series, is a hanging lamp with a cluster of three wired bulbs.

The two other designs feature a single bulb standing on three legs, with the Mrs. Fantasia design holding the bulb upright and the Little Fantasias bending theirs at odd angles.

Inspired by Disney’s Fantasia, the lamps repurpose household objects, with possible combinations ranging from Mickey Mouse’s iconic broom to edibles such as carrots, artichokes, and spaghetti. Combining the sleek fixtures with changeable organic components, the Fantasia lamps bring new life to home lighting.

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