Monday, February 3, 2014

Clea Desinfector

Clea is designed for instant disinfection of hands in public places.
It gives a vibe of putting hands between the two stripes, Clea luminescence brightens up after the disinfectant liquid had been sprayed, letting you know that the cleaning is over.

Clea does not only disinfect hands, but as well refreshes them.
Futuristic design heightens interest in the device and attracts more and more people to care for the hygiene.

Seed Pump Restyling 2014

The household centrifugal pump for automatic water pumping.
“We have developed a concept of ‘Seed’ household pump five years ago. And now we’ve decided to revitalize the pump with contemporary design trends and show how it should look nowadays and within the next five years.”

In order to water a garden or a lawn with a standard surface pump, it is necessary to switch it on, and then switch it off. When pumping water to a reservoir, it is necessary to make sure it is not overfilled. A customer has to prepare a standard household pump by attaching it to a floating platform or binding it to a bracket.

There is a remote control on the pump's front panel, it allows setting necessary parameters: turning on/off time, countdown to a power off, amount of pumped water, after which the device will automatically turn off. There is ballast inside the pump body; it keeps the device floating no matter what.

Esthetically and technologically the Seed pump represents a new generation of eco-technologies. It saves electricity that is usually wasted on odd amount of pumped water. Automatizing the work, the pump gives freedom to its owner and triggers pleasant emotions at every contact with it: the device design solution provides for the simple and understandable symbols of water drop and wheat seed.

The Water Symphony - Electronic Mixer Tap

Nobody can walk in a band-master’s shoes and control water pressure and temperature just like a symphony with hand motions and sensors, and enjoy water sounds.

The Water Symphony concept lies in the electronic mixer tap, which does not require touching it, but, at the same time, allowing quick and precise adjusting of needed functions. There is a display on the tap that shows water pressure, temperature and amount of liters spent over one usage and over last thirty days.

There is a microprocessor installed under the sink, it processes incoming settings. The water flows through heating elements reservoir, being brought to a necessary temperature. Therefore, only cold water enters the tap, and is heated at a suitable time. Heated water travels the shortest way, which eliminates heat loss and odd energy consumption for constant heating.

Quirky Thor - Ice Scraper

Prepare yourself, the snow is coming. It’s best to arm your loved ones with an ice scraper that’s more of a deadly weapon than a toy. Enter Thor. This Quirky product is a monster of an ice scraper. The inventor of the ice scraper spent 10 years trying to get his idea marketed, patented the concept and approaching both manufacturers and distributors before he decided to toss it to the Quirky community for good measure. Although the product that eventually emerged, called Thor, looks quite different from his initial concept and prototype, engineer Jim Johnstone said the crowdsourced invention model that Quirky offers helped validate his vision. “Sometimes there are ideas that are way beyond the capacity of an individual to bring to life,” Johnstone said.

The concept of Quirky is pretty simple. The real winning formula to this device is the double blade design, which lets users scrape both back and forth for more effective scraping. The front handle can be gripped with both hands for additional leverage on those tough jobs, and and extendable telescoping arm lets you reach those hard to get areas. Once you’re done using it, just fold it up, and store it right under your car seat for easy access the next morning.

The platform allows inventors to share an idea with the community. The community, in turn, offers feedback and suggestions for refinement. Every week, the community rates ideas that it thinks have a shot of becoming commercially viable, offers pricing suggestions and the Quirky team meets each week to decide which ones will move forward. Quirky’s founder created the site after his own challenging experience getting a product to market. The crowdsourcing community now greenlights approximately one product every few days.

Tiffany Markofsky, Quirky’s director of communications, said the site receives thousands of submissions every week, many of them from inventors with multiple ideas. Approximately 40 percent of the community comes from outside the United States. Products that move forward are marketed under the Quirky brand name; the company focuses not so much on flash branding but on highlighting the specific problem that the invention solves, she said. Products are shipped to more than 20 different countries.

Easybreath Mask - See And Breathe Underwater As Easily As You Would On Land

The main obstacle to snorkelling is the difficulty in breathing underwater with a snorkel. Indeed, breathing through your mouth is unnatural, and the snorkel mouthpiece is sometimes considered too intrusive, uncomfortable and unhygienic.

That's why Tribord invented the Easybreath mask, the first full-face snorkelling mask, for breathing underwater as easily and naturally as you would on land with your nose and mouth. Thanks to its large size, this innovative mask also offers users an unobstructed 180° field of vision, and is prevented from fogging up by a double air-flow system that is identical to the system used in domestic extraction fans.

To ensure that water does not enter via the snorkel, the Easybreath mask is equipped with a mechanism that plugs the top of the snorkel when immersed in water. Furthermore, the top of the snorkel is highly visible in order to avoid any collisions on the surface.

Composition: silicone skirt, polypropylene rim. One adult size. A smaller sized version is due to come out in 2015. Colours: translucent, blue, translucent purple, translucent atoll Weight: 550g RRP: €39.95

Indigo 180 Degree Visor Goggles

A good pair of goggles is a must when it comes to hitting the slopes this winter season, and no other pair offers panoramic visibility quite like the Indigo 180 degree visor.

As the name suggests, this detachable lens offers up a 180 degree view of the mountainside. The oversized frameless design of the goggles make these perfect for pairing with any snow sports helmet. The visor has been outfitted with anti-fog coating to keep your view crystal clear, while the three layers of foam padding around the frame keep you comfortable all day long.

There are several different sizes available, all of which will fit right over a pair of glasses.

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