Tuesday, February 4, 2014

5 Ways to Protect Your Lunch at Work

We've all dealt with lunchtime robbers at some point in our professional careers, and these ways to protect your lunch at work are sure to thwart those thorny thieves. From disgusting sandwich bags to deceptive lunchboxes, these products will ensure that corporate crooks keep their mittens off your meatloaf.

1. Anti-Theft Lunch Bags: The Anti-Theft Lunch Bags by Think of The are the original thief-thwarting zipper bag. They're printed with green splotches that resemble mold. Place a sandwich inside one of these bad boys, and no one will be the wiser.

2. Lunch Bugs Sandwich Bags: These sandwich bags operate on a similar principle as the Anti-Theft Lunch Bags. Instead of mold, however, there's a gigantic fly or cockroach printed on the bag. A box of the Lunch Bugs contains 24 zipper sandwich bags.

3. Organ Transport Lunch Cooler: Although the Organ Transport Lunch Cooler probably won't fool your officemates into thinking you've actually packed a liver or spleen for lunch, chances are they'll be dissuaded enough from inspecting your lunch for the bag to serve its purpose.

4. Laptop Lunches Bento Box: This reusable lunch box looks just like a laptop case; instead of housing your computer, however, it holds five food-safe, microwave-friendly food containers. Of all the ways to protect your lunch at work featured here, this is the most subtle design by far.

5. LunchCommunicator: Although the LunchCommunicator is meant to enable kids and parents to bond over lunch, it's ideal for catching an office lunch thief. This concept design by a Japanese research firm includes a videocamera and itty-bitty embedded screen. When the lunchbox is opened, a prerecorded video plays; afterward, the camera records the person eating.

Firephant by Jonas Forsman

Most fire extinguishers are hidden at a corner of a room, probably because they don’t bare the appearance that’s worth show-ing off. Often time, it cannot be found in the time of need, and even though we do find it, we don’t know how to use it properly. With that in mind, Lars Wettre and Jonas Forsman develop and redesign the look and func-tionality of fire extinguisher by uniting the tube and the body into the unique looking cylindrical shape that’s similar to a trunk of an elephant.

‘Firephant’ is designed to be easy to use and very user friendly with the handle that can be mounted to the wall. In a case of fire, all one needs to do is take the Fireplant off of the wall, trigger the lock, aim, and push the operating button to release the extinguishing agent. It’s so easy for everyone to use, perfect for unpredictable emergency, and presumably easy to find…what we’re trying to say is, who would put the fire ex-tinguisher this cool at a corner of a room!

Han Solo Carbonite Desk - Star Wars Style for Your Office

You don’t have to be a crime lord to have the most wanted themed desk from Tom Spina Designs, for be it your home or office, the Han Solo Carbonite Desk is just perfect for your office décor or for your themed home. Especially for the geekeiest Star Wars nerds.

This most wanted custom sculptured amazing Star Wars desk has been designed and assembled by Tom Spina and Richard Riley of Tom Spina Designs. This custom order desk is mainly formed of metal and fiberglass with a glass top with internal lights at the side of the desk adding an added attraction to the main theme. The frozen block is mainly made of steel and eight metal rods support the glass top. As a result the overall structure is very strong and quite heavy too.

This particular Han Solo Carbonite Desk is designed for the famous singer Mark Hall and is a one-off piece, but the company is looking forward to custom design many more other unique themed furniture. The Han Solo Carbonite Desk is a sci-fi themed extremely unique desk one can have for one’s home theater or home studio office. If you are in need of a special and themed desk for your office or as a home décor in your home studio, Tom Spina Designs is actually where you can rely on for this.

Mexican Olympian Hubertus Von Hohenlohe Debuts Mariachi Ski Suit

Apparently there will be a mariachi on the mountain at the Sochi 2014 Winter Olympic Games -- kind of.
On Tuesday, the Mexican Olympic Committee released a photograph of Mexico-born Alpine skier Hubertus von Hohenlohe presenting his racing suit for the upcoming games, a skintight zip-front number that runs from neck to ankles. The speedsuit is black with a trompe l'oiel design that creates the effect that the athlete is kitted out in a cropped black bolero jacket with white embroidery detail, a white collared shirt, red cummerbund and red necktie, with the letters MEX amid the faux embroidery detail down the left leg.

The overall effect is not unlike that of the faux tuxedo T-shirts that one might find in a SkyMall catalog or Spencer Gifts.
According to NBCOlympics.com's Joe Battaglia (who gave the world its first peek at the mariachi-motif ski suit in his Sunday story), the suit was designed by Italian label Kappa. (While we can clearly see what appears to be Kappa's logo on Von Hohenlohe's right leg in the above photo -- as well as in the sketches accompanying Battaglia's story, we have not yet been able to independently confirm the provenance of the suit.) 

Although the mariachi theme may be a first for the Winter Games, it isn't the first time the prince (the son of German royalty -- Prince Alfonso Hohenlohe and Princess Ira Fürstenberg -- Von Hohenlohe was born in Mexico City) has dressed to impress on the slopes. At the 2010 Vancouver Games, his multi-colored speedsuit had a distinct desperado feel to it -- complete with trompe l'oiel-fringed serape blanket, gun belt, pistol and ammo belts crossing the chest.

When he's not wowing in the wardrobe department, the 54-year-old Von Hohenlohe is a photographer and businessman. Oh, and he's a pop singer who has recorded a handful of albums under the name Andy Himalaya.

Sea To Summit Spark Sp1 Ultra-Dry Down Sleeping Bag

A sleeping bag will either take a good chunk of space in your sleeping bag or add a big lump of bulk when strapped to any part of your gear. That's just how it goes. And we live with it. That doesn't have to be the case, however, with the incredibly minimalist Spark SP1.

Made by Sea to Summit, it's a minimal-packing sleeping bag that can fold into an unusually compact bundle, making for the perfect companion to your Salomon S-Lab Minimal Jacket. Seriously, it looks about the size of an ice cream pint. It comes with an equally small compression bag, too, so everything's neat and tidy when you take it out to your hikes and excursions.

To achieve the compact size, the Spark SP1 wasn't built as the thickest and warmest sleeping bag ever, so it's only restricted for use during spring, summer and autumn months. Don't worry, you won't freeze to death sliding under this while sleeping in the mountains -- it comes with 850+ loft 90/10 goose down, ultra-dry down and 15D lining, giving it one of the best warmth to weight ratio among minimalist sleeping bags in the market.

It's cut as a close-fitting mummy bag, with a full hood, foot box, and a short zip, maximizing the fit while minimizing size on all fronts. It comes in two sizes, regular (fits people up to 6 feet) and long (for giants up to 6'7'').

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