Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Ordinary Foosball Turned Extraordinary

Leave it to the Italians to take soccer … or at least … foosball, the table sport soccer game, and turn it into a work of art.   Hey, this makes complete sense, as they already did the same to the “beautiful game” soccer itself.  So, the guys at Teckell must have thought, “Why leave foosball in the dark ages of design?”   And we are thrilled that they did.
Foosball,  the table top soccer game that evokes as much passion and excitement, today as it did decades ago,  has remained pretty much untouched, until the Italian craftsmen at Teckell came out with their Calcio Balilla Collection of gorgeous tables.
We all know that Italians have a knack for making things beautiful and taking ordinary objects and making them extraordinary.  But foosball?  Yes! Foosball too!
As in soccer each of the 22 players, on their full sized tables, is unique.  Each element of each table merge into a single creation that surprises, delights and entertains.

90° Minuto

 Teckell has recreated a game that was reminiscent of sticky floored game rooms and made it look so good you don’t want to touch it. Forget the traditional blocky structure you’re familiar with; instead, the 90 Minuto is supported by a sleek, elegant wooden frame, creating a modern feel to this alluring table. Glass walls support the players while all the engineering and technology lay concealed in the Minuto’s enchanting lines. If there is such a thing as perfection in a foosball table, this is it.


For many, the traditional foosball table, is is either too big for your space, or your significant other feels that a “foosball” table is too ugly to fit in your home or office space.  Well Teckell has change this.    Now for your home or office, there’s Intervallo, a foosball table that will unite people, have them wondering what it is, and be a work of art as much as a game.

Crafted from either ash wood or walnut and encased in crystal glass, the foosball table is beautiful.    And since the Teckell Intervallo is scaled down, it can double as a coffee table.  With three wood players on each side, this foosball ball table features a removable glass top that also functions as a serving tray. How cool is that? Two for the price of one.

Beautiful Glass ‘Cristallino’ Foosball Table

Teckell products made in Italy are some of the best around, and with their reputation and high design profile they can be an artful addition to your home or entertaining space. With the ‘Cristallino’ collection, the overall look is a sleek and modern design with a glass frame and aluminum parts for a beautiful showcase of design in any situation.

Available with a black, translucent or green playing field, each unique spindle and player is made by 20 different crafting artisans that put tons of pride and passion into their work. Each piece is beautifully crafted and made into a work of art in itself. If you’re looking for a Foosball table that’s perfect for being on display and great to have as a collectors item.The Cristallino collection also has 50 pieces of furniture available with gold in place of the aluminum parts that come standard on this table.

Transforming Luxury Hermès Desk Sells For $58,000

Here is a perfect Christmas gift for those who are habituated to sign multi-million dollar deals and also those who are keen to carry their home office in a trunk. Hermès’ $60,000 Coffre à Lutrin is actually a folding desk that closes up in to a trunk like piece of furniture.
Though such a versatile design makes it ideal for any space limited work area, this creation from Hermès begs to differ. The multi-functional desk is not just a mere work station but an elegant object to make a dignified statement while getting work done. Dressed in an elegant combination of caramel-colored leather and sleek walnut, it is skilfully designed to accommodate shrinking work tools of this day and age like tablet computers and smartphones. However it doesn’t miss out on some space to hold magazines and papers too.

Exclusively designed by Philippe Nigro, it is inspired by vintage leather steamer trunk and is a part of an eight-piece collection showcased by the French manufacturer last April in Milan. In an attempt to churn out utility objects for everyday use, the Coffre à Lutrin is an object you have to discover, as described by the designer. Mr. Nigro elucidates, “The idea was to think about really useful, quotidian objects that you use maybe without thinking that you are using them.

Pippa Folding Desk by Rena Dumas

This beautiful folding desk from the early 90′s really caught my eye. It was designed by Greek native Rena Dumas for Hermes who was better known for her architectural work with the Parisian company. It was only later in her career she would take on the role of furniture designer which as we can see here came pretty naturally to her. Initially founding Rena Dumas Architecture Interieure in Paris 1972 she would go on to design almost over 300 Hermes Boutiques in her time.

It was her ridiculous work ethic that set her apart from her peers, reportedly only taking 15 days off for each birth of her two children. Whilst you have to admire her dedication to her work it’s the designer’s eye for detail which impresses me the most. Perhaps this was a by-product of her work ethic but the design of this desk is sublime in my humble opinion.

Stripping this form back to the bare bones Rena put together this versatile item with the wood of a pear tree, the finest quality of leather and finished the details off in brass. I love the concept of being able to fold this away into a sleek manageable rectangle which could live in a cupboard when not in use. Its classic feel reminds me a lot of those mid-century modern objects that we recently have been admiring here on the blog, it has such a timeless aesthetic for me – especially in this mint condition.

This auction is definitely a little beyond my price bracket for the time being given it’s 10-15 thousand GBP price tag, but I’m sure it will become a proud addition to one collectors home come Thursday when lot 301 goes live. Just in terms of design inspiration I think it’s a delightful object to admire, if you enjoy seeing this item too I can recommend heading across to the Wright20 webpage which has ample lots like this one ready for the viewing.

Sleek And Functional Mobile Workspace

If you are a workaholic then you would definitely know how it feels when your time is being wasted due to unnecessary obstacles. These obstacles can be the laziness on someone else’s part or could be due to waiting periods like when you’re on the bus. And then your work is not only limited to your smart phone which you can conveniently carry around everywhere you go. It would only help if there was this ultimate work station that would do the trick anywhere, anytime.

Enter the La Fonction No.1. What exactly is that? It’s the workstation you can carry around basically anywhere, even the small cubicle in the public washroom. This workstation is one that will easily protect your computer. Not only that, it will keep secure all your other devices and important essentials. These include slots for your smart phone, tablet, cables and wires, chargers and not to forget those important documents.

This private workstation not only stores all your valuables but also provides you with a way to work and that too comfortably. You can easily make use of the workstation to maintain privacy and of course avoid nosy people who love having a glance at that screen. This also makes the workstation one that that can be easily handled on the move.

As far as the material is concerned, here only the highest quality of leather is being used. The bag has been very carefully prepared in France at a place known as Cevennes. The La Fonction No 1 has been especially prepared at a leather good workshop at the above mentioned area. This proves that high quality craftsman ship has been implied here. Only the finest leather and great quality cloth has been used in preparing this. The company claims that it takes several days to prepare a La Fonction No 1.
But all that luxury and perfection doesn’t come at a very low cost. Here interested buyers will have to pay quite a great amount for this leather satchel; here we are speaking of exactly $1135. That is way too much to pay.

This is why the La Fonction No 1 is great when it comes to usage but absurd when it comes to paying up. This is only and only recommended to a buyer who is none other than a filthy rich business man who loves to work nonstop and wants to do it privately.

Alarm Clock Inspired From Alice In Wonderland

Functional and decorative items at home are a great addition to any room. Though alarm clocks aren’t the most favored item in a space, it’s nice to have a pretty clock to look at if you need one at all. Digital clocks had their time in the limelight, and now the more vintage inspired items are what’s in style. With this clock, you get the decorative aspect and the retro nuances of an old object rolled into one.

The Emily + Meritt Bunny Alarm clock may look like an average alarm clock, but the large metal rabbit ears atop the alarm make it a welcome item in the bedroom. This whimsical piece comes in three neutral colors: white, black and a light blue for an easy addition to any space.

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