Thursday, February 6, 2014

Wingback Remix Armchair By Buster + Punch

Drawn from a world of custom motorcycles and rockstar lifestyle, our first collection Hooked explores the darker side of life. The burnt rubber of a Harley, knurled grip of the volume knob and sensual touch of quilted silk, have inspired solid brass light fittings, whiskybars, wingback chairs and even a limited edition motorcycle.

This has nothing to do with uniformity and everything to do with standing out from the crowd. All objects have been designed and fashioned by Massimo Buster Minale with a little help from his friends. Welcome to our world.

The Wingback Remix is hand made in the UK from either American Black Walnut or Blackened Ash. The chair comes with a choice of luscious Grey Berry Silk or Black Leather pads. To one side of the chair's elegant wing sits a solid shard of satin brass, which supports our signature Hook. The Hook is used to hang our signature brass reading light.

Time Goes By Grandfather Clock By Boca Do Lobo

Grandfather clocks are a great classic time piece to have in your traditional home, but what to do if you have a more contemporary or eclectic style? Boca Do Lobo has their quirky and artfully based designs of furniture, home accessories and other great goods.

But this clock is a beautifully balanced mixture of a take on the original and a newer form of heirlooms. The clock itself is a hand carved mahogany piece that tells time digitally, with a base to match the ornate details encased in the clean cut glass tower and stainless steel pendulum.

Amethyst and smoked black colors adorn this beautiful clock, with silver leaf techniques applied to the mahogany wood. The design process is an intricate one, with hand sketches turned to 3D models and then built by hand with marquetry and old artisan applications.

Buster + Punch’s Rockstar Whisky Bar

The Rockstar Whiskey Bar lives up to its name through its eye-catching design, elegance and finishes. Buster + Punch created the luxurious whiskey and cocktail bar from in two wooden versions: American Black Walnut and Blackened Ash. Hand-made to conjure the inspiring elegance of carefully finished details, the Rockstar Whiskey Bar also comes in customized sizes so it fits in perfectly in your chosen interior.

Its name derives from the attention given to a rockstar because he/she “steals the show” and this is the exact feeling given by the refined wooden bar.

Attention to details shaped the final result of this sophisticated furniture piece: “Our stunning whisky or cocktail bar is hand made in the UK from either solid American Black Walnut or Blackened Ash.

The quilted back panel comes in sumptuous Grey Berry silk or rockstar Black Leather. To the side sits a knurled brass light fitting with a snake’s heat cage for protection. The bar is opened from the top with two doors on brass butler hinges. The bar is then finished with custom brass buttons and our signature knurled brass furniture handles.

Naturally Glowing Dino Pet As A Night Light

Faintly lit lights and specially designed night lamps are almost a necessity when kids are in a household, so what better way to use them than to make things fun? In any standard space you’ve got a night light where small themed lamps are plugged into the wall and leave things safely lit for kiddos to see. Instead, you can give your child a ‘pet’ to shake things up (literally) and create an alternative light source.

Dino Pet wasn’t created as a light, but rather a pet with an added glowing element to make responsibility fun and educational. Instead of having a night light, Yonder Biology based out of our own backyard (San Diego), has created a fun little dinosaur with bioluminescent creatures to care for. Made as more of an introduction to pets, these microscopic ‘dino’ are simply cared for and then act as entertainment and fun once it’s dark out.

Not only is there great thought and detail put into the product itself, but there’s even a storybook to go along with it. Whimsy and interactive elements are what make the ‘Dino Pet’ what it is. What a perfect product for children to learn and grownups to display alike.

Shelving Office Desk Furniture Idea by Mathieu Lehanneur

By combining the functions table with shelving system this office desk provides minimalist and compact design, Mathieu Lehanneur designed Named Strates as functional and practical desk, with truly new look so that office equipment and kind of archive can be saved safely in shelves.

Furthermore, the designer Mathieu Lehanneur combined two things in one on shelves and an office desk. The office desk brings minimalist concept which has a shelf that can be configured in many combinations. Here, Strates System has choice of natural wood colors, black and white depends on your option and obviously you can find combination that suits your room decor.

It can be seen that the design of this one has very dynamic, intuitive and scale able to become advantage of office furniture enable other furniture is easily assembled ith other elements. The conclusion is that having simple structures materials and arrangements, Strates System can be great choice for your office or home office. Shelving Office Desk Furniture Idea by Mathieu Lehanneur.

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