Monday, February 10, 2014

The Five Most Luxurious Bicycles From Around The Globe

They may be the last (to last) generation in transport but they are the next generation in cool. Some of these cycles sport everything from Swarovski to gold while others adapt aerodynamics, which reinvent wheels. Attracting bikers and collectors alike, some of these super cycles have created a new kind of equestrian history. So here’s taking a look at look at the top five in the category.

5) BMC – Hublot Team Machine
A product of the combined strength of two Swiss greats, the All Black Hublot Team Machine is a result of luxury watchmaker teaming up with bicycle company BMC. The two together have created a distinctive “All Black” bike from innovative materials using state of the art technology.

The bike pays homage to its Hublot watch counterpart, even if so on wheels. The pedal bearings contain ceramic material to reduce friction and the frame is made from carbon fiber for strength and rigidity. With production limited to just 30 bikes, the bicycle is priced at a cool $19,500.

4) Aston Martin – One-77 Bicycle
‘Bike’ doesn’t even begin to describe this race-car-inspired two-wheeled genius. Built in Britain, this combination of craftsmanship and technology comes complete with Shimano Dura-Ace components and bespoke carbon wheels.

It is complimented by the combination of hand-stitched leather handlebars and saddle with high intensity front LED and red rear LED’s. With a ‘motorsport-derived data logging system’ that gives over 100 channels of data including speed, temperature, rate of climb and power, plus more advanced data such as accelerometers to measure lean, and biometric data such as ECG, respiration rate and core body temperature, the One-77 Cycle was conceived as a training aid for the serious athlete.

Priced at $39,000, the cycle carries seven exclusive Aston Martin colors and clearly possesses a synthesis of cutting edge forms with space age quality.

3) Hermès – Le Flâneur d’Hermès
With its name “Le Flaneur,” which translates to “the stroller” or “the dawdler,” Hermès’ two-wheeled offering is clearly nothing like the One-77 in ambition but everything in execution. Haute and handmade, the ultra-lightweight carbon fiber bicycle comes fitted with a shock-absorbing mono-bloc frame, belt-driven transmission, bull leather on contact points such as the handlebar grips, saddle and carry handle, hydraulic disc brakes and a choice of 8 or 11 gears integrated into the rear wheel hub.

Available in two styles, Le Flâneur d’Hermès and Le Flâneur sportif d’Hermès, and three colors, charcoal, red and white, the designer bike is decadent to say the least and priced at around $11,000 each.

2) Josh Hadar – Eric’s Teardrop
This is one aerodynamic design that would put the makers of the Batman franchise to style-induced shame. With a design that’s fashionable and revolutionary, Eric’s teardrop represents a radical departure from de rigueur and entry into the realms of sculptural beauty.

It has been touted as a ‘sculpture in motion’ and you would agree. The bike boasts metal and glass for materials and hand-spun aluminum wheels. One can pedal their way through town or engage the small non-polluting motorcycle engine. Yes, it is also eco-friendly.

The motorized cycle cruiser can be custom-created in an array of materials like nickel or gold for the frame and eel skin seats. Depending on the materials, they sell between $12000 and $35000 each.

1) Aurumania – Crystal Edition gold Bike
The bike is Swarovski studded and plated with 24k Gold. Need I say more? One might think that makes it a weak contender on the list of a serious biker but just you wait. Specs or no specs, its opulence is enough to excite any bike lover’s curiosity.

Still, it isn’t exactly what you ride without fear on city streets. Not if you know that it’s hand built, shining with 600 crystals. The handlebar grips are made of hand-sewn, chocolate-brown leather while the saddle boasts of molded Brooks leather. A limited edition number is discreetly embossed with gold leaf and set into a leather badge, placed on the bike’s front prominently.

Limited to ten pieces, the bike is priced at $102,418 and (perhaps to go easy on the brave buyer) provided with a matching gold and crystal wall mountable rack. It is delivered to the purchaser personally using a White Glove service, in a specially designed package that exudes extreme luxury.

Gear-Up With The WLWC Crocodile-Wrapped Fixed Gear Bike

A bike isn’t just a bike. People take great pride and effort when picking out a bike. They need one that will suite their every need when it comes to riding around and gettin’ it. This WLWC or Watch Life With Curiosity Crocodile-Wrapped Fixed Gear Bike is a great urban styled bike.

Watch Life With Curiosity is a French artisan brand with heavy urban lifestyle influence. They recently unveiled their skateboard with crocodile skin and decided to take the crocodile design to another level. They presented  a Crocodile-Wrapped Fixed Gear Bike in a great black design. The bike is designed in a tonal black color. The bike took 90 hours to build. The genuine reptile crocodile hide is present on the aluminum frame, handlebar, saddle, handle brakes, and foot rests.

This wrap gives the bike a super-luxe feel. This kind of finish has never been seen on a bid before.
The idea might not sound too inspiring, but we must admit that the bike cools quite appealing in black and the croc hide wrap gives it an uber-luxe finish. The bike is priced at 14,500 Euros ($20,000 approximately) is available on WLWC’s website.

Enjoy The Skiing Season With Zai For Bentley’s Uber-Luxe Skis

When it comes to producing quality ski equipment, there is no match for the Swiss companies. Talking about the design quality of luxury cars the first name that comes to mind is that of Bentley. So imagine what would happen if the both of them combine? We would get a classic and chic product. The new Bentley zai skis are one such example. These ultra modern skis are a result from the design studio of Bentley and the great ski manufacturer Zai.

The new Bentley zai skis are a limited edition production of this collaboration and are high-end skis manufacturer completely handmade for perfection. The material used for the manufacturing of these Uber-cool 250 limited edition skis is the Zaiira a composite material used for the designing of an aircraft. The skis are designed with carbon fibre on the top layer and natural rubber is used in the core parts along with chrome steel for strength. These are designed for maximum performance and great looks.

The collaboration and stated that more emphasis has been given on the design details and great craftsmanship making the product a perfect one and describing it to last the lifetime. The initial reviews from the pros have all praised the product and added that it stands at a class of its own given the ultra modern design and great performance parameters.

Bentley zai skis are already becoming a hot favourite among the professionals and are in great demand by ski enthusiasts all over the world. Both companies revel in their attention to detail and craftsmanship and with the use of the novel composite, the skis are being marketed as “made to last a lifetime.”

In addition to all these design and performance features , Zai has also taken great care in manufacturing light weight carrying bags for this ultra-modern product. The carrying bags are prepared from neoprene and pure leather which makes them very light and easy to carry.

5 Valentine Day Gift Ideas For The Woman Who Has Everything

All year round, we give you the dope on the latest luxury launches but this one time no mere launch can cut it. Correct, ladies? Which is why we decided to take it a notch up in the countdown to V-day, first with our pick of gifts for the man who has everything and now this.

Even though I hate to admit it, it’s hard not to be under the influence of the Valentine’s Days and The Notebooks this time of the year. So while I’d take my real life Ryan Gosling to see a movie at Angelika or for a nice meal at any Joe Bastianich restaurant on any given day, this time, I find myself thinking a trip to Japan would be nice! How I wish to be “Lost In Translation” à la Scarlett Johansson or be even better, live out my own version of Murakami’s Norwegian Wood. But until that day comes, I could keep it Parisian with this latest Lady Dior in Black Box Calfskin.

Its pale gold tone metallic handles and silver tone jewelry make it better than the clichéd blingy presents while the badges on the handbag call for much statement-making at any occasion. This fashionista favorite and all its must-have glory cost $7,000 and are available at select Dior stores only. If your woman, however, is a believer in function over fashion then you could get her this latest la Pavoni cappuccino machine to take care of her caffeine fixes. A coffee junkie myself, I love how the Stradivari Gran Romantica uniquely combines style, quality and reliability.

In addition to making an espresso “just as you want it”, its plinth-punctuated beauty makes it a great eye-catching kitchen piece. Said eye-catcher is also available online at a price of $1,800. And since we are on the subject, here is yet another stunner that is functional yet striking, the Fujifilm X100S. For the modern-day woman who has many indulgences, this premium, lightweight camera can satiate one with its “anywhere anytime” compact-ness. Featuring a 16 megapixel APS-C-sized X-Trans CMOS II sensor and an EXR Processor II image processor, it provides high quality imagery and exceptional camera performance at a price of $ 1,300. It is also available at Amazon.

Looking for something more personal? Garance Dore might just give you the perfect thing to gift your woman. The iconic French photographer and illustrator’s Le Glamour is a great gift for any woman who appreciates art and fashion. The glamorous sketch first appeared on her blog first in 2012. On sale now, it is one of her favorite illustrations that she did for Dior Parfums in 2010. The limited edition of 75, signed art prints is available from her blog at a price of $400.

If, however, you wish to go back to basics and woo your woman the old school way with chocolates, then there is only one place you should go and it’s called Fauchon. The French food house is offering the Made in Fauchon gourmet gift box packed with romance and chocolates. A lovers’ bestseller, it is one of the best things from among their various V-day offerings, for a little Paris in your living room. What makes it even better is that its 25 bonbons come accompanied by whole duck foie gras and champagne. Christened a “gastronomic classic”, this is also the classic Valentine’s Day gift, available at the Fauchon store and website for $170. P.s.: red roses are not passé.

5 Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas For The Man Who Has Everything

With Valentine’s Day around the corner, are you in a fix on what to buy your man? For someone who already seemingly has everything, here’s our pick on five, one-of-a kind gifts that we think is sure to impress him!

While a watch may sound clichéd, Omega’s new limited edition Seamaster Planet Ocean Orange Ceramic timepiece is unique, youthful, bang-on-trend and very much a statement piece. With its brushed, polished 43.50 mm case created with 950-grade platinum, a bi-directional 24-hour GMT rotating bezel ring is made from orange ceramic that boasts a pending patent status and that fact that there will be only eight such timepieces ever available, is sure to make your man feel extra special. Made in shockingly luxurious solid platinum case, the funky, orange timepiece will set you back by $65,445.

For the gadget freak, nothing spells more apt than the Constellation by Vertu. The striking handset boasts of one of the largest sapphire glass screen and a grade 5 titanium body encased with exotic calf leather. The smartphone works on an Android 4.2 Jelly Bean OS and features a 4.3″ screen powered by a Qualcomm Snapdragon MSM8260 S4 Pro dual-core Krait CPU at 1.7GHz and Adreno 320 GPU. Available at select Vertu boutiques, it comes with a price tag of $6,600.

If your man appreciates fine whiskey, (and if he doesn’t, he just might after this gift) the Macallan Fine and Rare collection might be a tasteful idea. One of the finest and most expensive whiskey ever distilled and bottled to date is the Macallan 1926 Fine and Rare, also the oldest in the collection. Matured in sherry wood casks and seasoned with dry oloroso and fino sherries, this whiskey is priced at $75,000.

A good pair of shoes will take you to good places. And you definitely want your man to be seen in all the right places, with the perfect pair of the world’s most expensive leather shoes by Italian A. Testoni. The shoes are touted to be “as light as a feather” and will protect your loved one’s feet from any weather conditions. At $38,000 per pair, you get a hand-crafted Moro monk-strap model made from exotic alligator skin, glove-soft goatskin lining and finished in gold with a diamond buckle.

Every man likes his toys and the 24/7 Luxury Billiards table by Porsche Design Studio maybe just the toy he needs after a long stressful day at work. The 8ft long, minimalist handmade billiards table is accented by leather pockets, rubber cushions and a professional three-part slate along with a complete ball set, the triangle, a bridge stick, two cues and a cue rack that vibes with the table design. Priced at $47,600 , this lacquer finish aluminium and tulipwood beauty will be a hit not just with your man but probably all his friends too!

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