Tuesday, February 11, 2014

The Sandwichbike

The Sandwichbike is not something that would satisfy a growling tummy, but instead, it is really a bicycle (yes! a bicycle!) that could provide you with the gratification of putting a rideable bicycle together. Which means this is essentially a DIY bicycle, but less the daunting tasks of fabricating the parts. Touted as the first flat packed bicycle, the Sandwichbike’s main frame is weather-coated beech plywood plates, held together by bolts and aluminum smart cylinders, as opposed to welded steel frame found in regular bicycles.

Heck, even the fork are of beech plywood – weather-coated, naturally. Though you wouldn’t have much cushioning to talk about in the suspension department – still, it is impressive nonetheless. Just imagine this: a pedal-powered two-wheeler that is void of welding joints. How cool is that? ‘Very cool’ would be what we use to describe it.

Like a flat-packed furniture from IKEA, the Sandwichbike comes in a flat cardboard box and has the basic tools you need to assemble it. All it takes is just 30 minutes or so of your time and that’s a fraction of the time you’d use to put a scaled car model together. as a bicycle, it comes standard with Shimano single speed coaster brake, 14G stainless steel spokes, Schwalbe 26-inch Big Apple tires, and a stainless steel chain (a saddle is include, of course). this bicycle-in-a-box has a 51cm bike frame and measures 175 cm x 62 cm x 95 cm, but comes delivered to you in a “sandwich box” of size 94cm x 70 cm x 24 cm, and it tips the scale at a mere 17 kilograms (37.5 lbs). Super cool is what we would summarized the Sandwichbike.

The Sandwichbike is available to the European markets now for €799 (or about US$1,100) and pre-order for the rest of the world, with shipment expected to start in January 2014. A look at this beauty from the top after the break.

Chainless INgSOC Hybrid Bike

The Chainless INgSOC Hybrid Bike you see here may well be another proof that alien life forms might be walking among us. i certainly hope they, designers Edward Kim and Benny Cemoll, weren’t playing host to the creatures that we fear and curious about when they came up with the Chainless INgSOC Hybrid Bike. Alien-looking is not the only thing this futuristic bicycle is about; the technologies that go into it is, well, almost alien-like too. The bike combines the aerodynamic shapes of triathlon designs, flexible handling of traditional bikes, and an advanced hybrid drive train (and that includes, pedal power which appears to be rather earthly), resulting in a hybrid bike that looks like no other.

Obviously, this is a concept design and with concept designs, especially coming from independent designers, we will never know if it will ever be made. Continuing with the advanced technologies, the INgSOC has a frame made of carbon fiber reinforced polymer (CFRP) that is said to offer the best in high strength yield to weight ratio.

If you think that is nothing hi-tech in today’s context, you are probably right, but wait for this: apparently, it has the adaptability resulting from “mono-direction reinforcing of the frame, directing stiffness by orientating carbon fiber strains along a projected trajectory.” seriously, enough of the alien language. We need those translated into plain English.

Speaking of which, why do we have a feeling that this is a blueprint for the invasion of earth? Though, the more “earthly” drivetrain should quell the paranoid selves here. It has an unspecified electric motor, battery powered naturally, which allows for three modes of riding: electric-powered, electric-assist, and of course, pedal-power.

The battery feeds the motor, the front and rear lights, plus a charging dock for your gadgets and is kept juiced by the pedaling motion. If this is indeed aliens work of art, they had to be the greenest alien ever (pun intended). You know, the little green man? Just saying…

Metallic Marble Wallpaper By Calico Wallpaper

Brooklyn-based Calico Wallpaper began haphazardly during the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy when Rachel Mosler and Nick Cope were stranded in their loft and out of work for a month.

Their method embodies years of research in the various disciplines in paper marbling, which have spanned the globe. The arts of Suminagashi and Ebru, emanating from Japan and Turkey respectively centuries ago are both evident in our collection. However, it is our expansion of these practices that makes Calico Wallpapers truly unique. By drawing from each of these forms we have created something entirely different.

The duo partnered with Dieu DonnĂ© to create a 100% cotton fiber paper that allowed them to make the largest marbled papers in existence. These large scale originals got into Cope’s hands where he then adapted the patterns to become wallpaper (he can adapt them to fit any wall size).

Standard Spoon For Craft Cocktails

Making cocktails on casual basis won’t hurt your wrist a bit, but it certainly won’t hurt to have a beautiful and functional cocktail tools, such as this beautifully crafted Standard Spoon For Craft Cocktails at hand if you are, one) particular about the tools you use when creating your favorite concoctions, or two) find yourself making cocktails more often then you should. Standard Spoon is the upstart that is responsible for the bar spoon you see here. It has, like most bar spoons, an extended handle to facilitate mixing and layering of both alcoholic and non-alcoholic mixed drinks. There two versions available: the Standard Classic and the Spin. The Classic offers a weighted end and a slender and smooth design to ensure minimum friction when stirring and also ensure ease of insertion around ice.

The Spin, on the other hand, features a free-spinning section that allows for less, or at least the same, hand and wrist motion to achieve consistency of dilution when crafting two drinks simultaneously. Both tools are of solid stainless steel material, polished to a fine finish and features Standard Spoon branding on the weighted end. Classy and we don’t just say it for the sake of saying it. We always find subtle branding elegant, as opposed to in-your-face branding (LV, you hearing this?).

The images shown here are actual prototypes which does not reflect accurately what Standard Spoon has to offer. The Classic will be cast from a solid stainless steel and the resultant is a one-piece spoon without joints. The Spin is largely the same, but obviously, it will have fitted parts for the spinning section.

Standard Spoon has taken the Standard Spoon for Craft Cocktails to Kickstarter, seeking for your support to make it a reality. If all goes as planned, a 25 bucks pledge will score you a Classic, while 35 bucks will secure yourself a Spin. A pair, which includes a Classic and a Spin will set you back at $60. You have about 18 days to decide if you want to pledge allegiance to this beautiful cocktail tool.

Beep Turns Any Speaker Into Wireless Speakers

At this point time, it is safe to say most of us still has quite a number of speakers and/or audio system accumulated over the years, and wirelessly connected they are not. you can change that by acquiring the Beep, a nifty and uber stylish WiFi-enabled device that will turn any speaker into wireless speakers just by simply hooking up your existing speaker or audio system to the Beep’s 3.5mm auxiliary jack, RCA, or optical input.

After which, it will need a quick setup on a companion app and you are pretty much all set. Beep lets you spin your favorite tunes from your iOS or Android device to any speaker that is connected with a Beep, which means if you have ten speakers or stereo systems that you want to go wireless, you will need ten Beeps, but as a boon, you can synchronize the music across the rooms for some serious partying mood.

The idea behind Beep isn’t new. there are Bluetooth examples out there for a couple of years now, but the Beep stands out as one that does away with Bluetooth in favor of less range restricting WiFi and also it captures style-conscious, music lovers’ heart with a minimalist and yet striking design that begs to be showed off. the only deal breaker would is, it can only stream audio files loaded onto your mobile devices and only supports Pandora right out of the box – though its creator promised more apps support will be added in due course.

The hardware is actually one oversized volume dial/button combo, accompanied with lights for status indication, as well as added sophistication. You can pre-order the Beep for $99 now, which is 50 bucks off the eventual retail price, but be aware that shipping only starts in Fall 2014, plus it is only available to the U.S. what a bummer. Check out the promo video after the break.

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