Thursday, February 13, 2014

Inspired by Hefeweizen, Jelly Belly Introduces DRAFT Beer Flavored Jelly Beans

Jelly Belly, the candy company long known for creating interesting and uniquely flavored jelly beans has recently announced its newest incarnation – draft beer flavored jelly beans.  Yes, beer fans can now enjoy that smooth, rich, hoppy flavor in a sweet and chewy confection. Also, although the jelly beans contain no amount of alcohol, Jelly Belly is careful to market them only to adults, as they do with their other libation-inspired flavors. The company’s newest flavor was introduced at the Winter Fancy Food Show in San Francisco earlier this month.

Jelly Belly has never been afraid to delve into the different and sometimes even weird flavor profiles for their jelly beans.  Some of their past successful flavors have included savory flavors such as buttered popcorn to super-sweet flavors such as toasted marshmallow. The company has even gone out on a limb and created flavors most people would never even dream of such as lawn clippings. Given the breadth of these flavors, it’s not surprising that the newest flavor is beer. It is most certainly a flavor that is enjoyed by a large part of the population.

Jelly Belly has indicated that through the years several fans of their jelly beans have requested beer-flavored beans so product developers have been spending years developing just the right taste. Since the company has its origins in Germany, they decided to go with the distinct flavor of a Hefenweizen ale. Anyone who takes a chance on the treats can expect to experience a flavor that is “clean with notes of wheat and a touch of sweetness.” It’s a whole new candy world since Jelly Belly announced beer flavored jelly beans.

There are many flavors associated with beer and they all needed to be captured in a single jelly bean. First the development team needed to recreate the hoppy flavor that is so familiar to beer drinkers. After that flavor was perfected, they moved on to the yeasty flavor that gives beer its richness. The biggest challenge facing the Jelly Belly development team was avoiding the bitter flavor that can so often accompany beer. Once that hurdle was overcome, the product was ready for distribution and consumption.

In keeping with the spirit Jelly Belly has always had with their candy, the beer flavored jelly beans can be mixed with other flavors in order to create new flavors. For example, two draft beer Jelly Bellies eaten with one red apple Jelly Belly creates a beer cider flavor. Another flavor combination is two draft beer Jelly Bellies plus one peach Jelly Belly creates a beer sangria flavor. “Recipes” for additional flavor combinations can be found by visiting Jelly Belly’s website.
Jelly Belly is always pushing the envelope for new flavor profiles. It is safe to say that anyone would be hard-pressed to find at least one flavor that is appealing to the pallet. Now the only question left to ask is, “What flavor will they think of next?”
Since Jelly Belly announced the release of beer flavored jelly beans, questions have been raised where the beer beans will make an appearance and the answer is, California however, they will be expanding into other markets soon.

Cute Realistic Pokemon Dolls by Santani

Too younger compared to the degree of creativity, the years become immaterial when we come across this 23 years old artist widely known by the Deviant Art community in Russia as Santani.

This young man has been able to prepare out of ordinary dolls by combining different materials all together such as mud, other solid materials and fabric hence making extra ordinary creatures.

Even though different people have seen these dolls as being very scaring because they don’t represent a real animal or pet many have had such a great taste for them.

The faces of some dolls would represent those of birds and others pets but when it comes to the other body part that is where the devil incarnates knocks but this does not stop the high demand. The pretty creatures which this artist has created are so amazing and thus they have attracted such a high level of demand from the market.

These dolls are being used for decorations in places of residence, cars and also used by those children who have no place for a second heart as dolls. This is the power of a creative brain.

The message is any creative person will always come up with something unique.


The Echappée Aquarium by Sébastien Cordoleani and Vincent Breed

This structure was designed by Sébastien Cordoleani and built by glass artist and craftsman Vincent Breed, to invite fish to “take a breather,” extending the limitations of the usual tank or aquarium.
The Echappée (or Extension) was created for the show 15 Designers, 15 Artisans held in Saint-Etienne in December 2010. Each pair had about 2 months to meet up, think, design and make the pieces, with only a dimension constraint of 60 x 60 x 60 cm.

The purpose of this project, initiated by Emilie Colin Garros, Philippine Lemaire and David des Moutis in summer 2010, was to promote a mode of creation based on the proximity and to reflect the possibility of innovation and creation in a framework where the discussion and the transmission of technical and practical knowledge are possible. It has subsequently traveled including a 2011 exhibition at the French boutique Merci during Designer’s Days.

It is made up of a basin from which a water pipe rises into space, beyond the usual physical limits of an aquarium. By overflowing it offers new horizons to the fish and those who contemplate them. The means to achieve this being simply the application of the physical phenomena of surface tension. The bubble is the central element, a technical challenge for the glass-blower who, by blowing out and sucking in air, will give it the appearance of flowing water.

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