Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Christian Zanzotti’s Iooi - The Most Radical Shisha

What strikes you when you hear the words “radical, simple and elegant?” Surely not a hookah! But when you see the design of the IOOI, they will because this smoke spewing marvel in modern materials can take your hookah habit to another level.

“The design of IOOI turns the world of hookahs upside down.” As it would, given that it is composed of anodized aluminum, polished brass, crystal clear glass and 3D printed parts! But as they say, there is no smoke without fire. And in this case, the fire comes from Christian Zanzotti a.k.a. genius hookah designer.

His genius, however, began with the motorsport field, where he worked on concept vehicles and lightweight developments. It is no wonder then that the IOOI fulfills the highest automotive production standards. Each IOOI is a unique $680 piece built over 4 laborious weeks. It is launching in May this year and will be crafted on request.

Pen Of The Year 2014 By Graf Von Faber-Castell Is Dedicated To Catherine’s Palace

With the advent of technology, we rarely rely on pens for writing anymore, but still, high-end luxury fountain pens can never lose its desirability and go out of vogue. The Graf von Faber-Castell pen of the year 2014 is one such example of luxe writing instrument which has been made of gold, quartz, and jasper. It draws inspiration from Russia’s Catherine Palace, and paying homage to the Agate Rooms of the palace, the Pen of the Year brings alive the lustre and aesthetic of Victorian era.

Though the structure of the pen is similar to the high-end wiring instruments we have seen before by Faber-Castell like the diamond studded fountain pen and the pen of the year 2007, but master craftsman Boris Igdalov designed the motifs on this beautiful pen which is available in two versions.

Both the versions of the fountain pens have red-brown, lustrous jasper in common, but the regular version’s red jasper adorns its platinum-plated barrel while its cap is embellished with Russian quartz. 1000 examples will be sold of the regular version which has been priced at €3200 ($4350). The special version is made with 24-karat gold and has an 18-karat gold nib.

Quartz and jasper stones decorate the exterior of the pen and it is equipped with a plunger mechanism that has a rotary knob. The special version is limited to 150 in number and is priced at $9,500.

Leica Announces Limited Edition ‘Paper Skin Fedrigoni’ X2 Cameras

Leica sure knows how to create gorgeously crafted limited edition cameras and market them, and following the thumping success of Ralph Gibson Monochrom shooters which sold out in five minutes, the German company has announced yet another limited edition model.

Made in collaboration with Italian paper manufacturer Fedrigoni, the limited edition is based on the X2 camera clad in all white and has a received a special treatment of fine Italian paper called ‘Constellation Jade’ which replaces the traditional leather band.

The textured white paper gives the camera a pearl embossed look, and beyond the appearance, it was also put to the test for durability and ruggedness. Fedrigoni’s Constellation Jade is certified for toughness against abrasion tests, acetone, and low temperatures dipping down to -40° F. ‘Edition Fedrigoni’ is etched on the camera’s lens ring, but other than the appearance, the rest of the specifications are the same as that of the 16.1MP Leica X2 with a 24mm f2.8 lens.

The limited edition camera will come with a special box made with the same material styled as a paper sample book and only 25 examples of the Fedrigoni Edition will be sold. The pricing and avialbility has not been announced as of yet.

Cara Delevingne's Mulberry's Handbag Collection

Yet another London Fashion Week showing, this one involving British model Cara Delevingne. That may have sounded rather de rigueur given that fashion weeks and models go hand in hand. But this one involves the latter’s quirky-Brit quotient and the signature style of Mulberry. After collaborating with e-retailer Mr. Porter, the British bag maker has created a trio of purses with fashion’s newest It Girl, Delevingne.

“I wanted something very functional.” And that’s exactly was Delevingne has given to Mulberry. Three styles, each in three sizes, zesty emerald, cobalt or grey camouflage, come with detachable straps that take them from mere handbags straight to hallmarks of versatility. I’d say the backpack touch is pretty neat given today’s demands of fashionable functionality! I’d also say this wasn’t easy. Delevingne, besides designing the bags even visited Mulberry’s two Somerset factories.

“Cara worked closely with our design team to create a collection of bags. She visited the archives, chose leathers, sketched ideas, discussed customers’ practical needs,” said representatives from Mulberry. All three of the Cara designs bear the familiar Mulberry brass hardware, the chunky dimensions of the iconic Bayswater and include a special limited edition inspired by the model’s lion tattoo.

“We only started working on them at the end of last year. These things can go so wrong. They covered my eyes before they finally showed them to me. The build up was intense, I can tell you”. And the results are for all to see.

Louis Vuitton Greenwich Handbag

After giving lovely ladies the ravishing alligator skin set, the Louis Vuitton maison has proceeded one step ahead. It has taken the men’s classic Greenwich and turned it into a fab rendition for women. The erstwhile travel covetable can now also be called the Greenwich handbag in Damier Ebène canvas.

Formerly boxy and functional, the Greenwich has now also donned a wing-ed avatar. With gussets that can be opened up, it is a reformed, golden-hardware bedecked bag in Damier canvas. It also stars a shoulder or cross shoulder carrying option courtesy an adjustable and removable strap in the same material while the handle and trims boast exquisite Normade leather.
But stylish exterior aside, the Greenwich offers a well-organized and spacious microfiber-lined interior that has a tablet pocket, large zipped pocket, double flat pockets and pen loops. This latest apostle of practicality comes in 13.8″ x 6.3″ x 9.1″ and for $2,350 at Louis Vuitton stores.

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