Friday, February 21, 2014

Rolex Cosmograph Daytona Rainbow Boasts Colourful Design

A legendary Rolex model that has enjoyed unequalled recognition since its launch in 1963, the Oyster Perpetual Cosmograph Daytona presented at Baselworld 2012 offers yet more of the enchantment for which it is renowned. This new Rolex Cosmograph Daytona Rainbow boasts a distinctively refreshing colourful design.

Rainbow is because along with its 18 ct yellow gold case and bracelet, its bezel is set with baguette-cut sapphires forming a rainbow pattern (reds, oranges, yellows, greens, blues, mauves and pinks sapphires).
The three counters in yellow Gold Crystals makes great contrast with the black lacquer of the dial. These exclusive counters highlight the crystal structure of the gold in a play of reflections and colours. This is also available in white gold, for a more discreet look.

That’s not all. Cosmograph Daytona Rainbow also features more than fifty diamonds, studded on the case and on the dial. If you add Rolex’s proprietary calibre 4130, a self-winding mechanical chronograph movement, you’ll get a true horological wonder.

The retail price is $89,100 and availability is limited due to the difficulty of matching the coloured gemstones.

Limited Edition Richard Mille RM 057 Dragon-Jackie Chan Watch

Richard Mille celebrates the year of the dragon with a watch that not only pays tribute to the legendary creature, but also his personal friend, international kungfu superstar Jackie Chan. The RM 057 Dragon-Jackie Chan, successor to the $1.7 million RM056 commemorates the Year of the Dragon that lasts between January 23 2012 and February 9, 2013.

Some of the unique features this wristwatch has to offer are: a movement baseplate of pure, deep Black Onyx and a beautiful golden dragon engraving sporting colored scales that grips the tourbillon bridge in one of it’s claws. Next you have the round, engraved Jackie Chan signature, that is set in the black Onyx baseplate and rotates once every 60 seconds in time with the tourbillon’s rotation, adding a refined visible touch.

Jackie Chan

Regarded in China as a living god, Jackie Chan is also known as a generous man through his establishment of an entity to support disadvantaged children with the creation of the Dragon’s Heart Foundation whose goal is to support deprived children in all possible ways.
The long-standing friendship between Richard Mille and Jackie Chan has been a source of many collaborations, the latest being an auction held in September 2011 with the proceeds going to the aforementioned foundation. Specifically for that occasion, Richard Mille created a unique piece, the RMJC tourbillion, that received a great deal of attention and support for the foundation’s goals. The RM 057 Dragon-Jackie Chan is yet another fruit of this friendship. Indeed, Richard Mille has long wanted to create an exceptional timepiece for Jackie Chan himself, inspired by his Chinese name that means one who will become dragon.

The RM057 Dragon-Jackie Chan is available in 18K red gold or white gold with red dragon, in a limited edition of only 36 pieces.

New Audi’s Motorcycle

Is it time for the arrival of Audi‘s motorcycle? Devauze Thibault definitely think so, a French designer who is a good part of his internship done at Audi, Ducati and Land Rover. “Audi Motorrad Concept” revealed vision of Audi’s two-wheeler superbike that now could easily become a reality, since the brand from Ingolstadt taken by the Italian Ducati.

Audi was once produced two-wheel vehicles, but this was at the time of DKW Auto Union, from which later emerged Audi as we know now. The inspiration for the concept of a motorcycle with Audi’s marks Devauze received during a visit to the museum where the Audi is among the many exhibits video of DKW motorcycles.

As Audi has a rich history when it comes to motorcycles, the French designer was not hard to create a modern version of its two-wheelers.

Motorrad Concept Audi is powered by Ducati’s twins paired with a dual-clutch gearbox.

This volume of 850 cc desmodromic housed in an ultra-lightweight chassis made of carbon fiber and lightweight materials. In addition to the classical variant of the gas two-wheel could easily get the e-tron version.

Impress Your Geeky Friends with BMW Designed Thermaltake Level 10 PC Chassis

BMW Designworks USA’s Level 10 case for ThermalTake is a far cry from any other desktop PC chassis we’ve seen recently. Rather than a standard aluminum box, the Thermaltake Level 10 would incorporate a central pillar, with individual compartments hanging from it for the motherboard, PSU, optical drives, and hard drives. Moreover, it features six hard disk drive bays, while also offering an easy way to open the hard drive bay so as to change the disks.

Each compartment on the Level 10 has its own ventilation. The large panels on the lower left cover the motherboard mount, PCI-E cards, GPUs, and so forth. The six slots on the right are hot-swap SATA bays, connected to a large vertical heatsink. The bays have mounts for 3.5-inch and 2.5-inch drives. The top right box holds three optical drives, and the upper left box holds the power supply.

The Level 10 case is constructed entirely of heavy-duty aluminum. There is no flex in any of the panels, they are rock solid. Aside from the LED lighting surrounding the trim of the edge, there is not a single plastic component anywhere. Each of the six SATA hard drive bays includes a red LED that lights when the bay is occupied.

The right side panel on the Level 10 comes off for access to the rear of the motherboard tray, just like on a standard case. The front-panel connectors include your standard 4 USB 2.0 ports, one eSATA port, and standard audio jacks.The case fits standard ATX and micro-ATX boards.

Well, you should also know that it’s big and heavy: more than two feet tall and 47 pounds before you put so much as a motherboard. Speaking of which, the case alone is $850, but if you need an actual computer you’ll need to allot a minimum of $2,500. Genteel geeks and posh PC-ers, the ultimate computing machine is here and now shipping.

ArtyA Son of Sound Guitar Shaped Watches

The unique timekeepers from the watch brand ArtyA are recognizable at the first look, through to their singularity and unique design. Swiss art watch brand made this extremely avant garde watches, guitar head-shaped, Son of Sound collection.

The Son of Sound timepieces all have cases that look like the end of a guitar (the head). Of course, they are complete with tuning peg crowns. The case is 42mm wide and the various versions will be available in steel, titanium, PVD black steel, and 18k rose gold.

The colection has two variations. One with a double retrograde dial with the hours and minutes, as well as a second version with chronograph. Each of the watches has high-end mechanical automatic movements, apparently co-developed by Concepto and SC2. Guitar-style elements on the case and dial abound. From decorative features to strings, the Son of Sound watches are an interesting experiment in musical instrument-themed horology.

As is common with the brand, the pieces don’t exactly have distinct names at this point, nor are they very clear on other details.

Probably the stand-out version of the Son of Sound watch so far is the “English” version with the Union Jack motif on the dial. It is going to be hard for aging British rockers to resist those pieces. The dial has a large minute hand, and a disc to display the minutes.

There are rather small chronograph subdials, as well a centrally mounted chronograph seconds hand. The lower part of the dial has the date. At least on the Son of Sound Chronograph models ArtyA promised that each of the tuning peg crowns has a function.

Ugg and Jimmy Choo Luxury Collection

Ugg Australia announced they’re rolling out with a new luxury range, Ugg Collection. The Jimmy Choo and Ugg offer their customers a unique collection of boots, a seamless combination of luxury comfort that the Ugg customer has grown to love meeting the high fashion and bold look that Jimmy Choo has perfected.

New Luxury Ugg Collection will consist of a 30-piece high-end line of Italian-made handbags and shoes in different styles than the traditional boot. The collection will have a palette of olive green, black and tan, with pops of royal blue and leopard. Handbag silhouettes include the side-strap satchel, a slouchy hobo and an oversize weekender bag, in Italian Toscana leather, sheepskin, merino, suede and pony hair.

Ugg Collection footwear was designed to harness the comfort of Ugg Australia in more upscale designs, with booties, stacked wedges and knee-high leather boots.

VP of Products Leah Larson said of their newest editions: We’re hoping to get a lot of new Ugg-love out of this. It’s very Ugg, it still has our DNA — there’s the sheepskin, there’s the comfort, the quality, the luxury — it’s very much Ugg, it’s just taking it up a notch.

The new collection will range in price from $500 to $1,195. By comparison, the prices for Ugg’s regular boots range in price from $120 to $230.

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