Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Bang & Olufsen Unveils Beolit 12 - Sound System For Your iPhone

The B&O PLAY Beolit 12 speaker system is designed for use with your iPhone 4S, iPhone 4, iPod touch and other audio devices. This small and chic portable iPhone speaker was a winner of the prestigious red dot design award back in 2012 in the ‘Best Product Design’ category.

For this year, Bang & Olufsen has prepared a white version of this awesome gadget. In addition to impressive portable sound, it provides best place for charging your iPhone or iPod touch. It comes with a white housing, light grey aluminium speaker grill and a black carrier handle.
With a 120 Watt digital Class D power amplifier system individually driving two 2″ tweeters and a 4″ woofer, this small speakers deliver high quality sound.

It also features both a built-in power supply and a rechargeable battery with a capacity of 8 hours and if you use a cable you can even charge your mobile device in the process. The dedicated Beolit Setup app (available from the App Store in iTunes) lets you set up your Beolit 12 directly from your iPhone, iPad, or iPod.

The White Edition is available at Bang & Olufsen stores, retail and online, for about $950.


Paris Premières Roses Fragrance by Yves Saint Laurent

Yves Saint Laurent constantly keeps us in suspense what’s next. After reincarnated its iconic Opium and dressed it in gold last year, and unveiled its regenerating skin cream named Or Rouge, the French brand delighted us with the Paris Premières Roses 2014 Limited Edition. This new scent is variation of their yearly limited edition springtime flanker of the brand’s well-known 1983 Paris fragrance created by Sophia Grojsman.

Developed by perfumer Dominique Ropion, new fragrance includes notes of wild rose, violet, neroli, muguet, rose, peony, white musk and sandalwood. The multifaceted bottle features a pink tint and a new floral motif in gold.

Yves Saint Laurent Paris Premières Roses Edition Limitée will be available in 125 ml Eau de Toilette Légère and will arrive at perfume counters traditionally from March, priced at €77 ($106).

Golden Bike From Denmark

Lauge Jensen is not known for designing his motorbikes in anything but the most revolutionary ways. The company's creations were the first motorcycle in the world to pass the new EURO4 emission regulations.
Now it seems, however, that Lauge has added a new air of flamboyance to these eco-friendly products as the latest bike comes wrapped almost entirely in 24-carat gold and sprinkled gingerly with hundreds of diamonds.

The bike is designed more as a concept showpiece, costing approximately £550,000 as it contains a good few thousand pounds of gold. There is no word yet on the weight of the glitzy chopper but our guess would be it is probably heavy enough to make handling a challenge.

The bike is capable of being ridden, however, should that be the request of any potential owners the gold exhaust system would need to be removed, unless you fancy the prospect of leaving a trail of gold as you ride your pricey two wheeler into the sunset.

Not So Bad to Be Oscars Losers – They Get $80,000 Gift Bag

Not so bad to be Oscars losers. Even they didn’t go home empty-handed. Now, traditionally Oscar’s losers will receive a modest gift bag. This year’s consolation bags are valued at $80,000 and are gift by US Company Distinctive Assets, who is also responsible for the gift bags and celebrity lounges of the Grammys and the Emmys. Not bad, since last years were more modest – $45,000 and in 2011, that amount was $75,000. With five nominee’s categories – Best Actor/Actress, Supporting Actor/Actress and Director, and therefore four losers in each of those category, that comes out to $1.6 million dollars’ worth of swag.

Some of the items can be interesting to losers celebrity such as vacation packages to Hawaii, the Canadian Rockies ($6,850) , Las Vegas, Mexico, Japan ($15,000) or a face-to-face meeting with Boyz II Men in Las Vegas worth $9,000, various spa and therapy services worth $7,455 and stays at a variety of resorts valued at $5,300.
Of course there are a plenty of other less useful gifts including pet products ($7,706) or Krystal Klear Water’s whole house water filtration system ($4,895), and not to forget a vaginal rejuvenation procedure ($2,700), and a hair restoration surgery ($16,000).

And there are a plenty of unnecessary trinkets such as $280 worth of pure organic maple syrup, salad dressings, jellies, mustard, and an apron. But that’s not all! Each star will receive an adoption certificate of a maple tree in Notre-Dame-Des-Bois. But, hey, they’re losers!

Armonia TWR170 Loudspeakers Offer the Best Sound with Excellent Design

Armonia Loudspeakers, a hi-end Italian loudspeakers firm, has unveiled the latest hi-end loudspeakers in their range, the TWR170 model. The TWR170 model is a three ways dipole-bass reflex model which combines their exclusive TICCS driver (Isodynamic Transducer with Separated Compression Cavities) with four series-parallel that works in the frequency range between 200Hz and 6kHz.

Their new architecture allows to reach very fast signal response with very low distortion for absolute musical reproduction. The TWR170 has four 6.5″ woofers with light cones made of treated cellulose pulp. The loudspeakers has a frequency response of 28Hz-22 kHz (-3dB) and efficiency of 88 dB. The TWR170 is available in oak, cherrywood and ash tree finish. The company will debut its new model at the Milan Top Audio & Video Show, and pricing will also be announced thereafter.

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