Monday, March 3, 2014

Finnpower - Tailored Bicycles with Style

For those who enjoy outdoor sports, specifically cycling, there are new reasons to celebrate: bicycles made entirely of carbon fiber. Now you can ride with style and distinction on a bicycle calibrated to suit your particular needs and preferences: the new models created by the Finnish firm, Finnpower.

Historically, Finland has been known for developing and engineering yachts, sailboats and ships of excellent quality, specializing in icebreakers destined to travel to the coldest, most hostile waters on the planet. Looking to diversify and modernize its industry, the Scandinavian nation has become, in recent years, a powerhouse in the field of advanced technologies, with companies such as Nokia leading the way.
This new Finnish approach has led Finnpower to develop a new line of bicycles. The firm has dedicated thousands of hours of strict laboratory research and field work to choose the best materials, complete and correct its designs, and test the bicycle’s performance in order to create a high quality product.

Comfort on the road was the brand’s main objective, and they achieved it through the careful selection of materials. For example, the carbon fiber used to manufacture the main frame is applied with the same techniques used in the construction of ultra-modern ships and aircraft. This complex production process results in a metal box of enormous resistance, high absorption capacity and very light in its weight.

Another feature that makes these bikes unique is that the client has the opportunity to choose his or her preferred finishes as often happens with the best luxury products. Owners can personally select the final paint, suspension components, pedals and levers, the wheels and even the handlebars before the units are finished according to their particular specifications.

Finnpower’s new line features three main models: Finnpower C, the perfect city bike to navigate the streets or your favorite country roads; the Finnpower F, with a sportier performance, allows you to enjoy both biking in the city and outside the conventional roads, and finally, the Finnpower T, more daring than the others and fit for the most demanding terrain.

Every carbon fiber Finnpower bike is delivered anywhere in the world fully assembled and calibrated, packed with high quality materials similar to those used to ship the most sensitive and delicate musical instruments. So if your desire is to exercise in style with the latest technology and a distinctive look, these bicycles are an invitation to stay in shape and enjoy the landscape.

Limited Edition Ferrari Opus Make Debut at Melbourne Grand Prix

A one-of-a-kind $275,000 Ferrari will debut at the 2011 Melbourne Grand Prix on March 27, but it’s probably not exactly what you have in mind. Luxury publisher Kraken Opus, which is famous for producing premium, outsized editions on subjects including sports teams, celebrities, fashion and art, has now come up with the Limited Edition Official Ferrari Opus. Italian sports car manufacturer based in Maranello has said that The Official Ferrari Opus is the most lavish and most valuable historical reference Ferrari has ever produced.

The limited edition book, weighing in at 37 kilos, comes with 852 pages, each measuring half a square metre, 150,000 words and more than 2.000 pictures, many of which were specially commissioned for the Opus or come from Ferrari’s historic records and have never previously been published. The Opus includes gatefold pictures two metres long and exclusive interviews the motorsport legends that have been part of Ferrari’s unique history.
The first copy of the book will visit all the Formula 1 grand prix events this year, and then make its last stop at Maranello. It will be signed by Luca di Montezemolo, as well as Khaldoon Khalifa Al Mubarak, CEO of Mubadala, the Abu Dhabi-based company which helped make this book a reality, and many other Ferrari legends. The book will be auctioned off, with money going to two charities selected by Ferrari and Mubadala.
The Ferrari Opus at the Australian Grand Prix will be the ultimate Enzo Diamante Edition, of which only one will be sold in Australia. It features a diamond-encrusted Prancing Horse made of more than 30 carats of diamonds, laid out on a handcrafted red leather cover. Each Enzo Diamante owner around the world will go into the draw to win a Ferrari F1 car.

For those who can’t afford the $275,000 Enzo Diamante edition, they also have three other editions: $34,925 Enzo, the $6,545 Cavallino Rampante and the $3,520 Classic Edition.

Enzo Edition Official Ferrari Opus

Available in a limited series of 400, just like the road car it is named after, this is the marquee edition of The Official Ferrari Opus. Presented in a sleek, black carbon-fibre clamshell, adorned with the world-famous Ferrari racing shield, the Enzo edition is the most desirable publication ever on the marque. Each copy is personally signed by all living Ferrari world champions on an individually numbered, silver-foiled signature sheet.

Cavallino Rampante Edition Official Ferrari Opus
Limited to just 500 copies worldwide, the Cavallino Rampante edition includes the personal signatures of Ferrari greats, past and present. Gracing the cover of each copy is an official Ferrari badge, identical to those seen on Ferrari road cars.

Classic Edition Official Ferrari Opus
The Classic edition of The Official Ferrari Opus is limited to 4.100 copies worldwide and is presented in a silk-cloth covered clamshell case. It features a silver-foiled signature sheet, signed by current Ferrari Formula 1 drivers, Fernando Alonso and Felipe Massa.

Pavan Ahluwalia ‘s Hand Painted Shoes

The use of Henna for body art is several centuries old at least. In today’s world of henna art and design, the name Pavan Ahluwalia reigns supreme. She creates intricate patterns using glitter, diamante and colored body paint, and her designs have been worn on numerous brides and celebrities. She is a Guinness World Record holder, earning her spot as the fastest henna artist after painting an impressive 511 unique armbands in a single hour last year.

Now, Pavan Ahluwalia transmits her artwork on shoes. Inspired of course by henna, this shoes are hand painted and designed by Pavan. The shoes are adorned with gold paint and diamonds. The great quality in patent leather and the heel just under 6 inches are also visible. Any selection of color available on request and there are more designs to come. The shoes will be available priced at £150 ($250).

Louis Vuitton’s Camera Bag For Stylish Wealthy Photographers

Is generally known that professional photographers not sparing on their equipment. Having that in mind Louis Vuitton designed camera bag. Suitable for small and medium-sized cameras, this modern bag will cost you a whopping $3,500.

Reported by some as the most expensive camera bag in the world, this photographer’s accessory certainly is topic of the discussion. Crafted in sturdy Damier Graphite canvas, this bag features zipped front, side, and back pockets, interior flat zipped pocket and a secure hook and loop closure.

Despite its incredibly small form factor (15.4” x 8.7” x 9.4”), you’ll have plenty of space to store all necessities such as camera, lens, flash and still have about enough space for a single AA battery.

If you really have so much excess of money and really don’t have any idea where to invest it, you can order this world’s most expensive camera bag right here off the Louis Vuitton website.

Nested Knives

Sharp as a scalpel, smooth, sleek, slick, precise and compact … these sets have a deadly puzzle-piece efficiency about them that would be perfect for a chef, or perhaps a serial killer. Nested one inside the next, the solid steel set from TableDirect contains a carving knife, chef’s knife, paring knife and filleting knife – each slotted within the others, and set inside of a likewise stainless steel rectangle that contains them all.

Aside from being cool and clever, they are also a space-saving alternative to a traditional wall-hanging set of kitchen knives – but for sale at nearly a thousand dollars, the cost of to cooks (amateur or professional) is not cheap in this case.

Also, one unfortunate side-effect of the current design is that you have to house your classy new cutlery flat in a drawer or on a countertop (and had best be careful to pull them out one at a time).

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