Wednesday, April 2, 2014

iPhone 5 Titanium Bumper Case From Gresso

The Swiss manufacturer of luxury phones and accessories, Gresso, has presented its latest range of accessories for the iPhone5s, Gresso Titanium Bumper. They claim that the case is the most expensive iPhone accessory on the market. The price of this modern supplement starts at $1000 and rising to as much as $10,000, if you opt for some of the more exotic and luxurious version.

Made from Grade 5 titanium, this case can be adjusted to your needs in several ways. May contain elements of 18 karat white and yellow gold, Italian leather or special PVD top coat.

About eight hours is necessary for making one of these holsters, and four for its development. The final product of this long process is the perfect luxury case for your phone, which will keep you from all kinds of accidents, while not losing elegant and sophisticated look.

Bottle Of Remy Martin Louis XIII Rare Cask Cognac Broke a Record in Hong Kong

A rare bottle of Remy Martin Louis XIII Rare Cask Cognac broke a record at Spink’s inaugural fine wine auction, recently held in Hong Kong. This rare bottle, one of only 786 decanters worldwide, which contains a blend of over 1,200 different eaux-de-vie from Grand Champagne aged between 40 and 100 years, went under the hammer for a whopping $23,580!

The cask was found in 2004 by Rémy Martin’s cellar master Pierrette Trichet and launched in 2009. If believe Trichet, this rare Cognac has a certain palate of honey, nuts and mushrooms. 

A Bottle Of REMY MARTIN LOUIS XIII Rare Cask Cognac, made from rare black crystal comes in an extraordinarily handcrafted carafe created by known French glass-maker Baccarat.

That evening in Hong Kong, March 8th,  a total of 380 lots were on offer for sale, included two bottles of Louis XIII from the 1970s, a bottle of Hennessy Paradis from the 1970s, and a Tattinger collection that encompasses nine vintages from 1978 to 1992.

Louis Vuitton Capucines MM In Taurillon And Calfskin Leathers

Louis Vuitton has given the elegant Capucines MM bag a makeover with two exquisite leathers for interiors and exteriors. That’s not all, bag is now available in more colors – mostly pastel for the changing season. Exteriors of the reimagined Capucines are made from bull-calf “Taurillon” leather while the interiors are lined with supply and silky calfskin leather that complement the exteriors.

The handcrafted Capucines made with over 250 individual steps features design elements borrowed from Louis Vuitton’s well-documented trunk making history – like the engraved rivets in its brass metal hardware. The practical city bag features semi-rigid Toron handles secured by jewel-like rings in silver or gold. The handles gives the option to carry it on shoulder, elbow or by hand.

Bag is fashioned such a way, its hap can be worn either to reveal the outline of a Monogram flower or inside to show the LV initials. Spacious interiors feature 2 large compartments, 1 zipped center pocket and one flat pocket. The Capucines MM is available in a pallet of 14 colors.

Back in October last year Louis Vuitton informed its loyal customers about taking the premium pricing route to increase its bottom line by using premium leathers. They have kept that promise by introducing new collections in high-quality leathers with no canvas versions. For the Capucines MM’s, leather on leather new version arrives with a new price point at $5,350, up from $4,730.
The bag is not sold online in the US, you have to call Louis Vuitton to check availability and place orders.

Fabergé Easter Eggs Celebrated At Harrods With A Spiral Tassel Pendant

Fabergé has given a modern-day interpretation to their famous imperial Easter eggs. Jewelry maker will unveil the new limited edition Spiral Tassel Pendant during the exhibition, A Fabergé Easter At Harrods.

The collection is available for purchase only at Harrods from April 1 through 21 during the exhibition. A trompe-l’oeil window display decorated with Fabergé flags facing Brompton Road will showcase Fabergé’s rich history. A highlight of the exhibition is the Apple Blossom Egg, an original egg from 1901 made of gold, diamonds, and nephrite.

The pendent’s spiral design is a reminder of the Easter eggs and they are also seen as a symbol of transformation. The diamond studded spiral is used to form the egg shape of the pendant.

A tassel decoration with gemstone options of a vibrant amethyst, tsavorite, or spinel is available.

The Fabergé Imperial Easter egg tradition was started in 1885 by the Tsar. Over the years until the Russian revolution, the jewelry house created 50 lavishly decorated eggs for the imperial family.

Other noble families including six generations of the British royal family and aristocratic families also have been patrons of Fabergé.

Adidas Springblade, Running Shoe With A Bounce

Adidas has introduced a new Springblade running shoe to the market. The futuristic Springblade running shoes are fitted with 32 polymer blades to thrust you forward as you run.  Even if you are just a walker, these shoes provide a sense of bounce to the wearer. Adidas hope Springblade will be its connection to consumers for the foreseeable future.

Springblade provide a unique running experience while providing maximum energy returns. At first look with their cantilevered blades, one might feel blades are inadequate.

But seven pairs of smaller-sized blades are supported by two larger sized blades covering the entire front and back of the shoe. Adidas North America’s Mike Peveto noted “They have one of the highest energy returns that we’ve tested.

What’s unique is that they don’t return energy vertically, they return it horizontally.”   With horizontal return of energy, shoe is designed to propel the runner forward when pressed down. This design makes Adidas the first sneaker brand to provide horizontal propulsion.

Shoes have tested in real-world runs over thousands of miles by various runners. Even after rigorous testing, blades have upheld their shape and displayed durability. It took Adidas close to six years to produce Springblade.

Priced at $ 180 Adidas Springblade is available at Dick’s Sporting Goods, Foot Locker, Finish Line, Amazon , and other sports goods stores.

Moschino Junk Food Capsule Collection For Fast Food Loving Fashionistas

Straight from the Dollar Menu? Luxury fashion on a dime? Nope. This is none of that. Moschino’s talented new creative director Jeremy Scott decided to do it his own pop-art way by creating a special capsule collection centered around junk food.

Named the Moschino Junk Food Capsule Collection, this limited edition features several junk food inspired items that include a $85 “French Fries” iPhone case, $295 leather belt, $265 T-shirt with “I don’t speak Italian but I do speak Moschino” print and a wool blend knit dress for $935.

The star of the collection undoubtedly is the red and yellow quilted leather handbag that looks more like a hybrid between the iconic Chanel flap bag and McDonald’s Happy Meal box with the McDonald arch. This oxymoron of a fashionable handbag come with a price tag of $1,265.

Delicious looking bag has a red and yellow chained strap, and one external patch pocket with McD slogan “over 20 billion served” embroidered in black.

How genuine luxury loving fashionistas going to react to this one-of-a-kind accessory is interesting to see. Are you brave enough to tot this handbag around town? I’m not.

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