Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Aroma R-evolution Will Make Your Food Taste Better

Molecule-R's objective is to "democratize the latest cuisine innovations" and with this latest creation, the "Aromafork and Aromaspoon" these cutlery products produce an intense and unique tasting experience. Such an innovative product that touches every sense and taste bud when eating, any food connoisseurs dream!

"Since 2009, Molécule-R Flavors' mission is to democratize the latest cuisine innovations and make them accessible to a larger public. Today, the company unveils the Aromafork and the Aromaspoon; two patented pieces of cutlery specifically designed to produce an intense and unique tasting and olfactive experience. Because taste buds recognize only the 5 primary tastes, while the nose is capable of distinguishing the subtle flavors of food as aromas reach the back of your palette upon expiration. It is therefore through a blotting paper inserted in the new cutlery and then soaked with a concentrated liquid aroma allowing the volatile components to be diffused upon absorption, multiplying the intensity of the perceived flavors and tricking the mind. Play with your senses and change your perception of flavors with Aroma." 

Molécule-R called upon Chez Valois, who had already executed her original brand identity and first retail kits; Cuisine R-evolution and Cocktail R-evolution in 2009.

"Today, Chez Valois realized for this unique new project; the design of the utensils (based on an original idea by Molécule-R), the serving trays and accessories, in addition to providing art direction, photography, culinary art and styling, and packaging design. Favoring the polysensoriality of the tasting experience, the design of utensils and serving trays wanted to be above all, simple in form and ergonomic with a contemporary twist. The packaging design for its part was also developed in a simple, uncluttered way while putting more emphasis on the comprehension of the product and its experience, bringing on the forefront the design of the objects and the food photography with an artistic rendering of the aromas to convey the intriguing, enticing and surreal feeling that this novel olfactive experiential product can bring."

Adidas Reveal Yohji Yamamoto Adizero F50 Lion-Dog Boots

There are football cleats and then there are football cleats. Designed for Adidas by award-winning Japanese fashion designer Yohji Yamamoto, these Adidas AdiZero F50 Imperial lion-dog’s are taking football cleat design to a whole new level.

This weekend professional football players from around the world will wear these special Adidas cleats in matches. Look out for the yellow lion-dogs on the feet of Gyasi Zardes of LA Galaxy, Jonny Steele of New York Red Bulls, Lucas Moura of Paris Saint-Germain and Naohiro Ishikawa of FC Tokyo.

A limited edition series, front of the bright yellow cleats show a pair of imperial lion-dogs who, in ancient times according to Japanese mythology guarded the emperors of the land of the rising sun. This traditional design and Japan’s modern sci-fi culture used to create a divine connection between the past and the future. Yamamoto hopes his design will inspire players to play and express themselves without any fear.

Released last Friday, Adidas AdiZero F50 imperial lion-dog cleats are now available in Adidas stores. If you really want a pair, you better hurry up – only 2,000 pairs are made. Price €300 (approx. $415) per pair.

McDonalds Has Gone Classy With The Quarter Pounder Jewelry Series

Thinking outside the bun, McDonald’s Japan have created a line of limited edition burgers. They come in the form of Texas Burgers at a cost of ¥ 1,000 each. These new “Quarter Pounder Jewelry” premium will be offered in limited quantities for only one day each on July 6, July 13 and July 20 on three separate Saturdays.

First “Quarter Pounder Jewelry” burger is named Gold Ring which features a 1.5 cm-thick golden rings of grilled pineapple, 9 mm-thick, hardwood-smoked slab bacon, a “fruity” barbecue sauce featuring apple puree and pineapple juice, Monterey Jack cheese and a ¼ pound beef patty on a Kaiser bun. Sold only July 6.

The second, Black Diamond features truffle sauce, grilled mushrooms and onions, Emmental cheese, and a 1/4-pound beef patty on a brioche bun. Sold only on July 13.

nd the Ruby Spark will be served with five slices of chorizo sausage, grilled onions, a guacamole with lemon juice, garlic puree, and seasoned onions, an interestingly-ridged slice of pepper jack cheese, and a 1/4-pound beef patty on a soft French-style bun. Sold only on July 20.

If you are in the mood to spend additional ¥ 200 ($ 1.99) this McDonald’s Jewelry meal will be complemented with medium fries and medium soda.

Bottega Veneta Home At Salon Del Mobile

At the Salon de Mobile in Milan last week, Italian fashion house Bottega Veneta has unveiled their latest Home Collection. Notable among the collection is the inclusion of innovative color, texture and material that combines functional design with skilled workmanship. In addition to furniture and case goods they also unveiled a silver and flatware collection. The Bottega Veneta Home collection as described by Bottega’s Creative Director Tomas Maier is “simple and tasteful.”

“The evolution of our Home collection has been purposefully gradual and deliberate, as we have never been interested in doing anything flashy or of-the-moment,” says Creative Director Tomas Maier, “Some of these new pieces are more rustic, others more refined, but each one is versatile, functional and beautifully crafted to last a lifetime.”

The understated collection boasts new furniture pieces that include a round coffee table and a low book case made of ash colored oak. New additions to the lighting section include, a table lamp made of Murano glass with coaxial leather-covered wire and Bottega’s first rechargeable light. Others notable items in the collection includes rugs made in collaborations with master wood maker Poltrana Frau, sofas and desks.

New materials introduced in the collection includes black marble from Tunisia and grey/beige marble from Turkey, and oak in four different finishes. Bottega’s signature “Intrecciato” design and butterfly
The Bottega Veneta Home Collection is now available to order online and will be available in store in September.

Louis Vuitton Damier Azur Cabas Adventure Bag

Louis Vuitton did not forget or ignore Damier Azur with the Cabas summer collection. A canvas version coated in Damier Azur print is ready for the summer. On the front, the bag features in print Louis Vuitton’s 1887 “Articles de Voyage” advertisements. The light-weight easy to carry tote is perfect accessory for the beach and evening cocktail parties. Carry it anywhere this summer.

Damier Azur Cabas features natural cowhide leather trimmings, golden brass metallic pieces, 2 press buttons on each side to alter the bag’s shape, hook closure to secure belongings and protective bottom studs. Interiors are lined with cotton textile. It comes with an interior zipped pocket and double smartphone pockets.

The Cabas Damier Azur is offered in two sizes, the petite PM measures 13.4” x 8.3” x 7.1” and medium MM 18.9” x 11.4” x 7.1”. Available at Louis Vuitton stores and online for $1,520 and $1,750 for the PM and MM sizes respectively.

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