Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Limited Edition Vertu Constellation Gemstone Editions

Savelli’s still hot from the oven Gemfields Emerald Edition is getting serious competition from Vertu. British high-end phone maker has unveiled their latest edition of the Constellation phone. The diamond and ruby encrusted version come with the moniker, the Vertu Constellation Gemstones Limited Edition, and just to say it’s stunning is an understatement.

If you count them gems set into the phone’s grade 5 titanium body, you’ll find 80 precious rubies or sapphires. As is Vertu’s signature, each phone is hand wrapped in leather, however exclusively for this limited edition they’ve used semi-gloss calfskin leather in matching color to add a bit more sparkle to an already fabulous looking phone.

The Constellation Gemstones is available in two variations, the Liquorice Sapphire and Rose Ruby. Phones also boasts Vertu’s trademark features such as global concierge service and the distinct user interface. Limited to just 320 pieces in each color, the luxury Vertu Constellation Gemstones Limited Edition price is set at $10,150.

All New Louis Vuitton Parnasséa Lockit In Veau Cachemire Leather

The new Louis Vuitton Parnasséa Lockit in soft, gorgeous and lightweight Veau Cachemire leather is crafted to make sure you carry it with you everywhere. A modern reinterpretation of Louis Vuitton’s classic 1950’s design, it arrives in beautiful pastels and elegant dark shades. Lockit is a stylish as well as a practical everyday bag with plenty of space to fit in a laptop and various accessories a fashionista would carry.

The beautiful Lockit feature a removable and adjustable shoulder strap, round flexible handles for hand or elbow carry, glossy palladium brass hardware including a padlock, key bell, zip closure and bottom studs. Front of the bag has Louis Vuitton Paris signature embossed in palladium and Veau Cachemire trimmings with contrasted edge-dyeing. Interior details include Veau Velours lining, an interior zipped pocket and two open-side pockets. Other notable highlights include subtly engraved bottom studs, a design element borrowed from Louis Vuitton trunks, and the subtle saddle stitching.

Measuring 19.3″ x 17.3″ x 7.5″, it comes in colors Galet, Magnolia, Framboise, Quetsche, and Black. Priced at $4,050, the elegant Parnasséa Lockit is available exclusively at Louis Vuitton stores.

Slatepro: Desk For Techies

A desk is just a piece of wood and that hasn’t changed for ages, but seriously, it really ought to change. Why? So that we can save ourselves from awkward desktop organizers we use in desperation to keep our 21st century lifestyle organized atop of this flat piece of wood and the SlatePro is here to introduce that change.

Crafted from pure bamboo topped with a protective clear acrylic sheet, the surface of the SlatePro sits on a set of handcrafted steel legs and features several built-in docks with openings beneath for charging cables so you can dock and charge your smartphones and tablet right off the desk, while the center of the tabletop has large vented holes to keep your laptop cool and also provides space for cables and cords to pass through for a clean, clutter-free look.

Additionally, there is also a stationery slot for you pens and stuff, an area where a heavy duty mouse pad sits flushed with the table, a designated area for your coffee cup (complete with heat-resistant cork base), and last but not least, a few pegs are in place for organizing your favorite literatures.

The SlatePro is a product of iSkelter and is available through the product’s Kickstarter campaign for a special of $398 and up. Delivery is expected to happen between May and July, depending on which reward level you opt for.

Nest Thermostat Now Available On Google Play

We are not sure where Google Play is heading, but it is definitely going to be more than just a mobile device web store touting Google’s mobile OS. Case in the point: the second generation Nest Learning Thermostat is now available on Google Play for the same $249. we didn’t managed to feature the Nest Thermostat when it first surfaced until now and so for the benefit of the uninitiated, the newer Nest Thermostat is 20% thinner over its predecessor and sports a new solid stainless steel ring, a smooth lens, and most importantly it is now loaded with updated software.

This clever, palm-size thermostat is designed to program itself and automatically helps you to save energy when you are away. Key functionalities includes auto scheduling based on the temperature adjustments you have made and subsequently, continually adapts to your changing lifestyle and when you are away, it will know it (creepy?) and automatically adjusts the temperature to prevent heating or cooling an empty home.

Like all smart connected devices we have come to know up to this point, the Nest Thermostat allows you to remotely set temperature, change the schedule and check in on your energy consumption history, right from your smartphone, table or laptop. However, before all these benefits become apparent, you have to deal with some hardware installation, which having a knack with home improvement works, electrical installation in particular, might be helpful.

On the hardware aspect, this super sleek device features a 24-bit 320 by 320 resolution display measuring 1.75-inch in diameter, has a built-in rechargeable lithium-ion battery, built-in WiFi, and is loaded with sensors to scoop out temperature, humidity, ambient light, as well as far- and near-field activity. Though it is available on Play, it is by no means exclusive as you can still buy it from Amazon, Lowes and Nest webstore.

John Hancock’s TILT Balcony Offers Stunning Views Of Chicago Skyline

A tourist attraction recently unveiled in Chicago offers visitors a new view of the city’s skyline on a tilting observation deck. The attraction, known as TILT, provides guests a unique view of downtown Chicago from the 94th floor of 360 Chicago, formerly the John Hancock Observatory, one of the tallest buildings in the United States.

The glass and steel platform was added to Chicago’s John Hancock Center as part of a multi-million dollar renovation to the observation deck and and, as the names suggests, tilts visitors forward for a unique perspective of the city’s The Magnificent Mile. Eight people at a time – each in their own bay – experience a gradual descent that leaves them facing out of a window at a 30-degree angle, about 1,000ft (304m) up, the descent lasting a little over a minute.

With just a pane of glass between people and ground, the John Hancock’s Tilt balcony is for the thrill-seeking tourists willing to live extreme sensations (Chicago Tribune reporter Steve Johnson said of his experience that at 20 degrees from vertical, “your body tells you it should be falling.”) , offering them spectacular downward facing views over the city.

The attraction took one year to develop and includes three layers of fully tempered glass and, according to engineer John Peronto, who created the platform, it’s very safe so those wary of the experience should feel at ease.
Tilt costs $5 to tourists and is thought to be the first of its kind.

Mvtikka: A Futuristic And Elegant Fireplace Design By Nuvist

A fireplace is the focal point in most living rooms and bedroom and it draws attention without even trying and looks great whether on or off. If you’re looking to remodel your old fireplace or have one that’s no longer functioning, take a look at the Mvtikka Fireplace by Nuvist Architecture & Design. It will make your living room warm and cozy. Your family will enjoy gathering in the room and spending quality time together. You’ll also enjoy entertaining friends any time of year.

Nuvist Architecture & Design was inspired by a flame and fire formations when creating the Mvtikka Fireplace. By connecting simple and natural curvilinear lines of fire waves, the company was able to create a piece with brilliant functionality. Mvtikka is a continuous, dynamic surface that is classically designed but also boasts modern features. It does not take up any floor space as it can be fixed to the wall.

It comes in a choice of colors and has an exterior that shines beautifully. The colors make it look more like a decorative piece of art than a fireplace. Mvtikka will captivate your guests for hours and make them long to own a similar piece.

Nuvist is known for its modern pieces which boast remarkable fluid shapes. This time around, the company has outdone itself with the Mvtikka Fireplace. The piece is a futuristic addition which proves that a highly modern source can provide a cozy ambiance. Besides providing the necessary warmth, it also looks charismatic.

Furniture In Crates By Naihan Li

Moving is a gargantuan task. It involves packing of the myriad of stuff you own, moving them to the new location and unpacking them, which is a time consuming process. But that’s just part of the problem; the furniture is another major headache. Moving often means giving up old furniture, thus sacrificing the familiarity, but thankfully, that only happens once in the blue moon. However, if for some reason you have to move often, then you will appreciate the Furniture in Crates by Beijing-based designer Naihan Li.

Created for Beijing’s shifting urban landscape where artists’ spaces are often demolished as soon as they are discovered, these creations allow the artists’ belongings and furniture to be mobile; all they have to do is to secure their stuff, close the crate and be ready to roll out of the space and into the new found space.

Though designed with artists in mind, the furniture is every bit as applicable to any modern folks, making moving a bliss and also adds a touch of individualism to their homes or offices. Naihan Li’s designs cover a wide aspect of furnishing, ranging from tea table to writing desk to sofa. Each piece features a metal enclosure, concealing its real functionality crafted from handsome black walnut material. There is no telling if the Furniture in Crates By Naihan Li will be available. For now, all we have are a handful of images to drool over.

Lafforest’s Balka Console - It’s All In The Details

Life is messy and unorganized and we are always rushing, putting important items down on counters and forgetting where they are five minutes later. French designer, Gregoire da Lafforest, has simplified one aspect of our hectic days by creating, Balka.
French designer Grégoire De Lafforest has presented to the public on the occasion on the Milan Design Week 2014 ‘Balka‘, a console to shelter our treasure.

In the hall of every dwelling there is always a receptacle where odds and ends are dumped — a bowl, drawer, tray or what not. Things that no longer serve accumulate there — key that open forgotten doors, half-dead batteries, buttons fallen off garments ni longer worn, coins from some faraway land — all sorts of things that for some reason we don’t just chuck out.

Balka was designed to shelter these dubious treasure of every day existence: it is a console with an oak plateau the top of which is cut into a slope. Objects placed on the slope slide down into a flexible pouch-drawer slung underneath. Things can be kept out of sight in this reserve indefinitely, waiting to be exhumed at any moment.

Balloon Chair Designed by h220430

Japanese studio h220430 has created a chair that looks like it is held in mid-air by balloons, which will go on show at Ventura Lambrate in Milan on Tuesday.
A follow-up to the Balloon Bench designed by h220430 in 2011, the Balloon Chair appears to by suspended beneath ten helium balloons.
The chair aims to recreate the feeling that Pascal, the protagonist of 1950s film Le Ballon Rouge, has when a cluster of balloons carried him over Paris, rescuing him from a group of bullies.

Whereas the bench was suspended from four anchor points in a ceiling to maintain the illusion of flight, the chair fixes to a wall.
The leather-covered seat is made from fibre-reinforced plastic, steel and urethane, while the balloons are made from fibre-reinforced plastic and cord, meaning they cannot be deflated.

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