Monday, May 19, 2014

BioLite BaseCamp Stove Transforms Fire Into 5W Of Electricity

Thinking of hitting the wilderness in drove? Well, then you might be interested in the new BaseCamp Stove from Brooklyn-based BioLite (the same folks who brought you CampStove, KettlePot and HomeStove), which allows chef de wild to cook up to eight burgers simultaneously. So if you have many mouth to feed while camping, the BaseCamp Stove is the way to go.

The concept of BaseCamp Stove is similar to that of the HomeStove, but this one is a portable version and has a grill that distributes the heat evenly across the grill for whipping up several patties at the same time – in addition to a single point heat source for boiling water and stuff. As before, it has a thermoelectric system built into the power pack that converts heat to usable electricity which is use to power an internal fan to promote combustion, while excess electricity is store in a battery pack, ready to be output via a standard 5V USB port without the need for burning again if you need to extract some juice out of it. According to BioLite, BaseCamp Stove is capable of generating 5W of electricity, which means it is more than ample for charging large electronic devices such as a laptop.

Additionally, it also packs a few nifty features that will make your camping life a little more ‘luxurious’. These features include a flexible USB-powered task light for lighting up when cooking in the dark, a bucket handle for easy portability, a grill-to-boil lever for quick switch of the flame for boiling and vice versa, a smart LED dashboard for monitoring how hot the fire is and also how much power is being generated, a burn chamber much like a fireplace for feeding the fuel, complete with fuel rack and ash tray, and last but not the least, it has a set of folding legs for flexible cooking height. For a limited time, you can get the BioLite BaseCamp Stove off Kickstarter for just $299.

Limited quantities are also available at $299 which includes a custom (and very cool) carrying case. Depending on which reward level you opt for, shipping may happen as early as September 2014. And oh, the campaign has 32 more days to go, but it has already well pass its set funding goal and so yeah, you will get yours if you back the campaign.

Superior Clubsound Headphones By Pioneer

You know, there are hundreds and one way headphones makers can push their products, but one that promised “superior club sound” like these of MX and CX series headphones from Pioneer Electronics have to be the first and it is the promised of ‘nightclub sound’ that prompts us to take a second look. Aesthetically, they are naturally pretty products, but beyond the beauty, Pioneer says that these headphones will have snappy midrange and low bass response that kind of replicates the sound of nightclubs that usually generates “excitement and fun for patrons”. We cannot fathom the rationale, but we guess if you are club music lover, you would probably appreciate these headphones.

Kicking off the series is the MX on-ear headphones, which comprises of the SE-MX9 and the SE-MX7. The former is a flagship said to based heavily on the firm’s HDH-2000 DJ cans and is fitted with the same 50mm drivers for emphasis in bass response. Clad in a simple and yet elegant design, the MX9 features full length urethane head pad and ear pads which are wrapped in synthetic “protein leather” for comfort and fit. The MX9 also sports a 1.2m tangle-free and removable D-shaped cord with inline microphone and remote for music control and taking of calls.
The MX7, on the other hand, has a smaller 40mm drivers which also place emphasis on bass to please club music lovers. Interestingly, there is also an advanced bass level control built into the earcups which, with a touch and rotation of the outer housing, allows you to quickly dial in to your desired level of bass output. The MX7 comes with a molded headband with rubber-like finish out the outer and wrapped in a soft urethane head pad, while the earpads has polyurethane-leather. A 2-meter cable with integrated microphone and remote comes standard. The Pioneer SE-MX9 and SE-MX7 is set to be available this month for $299.99 and $199.99, respectively.

As for the CX series, they are in-ear examples, sporting larger housings to accommodate Pioneer’s Bass Exciter technology which replicates low frequency vibrations produced by headphones. The Bass Exciter is essentially a piston that travels back and forth “at a low frequency rate of the music”, resulting in the in-ear headphones to vibrate for a sensation of deeper bass reproduction. details of the CX9 includes a hybrid two-way driver system, balanced armature driver, detachable cord and a beautiful aluminum body that no style-conscious club music lovers will ignore.
Last but not the least is the SE-CX8. The Cx8 is fitted with 9.4mm drivers featuring lightweight copper-clad aluminum wire diaphragm for turning out rich bass and clearer mid and high-frequency response. It has a 1.2-meter OFC litz cable, detachable as well, plus the obligatory inline remote with integrated microphone. The Pioneer SE-CX9 and SE-CX8 will also be available this month and comes with pretty hefty price tags of $299.99 for the CX9 and $199.99 for the CX8.

Roland Iten Commemorates The Mille Miglia Race With Special Belt Buckle

I am sure you folks will be able to recall the uber luxurious and uber sophisticated belt bucket Roland Iten. As it turns out, its creator, Roland Iten, is quite a motoring nut too and has raced in the 2014 edition Mille Miglia in a classic 1953 Porsche 356 Pre A Coupe 1500, along with Dutch driver Joop de Hoogh.

However, it is not his racing endeavor that we will be touching on, but rather another object of opulence, the Roland Iten “The Driver” Belt Buckle that was announced to commemorate this iconic racing event. Paying homage to this iconic Italian road race, the “The Driver” comprises of four, limited edition high precision R8 MKII belt buckles with each buckle sporting an engraved name of one of the main cities on the Mille Miglia 2014 route, namely Brescia, Padova, Roma and Bologna. Made from solid gold, steel and titanium using the same state-of-the-art Swiss watchmaking technique, the “Driver” features a five-axel construction, boasting over 110 components.

It is not only the most expensive belt bucket money can buy, but also one that is undeniably, the most complex and advanced by any count. The buckle has two positions; one for tightening and the other for loosening the belt by precisely 35mm. It is designed in such a way so that you can adjust the fit using one hand and doing so discreetly, naturally. After all, a gentleman who can afford such a lavish accessory must be someone of certain stature and to publicly adjust belt is deem too ‘not gentlemen-like’.

The Roland Iten “The Driver” commemorative belt bucket will be available in limited, numbered edition (though no specific number was provided) with each piece bearing an individual serial number and comes with a certificate hand-signed by Roland Iten. Details of availability and pricing are not made known at the time of this writing, but judging from the previous collaboration with Bugatti, it is safe to say it will be on the high side of the five-figure sum.

Augment Modular Case For Iphone 5/5s Can Make Your Battery Last 60 Percent Longer

Look at iPhone cases in the market and you probably find that they all look pretty much alike. Most of the cases naturally conforms to the iPhone shape and hence the similarity. nothing wrong with that, but if you are an individual who refuses to bow down to the majority and looking the norm, then Augment iPhone Case might be able to tickle your fancy. It is one of the rare iPhone case that breaks design norm with a squared off design that turns your phone into a clean, minimalistic piece of flat block. Ok, maybe that’s not for everyone.

Anyway, the case has a soft TPU outer and a hard PC on the inside to provide maximum protection, while still offering you access to all ports and buttons. Speaking of buttons, they have an interesting design to them too; the volume and power buttons are of recessed (or depressed) design, which looks kind of cool, though we are not sure how well it will function.

Not only does the Augment is visually different form the horde of offerings in the market, it is also a case that is expandable. In fact, it is kind of a battery case, but dispense with the bulk when extra juice is not needed. It does so by having a separate battery pack that’s designed to integrate securely and seamlessly to the bottom of the Augment case. Two sets of holes are included on the case to direct sound from the phone to front when the battery pack is fitted (a nice design touch, if we might add). The juice pack is designed as part of the case and it is intentionally designed as separate component so that you don’t need to be burden with the bulk when you don’t require the juice, but when you need it, it snaps right on to the bottom and instantly becomes part of the case.

Though, it is worthy to note that this 38g battery has only 1,200 mAh of juice that is good for boosting a maximum of 60% more power, which means it is only good as a real emergency backup. So you do have to manage your usage wisely if you still have a long way from a wall outlet as it won’t last all day.
It comes supplied with a short cable that allows you to charge the battery pack separately or charge both the phone and the battery simultaneously when the juice pack is plugged into the phone.

The best part is, both components can be used independently of each other. So for days when you don’t feel like using the case, you can still use the battery kit and vice versa. The Augment iPhone Case and Battery Pack is running a campaign on Kickstarter where for the next 32 days you can show your love and help it to get from concept to reality. Pledges for early backers start as low as $45 for an Augment Case and the charge kit. You can also go for the case which cost a mere 20 bucks and the charge kit, for $35. If all goes well, you can expect delivery to commence in August 2014.

Twelve South Bookarc Möd

O you have aluminum desk and chairs, or perhaps cabinets and shelves in metal? Probably not and so why should your MacBook accessories be any different? Different as in, also clad in aluminum like most manufacturers are doing right now. In fact, Twelve South is among them that pushes that matching notion, but not anymore. It has rolled out a new BookArc, dubbed BookArc möd For MacBook, that’s crafted from wood, you know, so that it can better match your wood-made desk and such.

Just take the BookArc möd as an intermediary between your mostly aluminum gadgets and your mostly wood furniture. Drawing the design inspiration from mid-century modern classics such as the Eames Lounge Chair and Cherner Armchair, the BookArc möd is crafted from hardwoods and available in three finishes: birch, walnut and espresso.

With the wood iteration, suddenly, this piece of accessory looks more like a piece of designer furniture for your MacBook. Each BookArc möd For MacBook comes with interchangeable silicone inserts designed to hold MacBook Air, MacBook Pro and MacBook Pro with Retina display. Available now from Twelve South webstore for $79.99. It is definitely not cheap, but we have seen pricier examples which don’t even look this pretty. This one is an absolute beauty.

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