Friday, May 23, 2014

EE Buzzard Will Turn Your Car Into A Moving 4G Wifi Hotspot

As long you are in an urban area, connectivity is well within your grasp to keep you connected, but we can’t say the same when you moving in a car. This is what UK-based EE wants to overcome with the Buzzard, a £50 gadget that will turn your car into a moving WiFi hotspot with 4G connectivity. this in-car WiFi hotspot draws the required power from your vehicle standard 12V socket aka the cigarette lighter socket and is designed to cope with up to 10 devices hook up to it. All need to do is to add the SIM card that comes the pay-as-you-go (PAYG) plan of your choosing.

The Buzzard is touted as the UK’s first 4G car WiFi that can turn virtually any vehicle into one with WiFi connectivity, eliminating the need for expensive built-in solution and it is intentionally designed to fit into the car’s cup holder, which every automobile should have at least a pair.
Honestly, we are not sure if there is a need to turn a vehicle into a WiFi hotspot, perhaps it is for those who ‘hang out’ with their ride more often than they should and with more than one person onboard. We have read and heard about such ideas, but until today our doubts still persists. Call us hillbillies or whatever, we just thought our mobile already has the connectivity, don’t they?

Then again, if it is affordable and it can be there whenever you and your dearest passengers need it. Perhaps, it could be a brilliant solution to keep your young ones entertained on their non-3 or 4G enabled tablets. Seriously, what your folks’ thoughts? Anyway, the EE Buzzard is pretty affordable at just £49.99 on PAYG.

Waterfield Designs Debuts 'Mac Pro Go Case' For Transporting 2013 Mac Pro

Desktop PC was never designed to be portable (that’s why it is called a desktop PC), much less a pro rig like Mac Pro, but that was before the new radical shape Mac Pro arrives. The new generation Mac Pro is not only physically small for a pro system but it is also one with relatively small footprint which makes one think: What if I could lug it around with ease? If that thought has been on your mind, then the Mac Pro Go Case by Waterfield Designs is right up your very narrow alley.

Don’t get us wrong; we love the idea of a Mac Pro bag, but we are just not sure how many would be toting around an 11 lbs rig around. Anyway, as with all Waterfield Designs bag, this bag is cleverly thought out. Designed in cylindrical shape and generously padded to fit the Mac Pro snugly, the Mac Pro Go Case features an exterior rectangular pocket to fit your Apple wireless keyboard and on the inside, there is a disc-shaped pouch for stowing away wireless mouse, cables and stuff that you deem fit.

According to Waterfield Designs, with the Mac Pro slipped in and the disc-shaped pouch packed in, you will still have room for miscellaneous items. Made from ballistic nylon, the Mac Pro Go Case sports an integrated grab handle for grab-and-go carry, a padded shoulder strap, a secure Velcro closure for the main opening and a plastic plate reinforced base. There is also a pair of loops down at the bottom to aid you in removing the Mac Pro from its bunker.

Just grab one of the loop and pull the Mac Pro out from the top, and boom, your shiny black Mac Pro is out in a jiffy. Easy peasy. The Mac Pro Go Case By Waterfield Designs is available now for $129. At the time of this writing, the bag is indicated as ‘sold out’, but not to worry, if you order now, you can expect to receive your very own by May 28, 2014. Keeping going for a product introduction video to learn more.

Allview Is Launching X2 Soul, The Thinnest Smartphone, On The European Market

If you are completely immersed in big handset brands, then there might be a chance that some worthy but lesser known handsets may have slipped passed your radar. While BLU Products may have the U.S. market covered with beautiful and affordable handsets, Romanian brand Allview is making quite a ding in the European market. Their latest offering is this super sleek Allview X2 Soul which touted as the thinnest smartphone in the European market.

Ok, granted that it is not the cheapest handset to grace the EU market, but still at €333 (about US$455) without contract obligation does put it in the mid-range price point. However, you have to dig under the skin to find out, at least on paper, its real worth and in this case, it is really quite ‘up there’ and we’d say it is comparable if not better than current flagships that major players have to offer today.

The X2 Soul has a 5-inch Super AMOLED Full HD display (multi-touch, naturally) slapped onto an unibody design that consists of 98 percent metal and glass, with both faces protected by ultra-thin Corning Gorilla Glass 3. All told, the X2 Soul has a pretty impressive profile of just 5.55mm thin. Though not crazy thin, it is still something to behold. Power comes from MediaTek MT6592 System-on-Chip which comprises of a 1.7GHz octa-core ARM Cortex-A7 processor and ARM Mali 450 GPU, backed by 2GB of system RAM. Onboard storage is 16GB and it has a 13MP IMX 135 main camera, with autofocus and LED flash, naturally and a 5MP front-facing camera boasting 95-degree ultra-wide angle to please selfie and group selfie enthusiasts.

It also packs a 2,300 mAh battery pack offering up to 10 hours of talk time and has an onboard audio amplifier with DTS capability too. Interestingly, the software features a Guest Mode that, presumably, restrict access to your phone by others, say for example, when you lend it to your friend to explore. Unfortunately, details of the software is next to nothing and we don’t even know what version of Android it will be running on (but it will definitely be skinned).

Anyway, if this handset had you at hello, you can put down 333 euros to pre-order one and expect shipment to kick off in June 10 and July 15 for the Black and White model, respectively.

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