Thursday, June 12, 2014

Lotus Belle - Beautiful Handmade Outback Tents

Camping tents are no longer what they used to be. Gone are the days of easily collapsible yet difficult to assemble tents. The modern ones are all about luxury, comfort and light. Take Lotus Belle Outback, for instance. This is one-of-a-kind tent which provides plenty of standing space. Every section of the tent can be individually unhooked, while its groundsheet simply clips into place on the poles which creates a dish that stops water and insects from entering the tent.

Lotus Belle’s canvas is one of the best around, and is fire, water, and rot proof. The rope guy lines, which run from each wall pool and the top of the roof, ensure that the entire structure is sturdy, stable and strong. These tents are made by a family-run company and manufactured to the highest standards. Not only are they easy and quick to assemble, storing and transporting them is a breeze too since Lotus Belle has just one centre pole and ten lightweight wall poles.

The tent has two zipable mesh windows, a mesh door and a rectangular panel on the back wall ensuring plenty of natural light and constant circulation of fresh air which makes it perfect for hot summers. Lotus Belle Outback comes in two base-diameter sizes – 13ft (4m) and 16ft (5m). The 13ft one weighs 55 kg when packed, while the 16ft one weighs 67kg.

Bon Bon by Ypsilon – Candy Colored Small Bathroom Vanity

Italian design firm Ypsilon has presented a preview of new bathroom classic vanity named Bon Bon, distinguished with its candy-coloured body. The new Bon Bon, small  bathroom vanity is really compact so it’s suitable for any bathroom or powder room. It’s candy colored structure can make of the classic, common bathrooms to a luxurious and vibrant.

A variety of different shades are available including matte, glossy or gold/silver-leaf finish. Each vanity has two spacious drawers, on push-pull or soft glides. The drawers are available with a velvet lining in the required colour.
Bon Bon is so cute and catchy, so you can combine it with some trandy hardware to get visually appealing bathroom.

Spitfire On Water: Aeroboat By Claydon Reeves

If you’re considering purchasing a private yacht which brings together stylish design and high-performance components, you should definitely check out the Aeroboat by Claydon Reeves. Fitted with a supercharged Rolls-Royce Merlin V12 engine, the Aeroboat draws on the design of the iconic Spitfire WWII fighter plane to present a waterborne vehicle of unique contemporary elegance, high performance and outstanding durability.

“The Aeroboat is Claydon Reeves’ answer to anyone seeking a boat combining speed and contemporary elegance,” Claydon Reeves team says, “a heady combination of old-school romance and modern-day technology.” And indeed, the Aeroboat is a magnificent superboat: built from high-end super-yacht materials such as carbon fiber, Kevlar and lightweight wood veneers, the vessel houses a fully reconditioned and fuel-injected 27-litre RR Merlin V12 engine with the fabled gearbox and final drive with documented provenance, which has been detuned to approximately 1,100bhp to allow for speeds of 75-95 knots (86-110mph).

Inspired by the sleek outline of the British Supermarine Spitfire World War II fighter, the 14.64 meters long Aeroboat with 2.98 meter beam features a luxurious cabin and smooth shock-mounted forward seats, as well as double berth and a small bathroom below deck to accommodate up to seven passengers. The helmsman will be able to navigate the boat by means of a combination of analog gauges for basic functions, touch-screen navigation controls and a joystick throttle. The Aeroboat will be able to achieve 1,600 – 2,500 horse-power (equivalent to 21 Ford Fiestas) with max draft of 1.14 meters and it will weigh as few as 7,700 kilograms.

Adequately termed as the ‘combination of speed and sophisticated elegance’, the Aeroboat was recently presented in London’s flagship HR Owen Rolls-Royce showroom by the team of UK-based Claydon Reeves yacht designers. Founded two years ago and sharing over 30 years’ experience in super-yacht building, the team’s main goal is – in their own words – ‘to breathe new life into the yacht design industry’.

Inspired by the substantial British heritage and designed in Britain, the Aeroboat will also be built at a yard on The Solent. As the Claydon Reeves spokesman said, this vessel is perfect for all those wishing to ‘breakfast in St. Tropez, lunch in Antibes and dine at night in Monaco.’ Reportedly based on innovative modern materials, fresh design ideas and increasing demand for attractive shapes and the spirit of waterborne individuality, the Aeroboat interior is inspired by a sports car design and fitted with a wooden dashboard and leather stitching.

Billed as ‘one of the fastest and most elegant small yachts ever produced’, the Aeroboat will be customized to the client’s personal requirements, all from the interior trim and cockpit layout down to the exterior finishes and engine specifications. And if you’re planning to get yourself a piece of this fine-looking, high-speed super-yacht, you’d better hurry – the Claydon Reeves team announced that Aeroboat will be a limited series vessel and only ten yachts will be produced, so make sure you order yours before it’s too late.

Promo Ceramic Oval Grill

So, you want to release your inner barbecue god but need a little bit of help? We have found the perfect grill for those barbecue nights when you need to cook fast, good and for a lot of hungry people. Primo Oval Ceramic Grill is the only ceramic grill made in the United States and it has, believe it or not, 400 square inches of cooking surface. If you purchase the rack extensions along with the grill, the cooking surface expands to 680 square inches.

Thanks to its patented design, Primo Oval Ceramic Grill is incredibly flexible and efficient since it has two separate cooking zones. This allows you, for instance, to grill and roast at the same time. Cooking time for vegetables and meats is different, and it often happens that, despite your steak turning out just fine, your vegetables are just too charred. The designers of Primo Oval had this in mind when they created a grill with two distinct cooking departments which allow you to simultaneously cook both with direct and indirect heat.
Primo Oval Ceramic Grill has a built-in thermometer, a stainless steel door for ventilation, a rustic-looking iron chimney cap and it supports the temperatures ranging from 95 to 750 degrees Fahrenheit.

There are very few recipes that cannot be cooked on this grill since you can use it for just about anything – grilling, braising, smoking, baking, roasting, broiling, pan-frying, boiling, simmering, stewing, stir-frying, poaching…

Marshall Iphone 5 Case

Marshall amps might easily be the best one on the market. They have been the amps of choice for many famous musicians including the legends such as Jimi Hendrix, Slash, Zakk Wylde or Jimmy Page and they can’t be wrong. But it is not just the sound that makes Marshall amps distinctive. The design also plays a big role. This is why they have decided to use the same design ideas for some other products, including wireless speakers and great looking headphones.

Well, the Marshall iPhone 5 Case goes perfectly well with the mentioned headphones. With the pebble texture in black which is familiar from the amps as well as other Marshall products and white Marshall logo for contrast, the Marshall iPhone 5 Case is sure to draw attention, especially if combined with the Marshall headphones. The case is made of vinyl and, even though it is made for an iPhone, it stays true to its hard rocking heritage, toughing up the iPhone rather than allowing it to soften the brand.

Marshall iPhone cases could be found here.

Satsuki Ohata Molds Fondue Slippers To Perfectly Fit Your Feet

It’s mighty hard to find footwear – slippers included – that match your foot perfectly, isn’t it? Well, brace yourself – now those painstaking long-hour shopping tours are about to become ancient history, with Fondue Slipper fresh on the innovative footwear market! Lightweight, comfortable, custom-fit and multifunctional, this pair of original slip-ons by Japanese designer Satsuki Ohata will certainly be your ideal fit, plus they’re super simple to make and maintain.

Drawing on the idea of cheese fondue, i.e. dipping ingredients into a pot of melted cheese for extra-tasty dressing, Ohata did his best to make the Fondue Slipper production process dead easy – just place the mold of your foot in the PVC mass which hardens at 200-300°C (or 392-572 °F), let the material form around it as the unique, personalized form-fitting cast, dry it and it’s immediately ready to use.

You can wear your Fondue Slippers at home or even outside, on quick go-to outings around the neighborhood as they are super-resistant and completely waterproof. Thanks to this feature, the Fondue Slippers are washable so they’re extra-simple to maintain as well. The heel of this innovative footwear can be folded so you can use your pair of Fondue Slippers as regular everyday slippers for plodding around the house or you may decide to wear them without folding the heel for outdoor walks, short runs and the like.

The Fondue Slipper project is currently in the early stages of production and Ohata has made only a few different models using his own foot as the mold, but he plans on making household kits which would eventually be delivered to customers who will then be able to make their own creative slippers at home in a matter of minutes. You may even be able to pick your favorite tint too as the final product should be available in a range of colors.

Rumbullion! XO The World’s First Super-Premium Spiced 15 Years Old Rum

UK Drinks Distributor Maverick Drinks launches the world’s first super-premium spiced rum, Rumbullion! XO. The original Professor Cornelius Ampleforths Rumbullion! was initially launched in November 2011, and followed by a punchier Navy-Strength version late in 2012. Since its release, the original Rumbullion! has received numerous awards including a Gold medal at the prestigious 2014 Rum Masters. This new XO 15 year old edition includes all of the award-winning flavour of the original, but with an added dimension of complexity and depth thanks to the incredibly old rum in the recipe. It is a blend of Caribbean rum flavoured with cinnamon, cloves, cardamom, Madagascan vanilla and orange.

Each bottle is wrapped in crinkled brown paper, featuring a print of a hand-drawn illustration depicting the flag of the Royal Navy, as well as the various spices and flavours used in the recipe. The bottle necks are wrapped with twine, and each bottle is individually dipped in black sealing wax. This superb rum can be enjoyed neat, though it is also rather good when served with ice and a squeeze of fresh lime.
The new XO expression is bottled at 46.2% abv and carries an RRP of £59.95 ($100).

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