Monday, June 16, 2014

One Less Thing To Carry: A Backpack With An Integrated Hammock

Hammock is an ideal makeshift resting place for chilling out in your backyard or when hiking in the woods, and while you shouldn’t have an issue using it in the backyard, it is an additional package to carry when you are hiking. The thing is, you might not even use this ‘additional package’ at all. With the HackedPack Hammock Backpack it solves this ‘additional package’ problem by integrating a triple-stitched nylon ‘parachute hammock’ into a backpack. since you do need a backpack when conquering the trails, so stuffing a 9.8 feet hammock into the very backpack you need seems like a “why i didn’t think of it” idea.

The fact that the backpack stays with the hammock even when deployed solves another in-the-wild issue of ‘where do i place my backpack and not having it turning into a makeshift habitat for the insects and small animals?’

The nylon material is strong enough to hold up to 350 lbs (158 lbs) of weight and is yet light and thin enough to be stuff into a pouch behind the shoulder straps without hindering with your everyday carry. rolling them in after use is much like retrieving a combat parachute, except that you have much lesser to cover which makes pack-and-go a quick and painless process. The HackedPack Hammock Backpack was a successfully funded Kickstarter project which ended last August but if you missed the boat, you still have a chance to grab one off Amazon, albeit at a much dearer price of $199 a pop. Skip past the fold for product intro from their Kickstarter campaign to learn more.

Real Fx Car Racing System Is A Slot Car And A Radio Control Car Hybrid

Radio control cars are awesome, but they do require a pretty large real estate and slot cars on the other hand, is restricted to the guide slots, which sort of hampers the realism. This is where British toy company Wow! Stuff wants to fill in the gap. its latest innovation, known as Real FX Radio Control Car Racing System, slots between radio control cars and Scalextric-style track racing, giving you the freedom and control offered by radio control car and a track system much like the slot car’s – except that it don’t have slots to hinder your car’s freedom to maneuver.

It won’t fly out of the track like Scalextric does. It will, however, skid of out the track like any real race cars if you are not too careful. The real ingenuity lies in the artificial intelligence built into the cars that is clever enough to prevent the individual toy race car from straying out of the purpose-built track, but still gives you the control within the track that goes beyond side-by-side overtaking or undertaking. It will still shoot out of track if you become too ambitious and try to defy the law of physics though. In a nutshell, the Real FX Radio Control Car Racing System is a lovechild of a radio control car and a Scalextric system. But the real draw about the Real FX Radio Control Car Racing System is the price; it cost as low as £80, or about US$136, to own. Each set includes a flexible and lightweight printed race track segments, at least two futuristic race cars and matching number of wireless controllers.

On top of the low starting price, it is now offering free shipping to anywhere in the world through their Kickstarter campaign. Four options are available at the time of this writing: a Starter Set, a Start Set Plus, a Pro Racing Set and a Pro Racing Set Plus. Unfortunately, for now, there isn’t an option to grab extra cars and controllers separately. If you want more than two cars, the only option is to go for the ‘Plus’ sets where it comes with three cars and three controllers. As for the track, the Starter has 12 segments and the Pro has a whopping 39 segments, giving you the liberty to create and configure your own ideal track. The real magic lies in the ‘game play’. The system allows several play modes, including championship, practice, race with virtual opponent, and even adds track hazards such as virtual oil spill and pit lane stops to upkeep the cars performance. Keep going for a pitch video to learn more.

Steam Gaming Goes Portable With Steamboy

Now that Steam have a reasonable foothold in the console gaming segment, it is about time that someone treats road-warriors with a portable version for their Steam fix while on the road, which apparently, will be happening, or so we read. the device, aptly called SteamBoy, will no doubt goes head-to-head with big name like Playstation Vita and not surprisingly, it looks a little like the proposed Steam Controller with the signature touchpads, but with a 5-inch display stuck in the middle. It looks like a result that you would expect if a Vita were to mate with a prototype steam controller (pardon us for the crudeness).

Well, maybe that’s just us. Obviously, this device isn’t born out of Valve. Rather, it is by an outfit known only as Steamboy Machine and real details are pretty scant at this point. However, it is reportedly powered by a quad-core processor and has 4GB RAM, 32GB internal storage and of course, the 5-inch display that we have mentioned earlier. Apart from the pair of signature touchpads, it also sports the usual handheld controller hard buttons like the directional and A-B-X-Y buttons, shoulder buttons and on the back, it appears to have two additional low profile buttons. Though we are not sure about this, as those two things might be just be grip pads. as we all know, Steam machines are mostly built for serious gaming, which means the games are pretty resource chomping, so we are not sure if this portable iteration will eventually meet the demands of serious Steam gamers.

Though according to the report, it should be able to handle “majority” of titles and it could also have 3G as part of its specs too. However, it is worthy to note that there is no real prototype to be seen yet, let alone more specifications. All we have now is a teaser and some ‘promises’ that we only hope they will be kept or even better.

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