Monday, June 30, 2014

Veuve Clicquot buries champagne in Baltic Sea in ageing experiment

When Christian Ekstrom, a local diver, finally got to explore a sunken two-masted schooner he had known about for years, he found bottles, lots of bottles, so he brought one to the surface. That was in Mariehamn, Finland. And that significant discovery of shipwrecked bottles from 2010 has inspired Veuve Clicquot to make this unusual experiment in the same area. French champagne house based in Reims has buried 300 bottles and 50 magnums of its Champagne in the Baltic Sea.

The bottles of bubbly encaged in a specially built, underwater cellar, will remain buried for 50 years, some 43 metres deep near the privately owned island of Silverska in the Aland archipelago off the Finland coast.
“The idea,” said Veuve Clicquot’s chief winemaker, Dominique Demarville, “is to try and replicate the [2010] discovery by sinking a selection of various cuvees to the seabed to see how the wine ages when compared with the same wines in Clicquot’s own cellars in Reims.

“The sea remains at a pretty constant four degrees celsius compared to our cellar’s 11 degrees,” said Demarville. “And at that depth the pressure of around 5 atmospheres is very close to the pressure inside the bottles.”

Champagne experts will be invited to compare the seabed Champagne with the bottles in Veuve Clicquot’s cellars in two or three years.

Rotimatic Makes World’s Most Expensive Faltbread

Finally something along the lines of ‘Back To The Future’ is here. Rotimatic isn’t so much a robot as expected, but is innovative kitchen appliance which bakes faltbreads, and it’s turn out the most expensive in the world. Rotimatic is capable of pulling together flour, oil and water from a trio of hoppers, before mixing them into a dough and baking it into bread, while giving you options on thickness, baking duration, quantity of oil and type of flour on the built-in LCD.

It’s the world’s first robot that makes fresh hot rotis and wraps, one a minute, in fact, and also flour discs for fried other options like pooris and paranthas.

For the lucky first few hundred pre-order customers, the Rotimatic will be available for $600, while for all others, it stands at $1,000.

Gold-plated Vladimir Putin iPhone 5S Will Cost You $4,300

About Vladimir Putin’s popularity in Russia needless to speak. And now, Vladimir Putin super fans, at least some wealthy can show their love for their dear leader if buying special version of the iPhone with his face on it. Italian luxury brand Caviar/Perla Penna built the so-called “Supremo Putin” phone, which is encrusted in 18-karat-gold. Putin’s face is engraved in the gold plating of the iPhone 5s, along with the Russian coat of arms and the first lines from the national anthem.

“It’s time to feel genuine pride and express your position clearly, without further ado,” the company says, in an appeal to patriotic Russians.

“President Vladimir Putin has become a symbol of the new generation, a strong-willed and decisive leader.”
It retails for $4,300 and is part of a line of extravagant phones marketed toward “people of the highest circle,” as the company puts it. Bad thing, Putin’s most passionate fans – average Russians can’t afford buying one of these.

Bvlgari Il Giardino Marino Timepiece

Bvlgari continues to explore the wonders of nature’s gardens. This time by presenting the Il Giardino Marino – new limited edition women’s timepiece inspired by the wonders of marine life. This wristwatch achieves the remarkable feat of combining the art of miniature painting – a much valued technique that dates back to the golden age of the Renaissance artists – with the perfection of haute jewellery, which is the signature of Bvlgari’s master artisans, and the precision of Swiss fine watchmaking.

The main features are fishes, sparkling sea stars, coral, mother-of-pearl and 29 brilliant-cut diamonds on the dial all set against a dark blue background evoking the deep ocean.

Housed within an 18-karat rose gold 37mm case, available with or without a set of 36 cut diamonds totaling 2.8-karats, the watch’s other notable components include a gold crown set with a rubellite stone, double sapphire crystals and a Swiss automatic Bvlgari in-house caliber BVL 263 movement.
It is made of platinum with a sapphire bridge, polished and hand-finished parts, and a 22-karat gold rotor and features Côtes de Genève decoration and fine circular graining. The watch also comes with a blue alligator leather strap with an 18-karat rose gold pin buckle.

Bvlgari Il Giardino Marino Timepiece is limited to only 100 pieces (50 of each version), rendering the watch a token of true exclusivity.

Christian Lacroix’s First Line of Smartphone Accessories

French brand Christian Lacroix has introduced its first line of smartphone accessories. The line has been developed in collaboration with BigBen Connected, an expert in smartphone and tablet accessories, and it was designed by Sacha Walckhoff, Christian Lacroix’s Creative Director. It consists notably of a series of Butterfly Parade cases whose design conjures up Sevilian women walking through the Alcazar Gardens surrounded by colorful butterflies. It also features Eden Roc, a tribute to the famous luxury hotel in Antibes in the south of France and Paseo with beautiful golden, silver and black tones.

New line of smartphone and tablet cases, will be available this fall, starting from €24.90 ($33.90) for iPhone cases, €39.90 ($53.30) for iPad mini cases, and €44.90 ($61) for iPad cases.

Google Gives Away VR Headsets That Cost Only A Dollar To Make

The Google I/O conference held in San Francisco this year ended with a boom. The participants didn’t get a regular laptop or a tablet. What they got was a piece of cardboard! Yes, that’s true. Cardboard! Turns out, it is Google’s attempt of DIY Virtual Reality Headset.
The project started as an attempt to prototype Virtual Reality experiences at the Google Cultural Institute in Paris. The results inspired a large number of people to work together.

Cardboard works with an android app, a 188MB download, for virtual reality.
This means that you activate this app on your phone, stick your phone in cardboard, and fix your eyes in the eye sockets cut in the cardboard. Compared to the Oculus Rift, the Google’s Cardboard is inexpensive. This makes ‘VR for Everyone!’

Cardboard works with almost all the modern android phones- 4.1 or later. The Cardboard app can be triggered automatically by NFC. A pair of magnets on one side of the box is used as a button for clicking.

The cardboard app comes with 7 amazing experiences:

  • Youtube allows you to watch a selection of Youtube videos
  • With Street Vue you can wander around in a VR version of street view.
  • “Exhibit” lets you look at a few 3D recreations of objects.
  • Earth Flyover lets you zoom around a city in Google Earth.
  • Photo Sphere Viewer lets you look around panoramas.
  • Use Windy Day to watch animals in a cartoony environment.
  • Tour Guide will let you explore the world!

Experiencing virtual reality was never this simple and fun. And disposable!
If you were not at the Google’s conference to get one headset, you can build your own! You just need to have a pizza box (extra-large!), lenses and magnets.

The VR toolkit by Google is experimental and they share it with developers at this early stage to let them experiment in the same way as they do right now. We hope that it’s a matter of months that someone will come up with a similar kick starter project. And a year down, we’ll be looking at VR Headset compatibility as well while buying our phones.

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