Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Rocket Scientist Designs 'Flare' Pot Making It 40% More Efficient

Cooking is not a rocket science but a rocket scientist undertook the task of re-inventing the sauce-pan. Dr. Thomas Povey is a rocket man and He designs cooling systems for the jet engines and works with the techniques related to efficient heat transfer. He brought his expertise to design a cooking pot that will be 40 percent more heat efficient.

Dr. Povey encountered the  problem of slow and inefficient heating during an expedition on altitude. He realized that a bigger portion of the heat goes waste in heating the pan. He and a group of students worked for three years on different designs before coming up with the final design that is being commercialized now.
“The original idea was for the outdoor market — we wanted to improve efficiency for cooking outside,” said Dr Povey, “But we realized it was problem that applies to the domestic market. So we worked from there.”
The saucepan called Flare has a series of fins on the sides which direct the flames quickly and evenly. The main body is made up of Aluminium while the handles are of stainless steel. The temperature of the pan rises quickly while the stainless steel doesn’t reach the same level. A number of tests were conducted and the device was found to be more efficient than the ordinary sauce-pans. One added benefit is the even heat distribution.

The prototype of Flare Pans was launched with the partnership of Lakeland homewares. The prices range from £49.99 for a milk pan to £59.99 for a ten-inch frying pan, £64.99 for a saucepan and £84.99 for a top-of-the-range stockpot. The pans go on sale next month.

Even before the official launch, this product is an award-winner. The Worshipful Company of Engineers has awarded Dr. Povey their ’2014 Hawley Award’ for “the most outstanding Engineering Innovation that delivers demonstrable benefit to the environment.”

The launch of this product tells us that people are becoming more energy conscious. Matthew Canwell, Lakeland’s Buying Director said,“This pan is energy efficient, it cooks quicker, and it saves gas and energy. So it ticks all the boxes really.”

Double Your Phone Speaker Volume With This New Case

iPhone, HTC and Samsung phone owners would know that there is always something lacking in the sound-something that you desire for. The owners complain that they don’t hear their phone ringing and have to keep it on vibration. It can be really hard to hear the other person on video calls as well.

Recently Speck, one of the leading case makers for phones and tablets, released Candy Shell Amped, a new case that will make sound 2x louder and clearer. The sound amplifier runs without the need of any batteries. It relies on a simple horn-shaped design that is carved into the interior of the case.

The CandyShell Amped is a slightly thicker than ordinary cases but it’s not too bulky. Speck claims it adds only 7mm of depth. Because of the added thickness and rubberized interior, the case is more protective. It can absorb the impacts when dropped and a raised bezel also protects the screen. The case meets military protection standards hence, you can forget about your phone’s safety concerns.

Despite the company claim, the users review that the Amped can amplify the sound but it doesn’t improve the sound quality. Still getting double the output without raising the volume on the device is worth appreciating.

If you like the idea, the case can be found here.

Apple’s iPhone 6 Will Be Able To Monitor Your Daily Walk And Caffeine Intake

Apple’s iPhone 6 is gradually turning into a personal fitness manager for now it will be monitoring how far have you walked on a particular day and how much has been your caffeine intake. It will even complain to your doctor if you are not taking enough exercise. The latest version also includes blood pressure, temperature and pulse monitoring features. ‘How are you’  will now have a definite answer.

The Health app called the Health Kit will utilize the iPhone’s own M7 motion tracking hardware for collecting data. It will also be able to share the data with a user’s fitness software. This means that the family doctor can always remain updated on his patients’ routine and health condition.
The app has a steps counter tab which will be able to collect steps data without connecting to any other applications. The data can also be shared with other apps. This would be extremely beneficial because step tracking is very important for fitness tracking. Furthermore, users will be able to monitor their caffeine intake. It is unknown yet that how will they do this but it implies that a third-party can access their data in order to diagnose a possible health problem.

The app has sections even for heart rate, hydration, physical activity, nutrition, blood sugar, sleep, respiratory rate, oxygen saturation, and weight.
If vital signs approach dangerous levels, the app can send an automatic alert to the doctor.

Now You Can Have A Thundercloud In Your Room

Are you fascinated by thunder and lightning? It sure looks and sounds majestic, we believe that everyone is fascinated by these two and probably this was what inspired Richard Clarkson, a designer based in New Zealand, to design an interactive lamp that has been named Cloud. The lamp is capable of mimicking a thundercloud by employing audio and video.

The gadget is powered by an Arduino microcontroller and is capable of reacting to motion by making changes to the color and brightness of lighting. The Cloud has other modes as well for those who don’t continuously want a thundercloud in the house and can be used as a nightlight or even to stream music by making use of any device that is Bluetooth compatible.

The Cloud has been manufactured by making use of hypoallergenic fiberfill that is felted to the casing made of sponge in order to come up with the ‘frame’. The frame houses the lighting setup along with the speakers that impart a true feeling of a thundercloud to the Cloud lamp hanging from your ceiling.

Every Cloud is handmade and unique; however, the general dimensions can be stated as 28x14x13”. It costs about $3,360 for the smart version that comes with a wireless remote control unit, 2.1 speakers, motion detection and lights that are capable of changing colors. The lamp version, without all the gimmicks and just a Philips LED dimmable bulb comes in at $960. If you throw in another $240, you’d be able to get a secondary smaller cloud that is designed so that the primary Cloud seems even more realistic.

Gatorade Smart Bottle Brings High-Tech Hydration To World Cup 2014

Gone are the days when hydration was considered to be just the intake of water, nowadays to be hydrated means a lot more than just increasing your intake of water. This whole concept changes drastically when you are playing for Fifa World Cup 2014. Gatorade is the official drink for this football tournament and Gatorade has made some drastic changes to the way players hydrate themselves by incorporating Internet of Things and teaming up with Smart Design.

The collaborative efforts have resulted in a high–tech oriented means of keeping the players hydrated. Every individual Gatorade bottle comes equipped with a disc that has a variety of sensors on it and Wi-Fi connectivity incorporated into its lid. The sensors are constantly monitoring how much water intake each player has and then transmits this data to the cloud.

This is from where coaches and trainers can pull out any player’s stats and keep a check on their hydration level. When a player’s hydration level drops, the water droplet icon will go red indicating that the player is not hydrated to the optimum level. Oh and everything is logged so that team coaches and trainers can monitor a player’s performance against hydration levels.

Gatorade really stepped up by carrying out a study for two years on the National Squad to come up with Gatorade concentrate that has been individually formulated for each player and is unique for each player depending on his body needs. The idea is to ensure that they can push themselves to limits safely for a full 90 minutes without losing body fluid and minerals. This concentrate attachment goes into the bottle from the bottom, followed by shaking of the bottle to mix it with the liquid. Thus, each player has his own customised drink to suit his requirements.

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