Thursday, July 17, 2014

LG to Release Giant TV You Can Roll Up

LG has announced the release of a paper-thin TV panel which can be rolled into a 2.4-inch diameter tube. Actually, the electronics company hopes to release two new paper-thin TV panels. They already unveiled a paper thin, 18-inch television panel prototype that can be rolled up into the shape of a thin cylinder, making television portable.

Instead of using “conventional plastic” for the backbone of the screen, the company said it used polyimide film. The material drastically reduced the screen’s thickness and gave it the flexibility needed to roll it into a tight cylinder.

Along with the flexible screen, LG showed off a transparent panel that has a significantly clearer picture quality than existing see-through LCD displays.
The company stated it is confident it will produce a paper thin, a 60-inch Ultra HD by 2017.

Beats By Dre Designers Create Luxury Surfboards

The design team behind Beats by Dre and Square – the Octovo travel products brand, Ammunition has teamed up with surfboard craftsman Jason Tilley to create hand-crafted line of what they’re calling the “world’s most luxurious surfboards” and bag. Constructed to last a lifetime, the limited edition series includes five board shapes: the fish, longboard, egg, mini-simmons, and swallow, built using Tilley’s method of combining custom milled wooden skins and hand-shaped foam. How implies above mentioned epithet “luxury”: the cheapest of these boards costs $3,000.

They also created bags worthy of these boards. Custom tailored and balanced for each board, the bags are made from durable, UV resistant Sunbrella and lined with a combination of waterproof, breathable, shock resistant and temperature insulating materials.

According to Ammunition, this collaboration was intended as a creative expression of Octovo’s mission to provide “Beautiful tools for connected travelers.”

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