Monday, July 21, 2014

Frebble Lets You Virtually Touch And Hold Hands With Your Loved Ones Online

Touching a loved one can be so soothing and when you are going through tough times, a mere squeeze of hand could help uplift your mood. However, this changes when you are away from your loved ones. You can talk and now video chat, all thanks to technology, but there has been no such thing to mimic touch, well not until now. Meet Frebble that has been designed by Frederic Petrignani, an entrepreneur from Netherlands. The gadget is currently raising funds at Kickstarter.

Frebble relies on Bluetooth to connect to your system and in words of its manufacturers; ‘For a granddaughter calling grandma with special news, for a husband far away from a wife, for distant grown daughters who crave the comfort of their mother’s touch, for a best friend who wants to let her friend know it will all be ok, Frebble connects – as simply, subtly and as powerfully as though the person was right there with you. While there are many ways to see and hear your loved ones through the power of the internet, the tactile element has been missing – until now. With Frebble, you can cut through the distance and share that smallest gesture – the squeeze of the hand – that means so much.’

Moving on to the design of the gadget; it has been designed ergonomically so that it can fit easily and comfortably in the hand of the user and better stimulate the feeling of holding and squeezing other person’s hand. When you press your Frebble unit, the corresponding unit will apply pressure to the other intended receiver’s hand. This is true irrespective of the fact that where they are. The effect is achieved by making use of two pressure sensors on the front of the device that register the ‘squeeze’ and two vibration motors that are located on the side in order to make the sensation feel more realistic. The gadget also has an integrated bar known as squeeze bar in order to replicate the holding hands.

An LED will light up to indicate the connection status and also when you have got a squeeze waiting. Yup, you can send offline squeezes too folks. The gadget will be compatible with Skype, Hangout and other apps (iOS, Android) that are set to release in September along with Frebble. Each unit measures about 5” in length and comes equipped with a rechargeable Lithium Polymer battery that can survive for 4 hours if being used or more if on standby. The gadget is made from plastic while also imparting rubberized padded areas in order to impart easy gripping.

The gadget will be able to charge by employing a micro-USB cable and will be able to work with Google Chrome version 24 or higher and Firefox version 16 and higher. The gadget is available as a pair for a price of $89 on Kickstarter.

Hello Kitty 40th Anniversary Tote Bag: Hug

Hello Kitty is turning 40 and parent company Sanrio and Target are celebrating in style! In honor of this occasion, Sanrio will present a world premiere Hello Kitty fan convention in partnership with Target, a first-of-its-kind museum exhibition, unique collaborations and limited edition commemorative products. Hello Kitty will celebrate her anniversary throughout the year with her devoted fans and continue to spread the message of friendship through the global ‘Share a Hug with Hello Kitty‘ campaign.

Now, you can celebrate the beloved pop icon’s 40th anniversary with a global hugathon and this supercute tote! This tote is made from a faux sheepskin leather with champagne metallic handles and piping. Features a darling red bow and special 40th anniversary Hug artwork.

The tote measures 12″H x 12″W x 6.75″D and comes with polyester lining, 2 regular pockets inside and 1 zippered pocket with goldtone heart charm outside.

The celebration will also include a variety of other product releases. Collaborations, unique licensed products and limited edition 40th Anniversary collectibles will launch throughout the year, with a selection of exclusives and vintage products available to fans attending Hello Kitty Con 2014.

The special collection of Hello Kitty 40th Anniversary Bags is available at Amazon.

Barbie Gets New Style by Karl Lagerfeld

Mattel celebrates Barbie’s 55th birthday teaming up with Karl Lagerfeld. The legendary fashion designer, who stands as creative director of Chanel and the Italian fashion house Fendi, has had the limited edition toy crafted in his image. Karl Lagerfeld dressed Barbie in Chanel for its creator Mattel’s 50th anniversary back in 2009, but now he will be immortalized in plastic. Iconic doll will be dressed in the 80-year-old’s signature tailored black jacket, white high-collar shirt, black jeans, necktie, black ankle boots and fingerless gloves.

“It’s not everyday that Barbie dresses like the world’s most famous fashion designer,” says Kim Culmone, global vice president of Barbie product design.

Karl Lagerfeld is set to become a Barbie doll in autumn this year, as part of Mattel’s Barbie Collector series.

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