Wednesday, August 13, 2014

LG Introduces A Wristband That Helps You Keep Track Of Your Children

In this era of smart technology, we are witnessing all kinds of gadgets and devices that focus on connecting everyone and everything. Add to this the concern that parents share all over the world when it comes to their young ones. This is where LG comes in with a wearable tech for the young children in the form of a wrist band that allows the parents to track their children. The wrist band also allows to call children or receive calls from them.

The gadget is known as KizON and will work as a tether between parents and children. The idea is to come up with a gadget that the children won’t mind wearing on their wrist and to achieve this, the huge wristband comes with a cartoon character capped over the top of this band. How good does this idea sell is something we will see when this gadget is released this fall.

The KizON will come equipped with a 3G radio and a single call button that is located under the cap and that allows the parents and the child to call each other. A call can be placed by the children to their parents by a simple click of the button and parents can call their child if the need be. The best part is the fact that if a parent calls the child the call is automatically picked up after ringing for ten seconds and parents can listen in onto what’s happening on the other end. The companion app that LG is planning to launch along with the gadget will also reveal the child’s locations so that the parent can keep proper tabs.

There is no news regarding the price of the gadget as of now, however, all these questions will be answered later this year. The battery has a life of 36 hours and will send a warning to the parents when the battery level drops below 25%. But again, how useful will this gadget be, remains to be seen.

This Cardboard Box Acts As A Projector For Your Smartphone

The best moments are always captured by your smartphone camera. But viewing that footage or those photos on a tiny smartphone screen can sometimes be a little annoying. The same goes for streaming videos online via your smartphone. To turn your smartphone into your very own home cinema projector, British firm Luckies of London have developed a device that features modern technology but with a vintage feel which will make watching your memorable moments even more enjoyable.

The smartphone Projector saves you the trouble of crowding around a painfully limited smartphone screen and displays the footage on a larger surface for you. What makes the device even more intriguing is the fact that although it is made from cardboard, this simple gadget can also amplify the sound effects without requiring any additional wires or cables or sound enhancing hardware. The device is listed on and can be set up within minutes without any hassle.
It has a magnifying power of 10x the original image, due to the magnifying lens attached to its front. It is equipped with a grip pad at the back to firmly keep the connected smartphone in place.

As the firm representatives suggest on their website, you could use the Smartphone Projector to show your friends those pictures from your last vacation magnified on a wall, or maybe play music videos on the inside of your tent wall at festivals or during travels. The portable gadget allows you the experience of a cinema screen at the comfort of your home and costs only £15.95 ($27) and can be found here.

But there do exist a few glitches that we feel the need to mention. For instance, the projection is often dim and blurred. There is no way for the user to control the volume or for him to use their smartphone while it is connected to the SmartPhone Projector and is in the middle of playing a video.
If £15.95 ($27) seems like a rip off to you for this gadget, you could also make one of your own. All you would need is a magnifying glass, box, duct tape and a paper clip. According to, building a home projector is as easy as cutting a hole into a box and taping the magnifying glass to it. Adding a paperclip will help keep your smartphone in place. Step by step detailed instructions are just an internet connection away.

Remember to rotate the screen on your smartphone so you don’t have to tilt your head every time you have to watch something on your projector.

Smart Doorbell Allows You To Respond to Guests Whether You Are Home Or Not

Doorbells are there for a reason; to let you know that someone is at your door. However, many a times they turn into a nuisance. You run to the door only to find out that it is an unwanted visitor or some salesperson. Such scenarios led to the development of i-Bell technology by a london based company. The i-Bell technology is a Wi-Fi video doorbell that is capable of pairing up with your smartphone/tablet/PC.
This particular gadget makes use of camera and Internet to let the owner know who is at the door even if he is not at home. The gadget is currently part of a Kickstarter campaign with an aim to raise $50,000.The bell will be fixed to the door like a conventional bell at about eye height.

The visitors will see a securely fixed bell that will have a button for them to push, upon pressing the button, the camera comes into action and will call the device that the i-Bell has been paired with along with the video feed and audio. The user will be able to take the call and speak to the person who is at the doorstep. Say, if you are not at home and the delivery guy drops by, you could simply tell him to go drop it with the neighbors. For a guest, you could tell them where you are and they could join you there or you could tell them to hold on as you will be back right away.

The camera is not two-way so the visitors won’t be able to see you while you talk to them. The gadget will be launched this November for a price of $307 and shall be sporting a 1080p HC camera, a built-in speaker and a microphone. The i-Bell will also allow users to see a guest without talking to them; allowing them to decide whether they want to answer the doorbell or not. The gadget will be fixed with brackets which will ensure that the grip is good enough and the device will be safe.

What if we miss a call from the gadget? The gadget will take a picture of the guest and upload it to the cloud storage along with a voicemail message that can be checked upon later. In words of Graham Kershberg, Co-Founder of the company; ‘There’s nothing quite like i-Bell on the market right now. It’s going to revolutionize daily life for a lot of individuals and businesses. Arranging deliveries around working hours or getting an unexpected visit from a relative who gets no answer at the door can really disrupt an individual’s plans.

But now it’s possible to communicate directly with the person ringing the doorbell. Fun to use and practical, i-Bell makes it possible to answer the door from any corner of the world, whether that’s five minutes down the road on the school run or from a sun lounger overseas on a long awaited holiday.’

Swash Is A New Machine That Will Wash Your Clothes And Then Iron Them Automatically

It sure is frustrating when you’re about to leave in like 15 minutes and you realize that the shirt you were going to wear needs to be ironed and/or washed. How do you cope up something like that? You could sit and cry or you could simply use Swash – the latest device that comes from genius collaboration of Whirlpool and P&G. The Swash is a washing machine and iron combined and is capable of refreshing clothes, removing any odors and flattening out the wrinkles all at the push of a button and in the time that it will take you to shower.

It makes all this possible by employing pods of liquid that spray onto the clothes directly followed by a drier circulating air through the device. The end result is that your clothes are all set for wearing within 10 minutes. The Swash costs $499 and stands at a height of 1.3 meters and 43 cm wide. The clothes hanger is located inside the machine and is 76 cm long when closed and 1.39 meters in length when it has been extended. This, as per the creators’ claims, allows the Swash to be ideal for a bedroom or a closet.

The lights located on top of the Swash will count down the wash and iron cycle and the user is alerted when the process is complete.

The group President of P&G New Business Creation, Charles Pierce, said; ‘We have talked to thousands of people over the years that have told us they are yearning for a better way to care for clothing in between laundering and dry cleaning. Swash gets clothes ready to wear quickly, effectively, easily and without requiring extensive resources.’

Weights are used to keep the clothes in place when the spraying is being carried out all across the clothes; on front and back. The process of drying makes use of heat and circulates air through the device and the clothes. The liquid in the fiber upon being hit by the air steams out resulting in the removal of creases and wrinkles. As you might have guessed already, it does not require water to perform the action and therefore, there is no need for it to be fixed near a tap for water intake. This renders the gadget quite portable. The Swash is capable of tackling wool, polyester, denim, Lycra, cotton, cashmere, sequins, beading and lace.
The product goes on sale in US this September, however, the international release date and price still has be to announced.

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