Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Ferrari and Veuve Clicquot Maranello Champagne Set

Veuve Clicquot, famous French champagne house teamed up with Italian luxury car brand Ferrari to design a collection of limited edition champagne – the Veuve Clicquot Maranello Edition Set. Each one is made of three handmade gift boxes containing a limited edition Jeroboam of Veuve Clicquot Yellow Label.

They differ in color, which is an important aspect of the team: Scuderia, the red pillar: the art of racing and the highest level of performance; Inedita, the grey pillar: inciting the vision of the future; Classica, the blue pillar: the exclusivity and elegance of antiquity.

Furthermore, in each of the bottles are leather details, the same used for the upholstery of Ferrari cars. This set is limited to a total of 20 units, each valued at $ 10,000.

Noke Is A Bluetooth Padlock That You Unlock With Your Phone

There are a lot of things that has remain unchanged for decades or even centuries, and among them, is padlock. We hardly think it ever needs a change, mostly because we learn to live with keys and combination codes where lost keys and forgotten codes are a norm. We live with it anyhow. But a Utah-based firm begs to differ. These folks think it is time for padlock to go high-tech and hence, they came up with Noke Bluetooth Padlock.

If you really think about it, it is kind of no brainer – we are just waiting for someone to pitch the idea and so FUZ Designs did. i mean, virtually everything has or being Bluetooth-fied, and so seriously, why not a padlock? To stand up to rigor of outdoor use, such as on your bike, Noke is made waterproof and the hardware is void of buttons or keyholes, making it look exceedingly sleek and high-tech.

Getting started is pretty simple too; get it paired with your iOS or Android device, walk up to it and click on the Noke’s hook and it will start searching for the assigned device. If there is indeed an assigned device, it will unlock. and being Bluetooth-enabled, it also allows you to share the lock with your friends with no keys or codes to pass around. The padlock runs on a user-replaceable CR3032 battery, which is good for up to a year. If the battery conks out, you will have a peace of mind that Noke will remain locked.

All you have to do is to replace the battery (no tools involved) and life goes on as usual. However, if your device runs out of juice, there is a pre-assigned click pattern to unlock it. Just tap the hook in the sequence as predetermined by you and the Noke will unlock. Almost seem like magic, doesn’t it?

At the end of the day, there’s no escaping from having to memorize codes after all, but it should be a good enough reason to ensure your device is kept juice all the time. In any case, it is still a piece of nifty high-tech hardware that aims to take us into the real future. Speaking of which, if you are ready for the future of padlock, then head over to the product’s Kickstarter page, where you will be able to pre-order one for just $59 – which is 30 bucks off the eventual retail price.

HTC One M8 Limited Edition Designed By Phunk Studio

What can you do to make a flagship handset continues to stand out amidst all the competitions before your next flagship arrives? Make a special edition, of course. Better still; make it a limited edition or even one that fans can only drool over. in the case of HTC, the Taiwanese handset maker (who is no stranger to limited edition handsets) has partnered with Singapore-based contemporary art and design collective Phunk Studio to create a handful of unique HTC One M8 handsets, complete with its own packaging as seen above. But it isn’t for sale or at least not explicitly expressed that they will ever be for sale, despite the fact that 64 of such bespoke examples will be created.

Each handset, presumably 32 in amber gold and 32 in glacier silver, will bear an etched pattern designed by HTC’s and Phunk’s designers and will serve as a preview of the design collective’s upcoming exhibition, “Wonderment”, in Japan, Singapore and Hong Kong to mark the outfit’s 20th anniversary. apart from the vanity touch, the rest of the unit is everything you have known about the HTC One M8, including a large 5-inch Full HD S-LCD 3 display, Corning Gorilla Glass 3, Qualcomm Snapdragon 801 SoC with a 2.3GHz processor, 2GB RAM – just to name a few. No word of what they will do with the handsets after the exhibition round.

Xbox One Gets Limited Edition Call Of Duty

Call of Duty fans that have yet to pre-order their copy of the Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare might be interested in the Xbox One Limited Edition Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare Bundle set to be available starting from November 3, 2014 for $499.99. For 500 bucks, you will get a custom gold-accented Xbox One dressed in two-tone COD theme, complete with Sentinel Task Force iconography and a matching wireless controller, also with the right amount of gold accents, to boot.

This limited edition hardware packs 1 terabyte of storage, so you will have more than enough digital real estate ready for any downloadable contents. Furthermore, you will be treated to the Digital Edition Personalization Pack, Limited Edition exoskeleton, along with Advanced Arsenal, which comprises of a bullet brass exoskeletonand the EM1 Quantum custom weapon.

It will, of course, include the full game download of the Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare Zero Edition, with early access and double XP, plus two custom weapons, namely the AK-12G Assault Rifle andCrossbow-B2. 500 bucks sounds like a bargain deal, considering the 500GB model is going for around the same price, well, that’s until you realized that it doesn’t include the Kinect. i am not a fan of Kinect, but i still find it a little shortchanged and that’s not to mention that Xbox One isn’t really an Xbox One without a Kinect, regardless of whether you do have a use for it or not. However, i guess that don’t quite matters to hardcore COD fans cos’ FPS have no need for fancy gesture-enabled hardware. At least, for now.

You can find it here

Nutlock Bicycle Wheel Security System

As many know from unfortunate experiences, bike thieves target components just as often (perhaps if not more so) than bicycles as a whole. While a sturdy U-Lock does well to secure a frame, it leaves one—sometimes both—wheels vulnerable. Carrying multiple locks and chains is cumbersome, and looping and locking it all up is time-consuming. Nutluck aims to solve the issue of wheel theft with custom-engineered fasteners that replace conventional hex-nuts or quick release skewers.

The Nutlock works exclusively with a unique key that comes with each set sold—an undisclosed, but significant number of design variations prevents thieves from simply obtaining the key and beating the system. Plus, a conical shape and novel key formation also defends against the use of hacksaws and other tools, including wrenches, hammers, pliers and even damaged nut-removers. "That's not to say it's impenetrable—nothing ever is. But by deterring as many tools as possible, we strongly believe [Nutlock] provides a hell of a lot of security for bike wheels," says Nutlock co-founder Mikey Ahdoot.

Ahdoot will continue to make variations of the Nutlock well into the future as well, making it extremely difficult for thieves to adapt their nasty tactics. A single set of Nutlock can be purchased with a pledge of $25, or $39 for a full set—a rather reasonable sum, considering an average quality new wheel can run well over $100.

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