Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Garmin Approach S6 Golf Watch

If you think a watch can only show time, you must have slept through the 21st century. Among many amazing inventions, a golf watch is brought before our eyes. It is a GPS device that is very helpful to all golf players out there.

Garmin Approach S6 Golf Watch has a high resolution 1-inch display with touch screen. Also, it connects to your smartphone, so you will receive your notifications, such as emails, texts, and other alerts. Enhanced battery life is another advantage – it offers 12 hours of GPS mode. This Garmin golf watch is light-weight, so it will be no handicap for your swing. It is waterproof, and has thousands of international golf courses already loaded, and also you get course updates for free forever.

The Garmin Approach S6 has four buttons, two on each side. One button shows Swing Metrics, such as SwingStrength, SwingTempo, TempoTraining, other button shows Greenview. It displays distances in yards to front, back and middle of green. It also measures shot distances, and you can save and print your scores. There is also PinPointer, which shows you pin’s location even if you cannot see it.

There are many other features that can help any golfer.

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Auris Skye - WiFi Music Reciever For Your Dock

Wouldn’t it be clever to have a single receiver that can stream and control the playback from virtually any source device? Well, such a smart music receiver has actually already been invented and brought to market by a UK-based innovative audio tech company Auris and it’s called Skye. Thanks to the most advanced wireless technology used in the little Wi-Fi audio receiver, the Skye can stream your favorite songs from a wide variety of sources, it’s dead simple to set up and it also sports a sleek contemporary design – and this all comes with a highly affordable price tag too.

Designed to fit onto a regular 30-pin docking station, Auris Skye easily connects to your Wi-Fi network to stream and control tunes from any iOS, Android, Windows, Mac or PC device without unnecessary fumbles with additional audio tech upgrades. Having connected Skye to the Wi-Fi network with AirPlay and DLNA support, all you need to do is just run the straightforward application setup procedure and voila, the little versatile receiver will be playing music in a flash directly from any compatible source device such as iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad, iTunes, Android, PC, Mac or Windows Phone. On top of cable-free streaming, Skye allows wireless playback control and it also guarantees premium audio quality as its digital amplification and superior DAC serve to produce better playback fidelity than that achieved by just docking the device.

Also, AirPlay and DLNA capabilities in Skye ensure intense high-resolution streaming and lossless sound quality, resulting in far better audio reproduction than would be accomplished with most Bluetooth receivers as the latter generally compress and compromise the sound quality.  In addition to its compatibility with AirPlay-enabled devices and Android and Windows sources that support DLNA, the intuitively designed Auris Skye has Wi-Fi Direct capacities so it can also stream music from gadgets that would be otherwise impossible to access without a router. Plus, Skye can also be used to enhance movie and gaming experience with first-class lossless audio that renders all the sound details with ultimate clarity.
Power-wise, Auris Skye does not need any additional electricity supplies as it runs on the power from the docking station and in case you don’t own a 30-pin dock, you can still use Skye by hooking the receiver’s optional 30-pin to 3.5mm AUX output and a USB cable/Charging dock. In such configuration, Skye will run on the power supplied through the USB port while playback will be delivered through 3.5mm AUX jack.

Thanks to Skye’s outstanding wireless capabilities, you can stream your most-loved songs, music applications and popular streaming services (such as Pandora, Spotify and Rdio) to multiple docks simultaneously or one at a time, and even stroll around from one room to another with the source device in the palm of your hand, filling your living area with full-quality sound without interrupting the playback or having to put up with faulty or weak transmission through thick walls and massive furniture.

Measuring 1.73 x 2.52 x 0.39 inches and weighing as few as 16 grams, Auris Skye will stream all MP3, AAC, Vorbis/OGG, MIDI, PCM/WAV, WMA, AC3 and FLAC files from virtually any source device you can think of. This stylish add-on to your docking station is available in white and black, so go ahead and order Skye to turn your life into the most colorful soundtrack ever heard. watch the video below

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Flint Survival Shoe Laces

You’ve set up your tent, rolled out your sleeping bag, put away your gear-loaded backpack and are looking to get some cozy shuteye by the fire before continuing your hiking trip come early morning sun. Suddenly, you face the horrible realization: your lighter has malfunctioned somewhere along the way, you’ve accidentally misplaced your firesteel, your matches have soaked in the dew or some other nasty liquid and you forgot to bring an extra matchbox. Do not despair, there’s still a way to build the fire and warm up before turning in for the night! With Flint Laces, you will always be able to make a fire and keep out the common cold, anytime, anywhere.

An innovative take on all-stuff-multipurpose in the fast-growing market of smart survival gear and crafty camping equipment, Flint Laces by RattlerStrap look just like another pair of regular bootlaces at first glance. Nevertheless, unlike traditional laces, this pair can literally save your life if you find yourself utterly lost in the big outdoors and shivering all over with unforgiving cold, no sign of civilization in sight and no other fire source at hand.
“And just how is that possible? How exactly can a pair of laces save anyone’s life from hypothermia?”, you may ask in a skeptical tone. Well, the trick is quite simple: each lace tip holds a one-inch rubber-encased ferro rod (which means four ferro rods per pair of laces) which, when struck with a steel edge, can produce a spark strong enough to start a fire on the spot. That’s a mighty useful outdoorsy feature you didn’t even see coming in such an inconspicuous package, did you now?

Perfect for hiking and backcountry boots and available in several different sizes, Flint Laces will make sure you have a handy fire-starter alternative to matches and lighters whenever you need the benefits of a cozy camp fire. watch video below

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