Wednesday, September 3, 2014

LG Teamed Up With Swarovski To Embellish Its Curved Oled Tv With Aurora Borealis Crystals

At the upcoming IFA 2104 in Berlin, LG’s Curved OLED TV is literally going to shine – thanks to the addition of 460 luminescent Aurora Borealis crystals that the Austrian jewelry company helped to apply to the TV’s stand. referred to as the ‘Crystal Stand’ which props up the 4mm thin curved display TV, three different sizes of the Aurora Borealis crystals were hand-applied using specially made stencils to create what LG described as “subtle, but elegant sparkling pattern that turns a cutting-edge television into a work of art.” well, we can’t comment on the effect for now as what we have witnessed are mere images. For those who love to see this blinged Curved TV in person, you will need to be at the IFA 2014 between September 5 and 10.

Bling aside, the OLED TV is the South Korea electronics giant’s pride, boasting an advanced pixel-dimming system with promise of letting you see every pixel come alive. As mentioned, the limited edition LG Curved OLED TV With Crystal Stand will make its appearance at the IFA, after which it is expected to roll out in European market sometime in Q4 this year.

Actually this is the confusing part of the whole announcement. Whether the roll out is the ones studded with Swarovski’s precious stones or otherwise. We would think the former is a likely scenario. However, if you are already planning your financial for one, well, sadly, we don’t have any pricing for you. As to whether we really need expensive crystals on our TV sets, we shall let you be the judge.

Takumi Pen Is The World’s First Length Adjustable Pen

I can’t remember when the last time I used a pen or pencil was. Oh wait. As a matter fact I do: it was for filling out the lottery form. Anyways, it goes to show that traditional writing instruments still has its place in our gadget filled, gestures-reliant world. be it for filling out forms, doing concept sketches or to scribble your contact number on a napkin for the hot girl sitting next to you at the bar, the importance of pen will not be diminished anytime soon and hence, the market is burgeoning with options, but if versatility is what you are after, then perhaps you might want to check out TAKUMI Pen (no relation to Initial D) from Taiwan-based Tronnovate Design Laboratory.

Besides touting the flexibility of accepting over 50 types of refill and thereby giving you the option to use your favorite refill, it also boasts as the world’s first length adjustable pen to fit your hand size, writing position and usage – ranging from note-taking to technical drawing to doodling.

He head or should we say, the tip, is adjustable from anything between 5 mm and 15 mm. the benefit of adjustability will not be as apparent if you just need a pen to fulfill your writing needs (or in my case, shading ‘boxes’), but it will be if you uses the same pen for other things like making precise drawings where ruler is involved, which lengthening the tip allows the pen tip to get closer to the guiding ruler, thus a more precise line. TAKUMI Pen has a minimalist, streamlined aesthetic, and it is modular in design, allowing you to switch out parts, albeit limited, to fit your style. we are not sure if needing a tool to assemble or disassemble a pen is a good idea, but that’s what this pen need – a special “anti-slip” tool which is basically a Torx point hex key. It comes in a choice three colors and is offered with four types of caps.

Swarovski Adds Samsung Gear S Strap Peppered With Fine Crystals

If you think Samsung Gear S is not quite worthy of being called a jewelry piece, then perhaps the addition of a Swarovski elements-studded Samsung Gear S Strap should do the trick. this latest ‘Swarovski for Samsung’ joins the likes of the Swarovski x Samsung Galaxy Note 3 cover to provide the much needed bling some consumers have been longing for. By the look of the lone picture available to us, i must agree that it does make the Gear S looks a little on the lavish side and possibly qualify it as a jewelry piece too. The strap is made with Swarovski’s new Crystal Fine Mesh which has the crystals integrate directly into the strap’s metal mesh. The Swarovski for Samsung Gear S Strap shares the same width as the smartwatch, which we thought transforms an otherwise mundane curved smartwatch into one that looks more like a jewelry bracelet.

However, this treatment is probably more for the ladies, so dudes looking for something unique for the Gear S will have to look elsewhere, less you don’t mind the extra feminine approach. Another note about the Crystal Fine Mesh is, it is being used “by top brands in the fashion industry,” thus with it applied to Samsung’s latest smartwatch, it kind of helps elevate the wearable gadget to the fashionable status. Well, kind of. The Swarovski for Samsung: Samsung Gear S Strap will be available viaSamsung online store, as well as Samsung experience stores, starting in October with a yet to be announced price tag. Rest assure it won’t be cheap cos’ it is Swarovski that we are talking about here. In view of the poor resolution of the feature image up there (i know, it sucks but we are working on it), we have posted the same below.

Samsung Introduces World’s First TV-Matching Curved Soundbar

First it was the curved TV and now, Samsung thinks that a regular soundbar would look totally out of place and therefore, the team at Samsung has cracked their brains and devised a matching Curved Soundbar to work in conjunction with the firm’s Curved TVs, completing what the South Korean electronics maker refers to as a ‘Total Curved Solution’. the Curved Soundbar, designated model number HW-H7500/H7501 is set to make its debut at the IFA 2014, along with the M3 Wireless Audio Multiroom speaker system. The Curved Soundbar is designed with the 55- and 65-inch Samsung Curved UHD TVs in mind, complementing the aesthetic of those TVs and can be used as a stand or wall-mounted. Samsung said that no additional holes are required for wall-mount, as the soundbar essentially takes the place of the stand.

It has a width of 42 mm (about 1 5/8″) and the same curvature as the Curved UHD TVs. Samsung claims the curved soundbar will deliver “a greater sense of curve by surrounding the viewer and providing a truly powerful listening experience.” aesthetically, it sports a finely brushed aluminum enclosure that matches the current Curved TVs offered by Samsung and under the hood, the HW-H7500/H7501 features 8.1 channel support with two additional speakers flanking the sides to form a three-direction audio delivery. there is also Sammy’s proprietary technology packed into it that will offer detailed sound, amped up mid and low-range capabilities. Control of the soundbar can be executed via Samsung TV remote and by connecting the soundbar to the TV wirelessly through “TV SoundConnect” feature.

No word on when it will be hitting the market or how much it will be priced. Curved TV. Checked. Curved speakers. Checked. So what’s next? a custom curved wall perhaps so that the two curves won’t look out of place? Keep going for a few more look, along with a translated text.

Note: the board basically says Samsung Electronics. IFA 2014 release of new AV products! the world’s first TV matching curved soundbar and wireless multi-room audio M3.

The Tipsy Stool: When Rocking Chair Meets A Stool

What has a rocking chair and a stool have in common? Absolutely nothing, but that doesn’t stop Tinsel & Timber from marrying the two together to create this unique rocking stool. no typo here. It is really a stool that rocks – literally. (very aptly) dubbed Tipsy Stool, this rocking stool is handcrafted from solid Walnut or Maple, matched to either black or white power coated steel wire with a curved base that’s design to make you feel tipsy sitting on it, or at least provides you with something to do when there’s absolutely nothing to do in the living (!?). Constructed using a combination of modern and traditional woodworking and metalworking techniques, each stool is hand finished with natural oil and wax that lends the stool an extra touch of class and elegance.

The Tipsy Stool might be a piece of rocking furniture, but it could work out well as a side table too (you might want to watch your drinks, though) – if you or anyone using it feels a little insecure rocking without barriers. While we rock to the idea of a rocking seat, one that does without any backing is something that, erhmm, we are wary about. Well, maybe that’s just us. Anyhow, the Tipsy Stool by Tinsel & Timber is 100 percent made in the good’ol U.S. of A and can be yours to own for $249 a pop. Yes. That’s nearly 250 bucks for a stool. It’s your prerogative if it is worth the dough.

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