Monday, September 8, 2014

24-Karat Gold iPhone 6 - Already up for Pre-Order

Although months until the iPhone 6 is expected to launch, but Brikk is already taking pre-orders for its extravagant and lux versions of the iPhone 6. Customers can choose from 14 luxury versions of the upcoming iPhone including 24-carat yellow gold, 24-carat pink gold and pure platinum finishes for the anticipated 4.7-inch 128 GB model. If that’s not flashy enough, you can add 1.08 carats worth of perfect white diamonds to embellish the Apple logo on the back of the device.
“Each piece is disassembled inside Brikk’s state-of-the-art laboratory in Los Angeles, USA by a team of highly skilled engineers,” according to Brikk’s release. “They are hand polished, prepared and plated with five layers of diverse metals before their final plating in either two layers of gold or platinum.”

Prices of the Lux iPhone 6 range from $4,495 of the Yellow Gold variant without Diamond logo, up to $8,795 for the Platinum variant with Diamond logo.
A $500 deposit is required for the pre-order program. The Lux phones are expected to ship out 3-4 weeks after the official release of the iPhone.

Samsung And Montblanc Premium S Pen For Galaxy Note Series

Samsung has teamed up with premium writing instrument maker Montblanc, to create luxury S Pen, a worthy companion of recently launched Galaxy Note 4. Described as “digital writing devices” for the Galaxy Note 4, this new kind of pen debuted as S Pen Pix and e-StarWalker. Their design closely resembles to that of real pens with interchangeable nibs, but under the cap, they’re designed for use with the Galaxy Note 4 or a tablet.

The e-StarWalker would cost $525 while the Pix is priced at $350. In addition to the pens, Montblanc also offers a pair of $245 leather Note 4 covers. The “Extreme” flip cover is made up of a threaded fabric which looks similar to perforated dots on the Samsung Galaxy S5. The “Soft Grain” flip cover has a more classic leather look.

‘Perfect in Pink and Purple’ Afternoon Tea at MO Bar

MO Bar at The Landmark Oriental in Hong Kong is famous for its beautiful arrangements of afternoon tea. Their latest effort the “Perfect in Pink and Purple” afternoon tea is no different than the previous masterpieces. Throughout September and October, Mo Bar will serve afternoon tea along with hotel’s first signature Violet & Blueberry jam. The first collaboration between triple world champion jam making maestro Francis Moit and the hotel, the unique Violet & Blueberry jams celebrate the colors of autumn, which is full of fragrance and fruit-driven. This special afternoon tea not just fun and food, part of the proceeds from the “Perfect in Pink and Purple” will go to the Hong Kong Breast Cancer Foundation (HKBCF) in support of their efforts to raise awareness for breast cancer.

Created by the talented pastry team at the Landmark Oriental, hotel’s Culinary Director Richard Ekkebus has worked with Fransic Moit to create Violet & Blueberry jams. Only fresh, whole and perfectly ripe handpicked French blueberries are used to make jams, this ensured jams stay fresh and fruity.

As for the pink portion of the afternoon tea Landmark has selected Veuve Clicquot Ponsardin (VCP) Pink Champagne. The pretty-in-pink candy color of beetroots and the deep violet of aubergines have added more color shades through sweet and savory treats.

Mouthwatering afternoon tea items includes five kinds of pastries and savories, scones, jams, coffee and tea. Tea menu comes with finest teas and coffees on offer including free flowing cold-infused hibiscus and black current JING tea. As for the pricing “Perfect in Pink and Purple” afternoon tea set is priced at HKD 278 ($35). On weekends and public holidays they costs HKD 318 ($40) and this includes the dessert buffet. With a glass of Veuve CP Pink Champagne price goes up by an additional HKD 120 ($15).

Marc Jacobs’s Incognito Handbag

Marc Jacobs call this “the ultimate modern woman’s bag”, everyone else expect this to be this seasons “it” bag. Named “Incognito”, the latest handbag from Marc Jacobs’s fall/winter 2014 collection takes its design inspirations from the good old doctor’s bag. The bag features elegant clean lines and sleek palladium hardware in a range of custom colors and materials. The name Incognito, according to Marc pays tribute to the understated simplicity and grace of women he admire. The all-in-one everyday bag itself is designed to highlight the understated nature of a doctor’s bag.

Features of the bag includes an extras wide opening and zip top closure that allows to fit in a laptop in the spacious interiors. Handmade in Milan, Italy it is made of total of 124 parts. The versatile Incognito also includes a removable shoulder strap for easy hand-free carry. Interiors are fully lined with satin for a sleek look. Exterior highlights includes a key fob, a lock and a zippered pocket.

How much this understated luxurious bag costs? Depending on your choice of material be prepared to part with between $2,100 and $38,000. It goes without saying that $38,000 tag is for the bag made from exotic crocodile skin. The Incognito is available in three sizes small, medium and large. You can check out the video below to see how it is made. To buy the bag of your dream online here’s the link, if not stop by at any of Marc Jacobs boutiques.

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