Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Dryve Rain And Weather Protection System For Bicyckes

If we told you that we had discovered a bicycle with a roof, you would probably think we were joking. Trust us, we are not. Switzerland-based company Allnew has designed a flexible rain and weather protection system called Dryve for you and your bicycle which consists of a water-repellent window made from polycarbonate in the front, and a tear-proof ripstop material surface in the back.

In terms of safety, Dryve rain and weather protection system stands out among other similar products on the market since provides cyclists with a quick all-round view due to its transparent front which is not embellished with distracting struts. This weather protection system is lightweight and the materials used in making it are highly elastic. Even if the light is poor, the cyclists riding a bike with this rain and weather protector are sufficiently visible by other road users. Should the weather clear in the meantime, just put the top down and roll it up into the provided bag which can also be attached to your bike.

Believe it or not, it will take you only thirty seconds to mount Dryve weather protection system onto the bicycle. The setup is so easy. As far as the aesthetic goes, the product is available in nineteen different colour combinations and can be customized with an all-over print. Its dimensions are L 59 x W 59 cm when closed, and L 282 x W 73cm when opened. Dryve weighs only 1.54kg.

Meta M1 Smartwatch

There’s no shortage of ideas on the smartwatch market: Casio has recently announced their G-Shock G’Mix GBA-400, Samsung is set to introduce another smartwatch, Gear S, following the success of their Galaxy Gear Smartwatch, and rumors have it that Apple is about to jump on the clever timepiece bandwagon along with Motorola, Sony, Pebble, LG and other producers of smart electronics. Now Meta Watch is joining the crowd too: the successor of former Fossil engineering team has presented their take on the smartwatch design that goes by the name of Meta M1 – and it seems quite competent of living up to the high standards set by other tech brands in the market.

Made to keep things as simple as possible, Meta M1 is a smartwatch unlike any other – instead of the overly digitalized futuristic displays, this unique wrist wearable is styled after the classic chronograph design and it features an elegant and simple non-touch screen. Still, M1 preserves the traditional smartwatch functionality of other digital timepieces out there in that it pairs with your phone via Bluetooth to deliver app notifications and calendar alerts. But that’s pretty much it – it can’t take voice commands or monitor your health parameters like some other timepieces of the kind. It seems that through M1, the Meta Watch company wanted to send a clear message – smartwatches are still watches, all their clever functions aside.

And indeed, the Meta M1 is a watchmaker’s timepiece built from a premium all-metal body and a rectangular black-and-white LCD screen inspired by analog chronographs, with all buttons grouped on one side to keep it as stylish and neat-looking as can be. In the basic $249 model, the case is attached to a vanilla-scented natural rubber band, but you can upgrade the strap to leather or steel on a slightly more generous budget.

Built for your maximum wrist comfort, M1 boasts a unique armature system designed by Frank Nuovo. The buttons are built into the armature hinges for easy control of the smartwatch functions, while a charging port is located on the bottom of the timepiece so can juice up your M1 without any difficulty via a Micro USB charging connector held tightly in place by a magnet. Easy to read in bright sunlight and in the dark alike, Meta M1 has a high-res high-contrast display with several traditional digital and analog-inspired watch faces and it was primarily designed for lovers of traditional wristwatches, not all-in-one enthusiasts as it does not claim to be capable of doing it all – the smartwatch does send you notifications, but you still need to go to your phone in case you want to respond to calls or messages.

Likewise, it doesn’t have an application store nor should you expect one to be announced soon. But what it does have is a companion application that works well with iOS 7 and Android 4.3 or above, allowing you to rearrange home screens (time, calendar, phone music remote control, notifications, weather and countdown timer) on your smartwatch after your own liking and even filter important notifications from various applications. Some software upgrades have been announced, including a live sports-score application and a pedometer that will work with most fitness applications already available on the market.

Available in several different color and strap material configurations and compatible with most up-to-date Android or iOS devices, Meta M1 is said to be water-resistant to 3ATM and claims a lengthy battery life of some 5 to 7 days on a single charge. So, if you want to stand out from the rest of the crowd wearing digitalized smart timepieces and flash around a chrono-looking smartwatch for a subtle hint of unbeatable traditional style, you should definitely check out M1 – It may not do everything but when it comes to some smartwatch basics, it does exceptionally well.

Brunton All Day Gopro Hero 3 Power Pack

When you’re out braving the wild and seizing the day as hard as you can, extra juice for your beloved GoPro cameras and other tech will always come in handy. And though the range of chargers on offer is constantly increasing, you may just want to get yourself one reliable power bank that packs sufficient juice supply to replace multiple other energy sources and still guarantee a lifetime of trustworthy service. That’s why the famous camera gear manufacturer GoPro has come up with a perfect solution for additional juice on the go – with Brunton All Day GoPro 3+ Power Pack, you will never run out of energy at critical times when you’re about to capture that amazing stunt of yours on camera.

Designed to extend the battery life of Hero3+ cameras by an incredible four times the regular run-time as listed in the specs, this little energy brick comes in a rugged water-proof (IPX5-Rated) case sizing 6.7 x 5.6 x 4.5 centimeters with extremely durable shock-proof Adventure armor that can stand a wide range of unfavorable weather conditions and some tough off-road love without budging an inch. Plus, All Day Power Pack can also deliver up to three full smartphone charges and even top up your tablet on the fly if needed via the port found behind the sealed side-access door, which may come in useful in case you forget your regular AC charger when setting out on an outdoor adventure.

The power brick pairs with your cameras via the 3.7v output port (1 amp) and the 5v port (2.1 amp) is used to connect to a standard USB slot, while regular Micro USB is used as input. Weighing as few as 116.5 grams, Brunton Power Pack comes with a serious 4000mAh Lithium Polymer battery and an included 3-in-1 adapter cable (Micro USB, Lightning, 30-Pin to USB) so make sure you have it packed next to your GoPro Hero 3+ before you hit the road next time.

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Porsche 911 Book: 50th Anniversary Edition

One of the most memorable posters around features one of the most iconic cars – Porsche 911 – and reads – “Honestly, did you spend your youth dreaming about someday owning a Nissan or Mitsubishi?“ –ěr how about this caption under a picture of Porsche 911: „One ride and you’ll understand why all rocket scientists are German.“ As you can gather, we are celebrating half a century of the Porsche 911 and, at the same time, introducing a book that joins us in that celebration – Porsche 911 Book: 50th Anniversary Edition.

The book’s author Rene Staud brings us 304 pages of fantastic photographs of the most important models from the 911 family in his brilliant and distinctive style. The quality of the photographs is exceptional just as the car they are depicting – the colour, overall composition and saturation are all great, and, together with the high quality glossy paper, they make Porsche 911 Book: 50th Anniversary Edition a great coffee table book, as well as a fitting gift for any Porsche owner or enthusiast.

The Porsche 911 models are chronologically arranged in the book. Each photograph contains information on the year in which the specific model is produced and model designations. Some show brief technical specifications, namely the information about engine, transmission and similar. Porsche 911 Book: 50th Anniversary Edition showcases a great progression of the brand from 1963 when the first 911 was launched until present day.

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