Thursday, September 25, 2014

View 75 Feet Below Sea’s Surface From Transparent Kayak

Seattle based company Clear Blue Hawaii set new standard when talking about kayaking. Their latest offering called the Molokini is an all-transparent two-passenger kayak which has capability to view 75 feet below the surface of the water. Made out of the same durable polycarbonate material used in the production of bulletproof glass and fighter jet canopies, this space-age vessel comes equipped with an anodized aluminum internal frame system, dual flotation bladders and a three-quart water bailer.

The Molokini features a removable lightweight anodized aluminum frame system, allowing the user to minimize space consumption, thus making transporting and storage of multiple units easy and convenient.

Tests performed on the island of Oahu, Hawaii, have included intense crashing against rocky shorelines, 20 ft drops, hammer blows and an ejection from a vehicle at 70mph. Tests have also included encounters with pods of dolphins, coral farms and nocturnal underwater sea life.
If you want to explore oceanic areas with plentiful marine life and sea creatures in this cool, genius kayak, you’ll have to pay £1,654.20 ($2,700).

Crocodile Skin Covered Fancy Coffee Tumblers From Watch Life With Curiosity

Looking for a fancy coffee tumbler to carry around? Couple of crocodile skin covered ones are now available from the Watch Life With Curiosity, a French lifestyle brand based in Paris. Brand caters exclusively for urban population, so it is no surprise they decided to create a luxury coffee tumbler for Starbucks toting urbanites. Coffee tumbler and sleeves are designed and handcrafted by talented leather craftsman Jeremy Kastelani. Main materials used in crafting sleeves include high quality crocodile skin and barenia calf leather.

Crocodile skin sleeve, according to WLWC safe to wash with water without causing any damage to it. Easily transportable tumbler not only perfect for hand carry, also fits perfectly in car cup holders. It also has a removable carabiner that makes it even more portable. Available in colors black, brown and blue, this tumbler is not for everyone as it comes with a hefty price tag of €180 ($230.)

A more affordable cup sleeve is available for those who like luxury in two variations, one made with calf leather that costs €60 ($80) and a crocodile leather version with a €95 ($125) price tag. This too come with a carabiner attached for easy carry.

Alligator Leather iPhone 6 Case From By Atelier Costs $2,600

If there is a new device you can count on By Atelier to unveil their cases as quickly as possible. It is no different with iPhone 6 cases. French luxury accessory maker already has their handcrafted luxury iPhone 6 collection ready and available to order online. Offered in three material variations that include exotic alligator, luxury leather and sapphire crystal, cases come in variety of colors that ranges from black to pink. To offer maximum protection to your brand new iPhone 6, all cases feature a hand polished 316L stainless steel frame.

As for the more exotic handcrafted alligator skin cases, each case is a unique creation due to the fact that every alligator skin is different. Hand selected skins also boasts highest quality and texture. If you are conservation conscious rest easy, because alligator cases are CITES certified, meaning that the skins used satisfy the criteria of the convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Fauna and Flora (CITES). Alligator cases available in black and brown. UK price at €1,990 (approx. $2,600).

The sapphire crystal collection boasts cases with back covered entirely with luminous scratch-resistant crystals. Available in colors pink and black. UK price €1,790 (approx. $2,300).
The calfskin leather range is offered in colors bright orange, taupe and black. Made with finest leathers available, they also feature scratch-resistant sapphire crystal pieces. UK price €1,690 (approx. $2,200).

Each case is handmade by a single craftsman. Price also include By Atelier’s well-known concierge service for one year for any case – which is available from anywhere in the world 24/7 and one year international limited warranty. All cases are accompanied by a stylish pouch made from the same material as the case.

Solid Gold XBox One And PlayStation Consoles On Sale In Dubai Costs $13,700

One of Middle East’s largest electronic suppliers, Jumbo Electronics, has made sure to steal attention from everyone else at the recently concluded Games14, the largest video convention in the region. The retailer has unveiled extravagant solid gold Xbox and PS4 gaming consoles made by Italian jeweler Gatti. Each precious console come with a hefty price tag at $13,700 each. For the super-rich gamers in the region, this price tag means nothing. They are going to be just another crown in the jewel to show-off to friends and family.

“We are particularly excited to be launching the most unique and valuable gaming consoles in the world at Games14, specially created by Gatti. Available to both Xbox and PS4 fans, the high-end materials and exquisite detailing of the gold consoles make it a great collectible item for gamers who love luxury,” said Nadeem Khanzadah, Head-Retail at Jumbo Electronics.

“Crafted from 220 grams of 9kt yellow Gold. Handcrafted in pure gold (not gold plated), this luxury console is inspired by the iconic game, Tetris,” Gatti said of its Xbox One and PS4 designs.

Middle East has a gaming market that is estimated to be worth over $1 billion annually. During the Games14 convention gaming industry leaders such as Microsoft and Sony showcased their latest Xbox and PlayStation devices. If you are interested in buying a solid-gold game console and have around $13,700 lying around your place, it is time to head to Dubai.

Canon & Stella McCartney Limited Edition Camera Bag

During recently concluded London Fashion Week, Canon and Stella McCartney unveiled the limited edition Linda Camera Bag, a special design collaboration between them. The bag itself is part of McCartney’s exclusive sustainable evening capsule collection, the 2014 London Stella McCartney Green Carpet Collection. The designer who is known for her creativity, innovation, sense of style and ethical approach to fashion has combined all these attributes with technology to create the Linda camera bag. The bag is named for her mother Linda McCartney, who was a well-known animal rights activist and a vegetarian. Custom made for the world’s smallest DSLR camera, the Canon EOS 10D White DSLR it will be sold together with the bag.

“Growing up with a mother and a sister who are photographers, I have fond memories of them pulling out cameras from their bags snapping and capturing moments. It was a no brainer to create a bag for this brilliant Canon camera, because it was really exciting to design something fashionable and stylish that encourages people to take photographs,” Stella McCartney said in a statement.
The trendy box shaped bag is made from innovative Eco Alter Nappa, a leather alternative and comes in a color combination of matte neutral tones and metallic finish. Even though made exclusively for the EOS 100D camera, it also doubles as a fashionable everyday handbag, with its adjustable strap it can be worn either over the shoulder or as a handheld tote.

Limited to just 1,000 bags, it will be offered as a special package with the EOC 10D White. Priced at £1,200 (about $1,950) in UK bag will be available exclusively at Harrods and Selfridges from November.

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