Friday, September 26, 2014

Apple Watch Is Yet To Be Available, But You Can Order The Charging Stand From Dodocase Already

Đ’ith availability set in early 2015, getting accessories now for the Apple Watch seems a little too early, but in case you beg to differ, here’s one from DODOcase to get you started with what soon to spiral into a rapid of accessory purchasing. Simply dubbed as DODOCase Apple Watch Charging Stand, this rich California Orchard Walnut stand provides the Apple Watch with a resting place while charging it up. key features include a carved relief for wire routing (cable not included), a magnetic induction charger surrounded by American-tanned leather and suction cup adhesive on the bottom for firm holding, while providing easy lift-off without nasty residue.

As with most DODOcase products, the DODOCase Apple Watch Charging Stand is offered with leather monogram option. Additionally, the first 100 purchased will be numbered. The stand will be handcrafted in San Francisco and finished in natural linseed oil for added protection and aesthetic. So much for this yet-to-be-materialized Apple Watch accessory?

Well, expect to shell out between 60 and 80 bucks for one, and it is open for pre-order where you will need to drop a $5 deposit. As for shipping date, it will coincide with Apple Watch launch, which is still a mystery at this point.

Fjallraven Polar -30 Degree Sleeping Bag

Whether you are one of those people who would dare to go camping in Finland, Iceland, or Alaska or you’d rather just experience winter atmosphere of your  own backyard or nearby forest Fjallraven Polar -30 degree sleeping bag is the best solution for cold nights (up to -30 degrees).

Designers of this extraordinary sleeping bag have put the well being of their customers in the first place. Therefore they thought about creating a remarkably insulated sleeping bag that would unquestionably keep you warm even in the coldest nights. Having had that in mind they padded it with the finest down organized in box channels.
Fjallraven Polar -30 degree sleeping bag is furthermore very compressible and comes with a specially designed hood, which both contributes to body mobility and temperature maintenance. As well as the warmest Fjallarven jackets, the hood of this sleeping bag has removable synthetic fur brim that will reduce heat dissipation.

Accessibility and aeration of the bag are assured by a two-way zipper placed on the left side, while the shorter, right-side zipper enables you to adjust your gear while in sitting position since it sets your arms and your upper-body free.
This waterproof sleeping bag also has zipper cover which is easily fastened with press buttons and may serve as substitution if the zipper stops working. In that way safeness in the most extreme conditions is guaranteed.
Along with this great sleeping bag, which can be up to 180cm long, comes spacious bag for storing your gear.

We can all agree that the price between 900$ and 1000$ is more than acceptable if we take into account that we are talking about extremely safe, high-quality sleeping bag. You can purchase it on Amazon.

If you are into winter sports, ice art or winter atmosphere in general Fjallraven Polar -30 degree sleeping bag is the necessary equipment which will bring your winter adventure on higher level.

Get it from Amazon here: Fjallraven Polar -30-Degree Sleeping Bag

Sennheiser Takes on Beats With New ‘Urbanite’ Headphones

Finding a quality set of headphones on the ever-growing audio equipment market is not as easy as it seems – most headsets out there actually owe their prohibitive prices to the brand name and not the quality of the actual product, while others may pack some premium materials but do not promise equally satisfying comfort and reliable performance in the long-run. Recently unveiled at the IFA consumer-electronics show in Berlin, URBANITE headphones line by German audio company Sennheiser aims to change all that: a set comprising two different models, on-ear URBANITE and over-ear URBANITE XL design, the latest headpiece series boasts some heavy bass, improved sound balance and better clarity at a relatively affordable price.

Packed inside rugged aluminum can sliders with soft padding and stainless steel hinges, each URBANITE headband sports a foldable design so it can collapse down and fit snugly into the included soft drawstring pouch for simple storage and maximum portability. Thanks to the 3-button remote control capabilities packed inside a 1.2 meter detachable cable that goes into the left can, the URBANITE line allows you to manage music stored on your smartphone or tablet and adjust volume, play/pause and skip tracks. Additionally, the built-in cable microphone lets you answer calls directly from your smartphone so you’ll stay connected with those you love most at all times  (the available Sennheiser URBANITE and URBANITE XL versions are compatible with Apple iOS devices, while Sennheiser URBANITE Galaxy and Galaxy XL pair with Samsung Galaxy gadgets). Compatible with Samsung Galaxy, LG, HTC One, as well as iPhone, iPad, iPod touch and some other smart handpieces on the market, the URBANITE headphones guarantee ample versatility, comfort and reliability found in few other products of the kind.

Performance-wise, the URBANITE headphone line preserves the Sennheiser sound signature with crisp highs, smooth midrange, extended treble, rich bass and outstanding clarity across the whole range. With 16-22,000 Hz of frequency response, dynamic closed-back transducers and 5% of total harmonic distortion, the URBANITE and URBANITE XL headphones deliver your music with club speaker-quality, with minimal sound warps and maximum noise isolation (which is reportedly better in the over-the-ear URBANITE XL model). And if you have some concerns about the durability of these brilliant headphones, the two-year international warranty should help put your mind at peace as far as repairs go.
Measuring 7.9 x 3.2 x 9 inches, the URBANITE headphones are available in several different colors (including Black, Denim, Sand, Plum, or the ‘Nation’ combination with red cans and blue undertones), so you can easily match them with your favorite outfit and outdoor gear.

Versatile, reliable and creatively designed, URBANITE on-ear and over-the-ear headphones deliver your music with unparalleled quality and with maximum comfort on the ears even during super-long headband wearing sessions – and their in-line remote control capabilities bring some handy phone-call versatility so make sure you grab your next Sennheiser headset as soon as possible.

Get it from Amazon here: Sennheiser Urbanite

Leatherman MUT EOD Multi-Tool

You want your job done! And you want it fast! With Leatherman MUT EOD Multi-Tool you’ll have things done easier, faster and better than ever!

You may object that there are many similar products on the market, but we are here to instruct you why this particular multi toll should always be your first choice. First of all, the Leatherman MUT EOD Multi-Tool is multi tool particularly designed in military purpose, and therefore very reliable. But, of course, you don’t have to be a military expert in order to put this high-quality tool to its best use.

What is more, this multi tool empowers you to be the real craftsmen in your own creative world, and is estimated to be indispensable high-quality camping gear. The best thing of all is that all the tools are accessible from the outer side which enables you to operate with one hand only. You no longer have to disentangle the whole thing just to make one cut with knife for example.
So whether you want to saw wood, cut wire, screw some bolt, or simply open a bottle there is a little chance that you can do it faster with any other tool.

If, in fact, you are into tactical military operations you’ll be more than pleased to know that this particular multi tool contains all the useful tools for your work, such as electrical crimpers, replaceable C4 punch, bolt override tool or bronze carbon scraper. Another tool which can be very handy in different situations is cutting hook for emergencies with its replaceable blades.
All this and 25 years guarantee should be enough to get your MUT EOD for the reduced price of 136.93 $ and ship free on Amazon as soon as possible.
This is the best example that the best tool doesn’t always have to be the most complicated to use.

Get it from Amazon here: Leatherman MUT EOD Multi-Tool

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