Monday, September 29, 2014

Moët & Chandon Imperial Ayrton Senna Edition Celebrates F1 Champions 41 Victories

Ayrton Senna champion Senna’s each 41 Formula One victories, Moët & Chandon has released a special limited edition of 41 pieces. The special edition comprise of the iconic Jeroboam bottles of Moët & Chandon Impérial champagne and has been created for a select group of 20 collectors. Each is a unique creation and feature a silver medal corresponding to one of the 41 Grand Prix victories together with a vintage label and Moët & Chandon’s famous ribbons.

Senna, who was a Moët & Chandon brand ambassador always celebrated his podium finishes by popping a bottle of their champagne. Even though not up for sale at the moment, each 3-liter bottle has a sale value of $4,390. If any of the collectors decide to part with their precious special edition, the value of the bottle is sure to increase with time.
Each bottle comes packaged in a wooden box, decorated with a plate referring to one of Ayrton Senna’s 41 victories and comes with a certificate of authenticity. Before handing over to collectors, each piece will be simultaneously displayed on exclusively designed podiums at 41 locations in Brazilian state-capitols, among specialized stores and hotels. Part of the proceeds will go to fund educational programs maintained by the Aryton Senna Institute.

Coca-Cola Light Loves Moschino

Coca-Cola has partnered with the Italian fashion house Moschino to create a limited edition three can series. The soft drink giant is no stranger to collaborating with creative minds to offer a different perspective of their much loved containers that include cans and bottles. At the beginning of the year they worked with Chantal Thomass to create a special spring edition just for France. Their latest collaboration with Moschino simply called “Coca-Cola Light Loves Moschino” was unveiled during Milan Fashion Week. Jeremy Scott designed series feature three designs that include Cow Print, Eye Chart and Hearts.

Over the years the Cow Print in black and white has been a symbolic feature for Moschino. The Pink Heart, another one of fashion house’s signature monograms to make constant appearances in brand’s collections, this year it was used in Summer 2015 collection, a real Barbie world. There is no need to explain the origin of the innovative Eye Chart design – it is just there for all to see.

Offered in 330ml cans, 500ml bottles and 1.75l bottles, the “Coca-Cola Light Loves Moschino” series will be available throughout Italy until December 31. A 1.5l bottle will replace the 1.75l bottle in Sicily. There is also a chance to win a Moschino signed t-shirt, every day until December 31, all you have to do is enter the code found under the cap of the bottle.

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