Thursday, October 9, 2014

Mozilla Unveils The Matchstick That Will Wirelessly Stream Content On TV Screens

Competing with the Google Chromecast device is the new dongle device, Mozilla Matchstick. The stick device can be plugged into your TV or HD monitor’s HDMI port and lets you stream or mirror stuff to it just like Chromecast does. But Matchstick differs from Chromecast in a way that it runs Mozilla Firefox OS.

The Matchstick resembles the Chromecast in both form and function. The big difference, however, is that Matchstick uses Mozilla open source platform and the user can throw up content through any of the compatible devices like iOS and Android phones and tablets. While using laptops, you can mirror any window through the compatible browsers.

The team believes that the project’s success depends upon developer support. Due to its open source OS, anyone can make up an application for the streaming device and attract users without getting it approved first. The team is encouraging developers to work with them on the project, offering 500 developer kits through the crowdfunding campaign that are to be shipped in November (months ahead of the launch date in February).

By the time Matchstick is ready to be launched, it is expected to have a number of applications. Nonetheless, some key apps are being made ready for day one which include Netflix, HBO Go, Pandora, ESPN and ABC. Matchstick will also support binary compatibility with many existing Chromecast apps right out of the box and according to the company, the apps won’t initially work with the new hardware but can be easily ported by developers, in an hour or so.

Powered by a dual core Rockchip 3066 processor, with 2 GB RAM and 4 GB internal storage, the Matchstick is provided with reference designs and hardware schematics by the company to keep up with the open source nature of the platform. So if you have the know-how and resources, you will be able to make your own apps. According to the team’s Kickstarter page, the Matchstick can be secured for as little as US$12 given that it reaches its final goal. The initial run is to be shipped in February 2015. Final retail price for the product will be $25.

Digitsole Is An Interactive Insole For Your Shoe That Warms Your Feet And Counts Steps

Digitsole is an interactive insole for your shoe that fulfills three tasks: it keeps your feet warm, tracks how many steps you take and estimates how many calories you have burned. All functions are controlled using an app that is available for iOS and android and is under development for Windows. The app uses Bluetooth 4.0 for connection.

Digitsole is a functional set of insoles. The heel features a cushion designed to lessen the shock associated with walking and running. The toes feature a flexible section that is meant to aid movement and contains additional support in the arches to help with balance and posture. Each insole consists of three layers of material: Neotech, Poron TX3 and PU soft-touch microfiber, all of which are pressed together to form the finished product.

Digitsole can be used in most of your shoes, that is, technically you only need one pair that can be swapped into different pair of shoes. They are water resistant and contain a rechargeable battery that lasts around 7-8 hours on a single USB charge, if constantly used. Each Digitsole can be adjusted independently via the app to warm up the user’s feet. Once the temperature is set, the built-in thermostat keeps your feet at that temperature unless the settings are altered.

Similar to FootLogger insoles, Digitsole can also act as a pedometer. This means that it can count the number of steps taken by the user. Using this data and taking your height and weight into account, the app can easily determine the number of  calories you have burnt in a day. The product is being funded through Kickstarter with each pledge costing around US$149 for one pair of the insoles available in different sizes, plus the accompanying app.

Perrier Street Art Limited Edition Collection Launched

Nestle-owned Perrier, the Rolls-Royce of bottled water has come with a great idea to market their sparkling water. They have hired three of world’s best street artists to create a new limited edition series named Perrier Street Art Limited Edition Collection. Artists JonOne, Kobra and Sasu created artwork is a kaleidoscope of vibrant colors with nine unique designs. Each artist created three designs that are showcased on Perrier’s iconic glass bottles, plastic PET bottles and the new Perrier Slim Cans.

JonOne is a native New Yorker who moved to Paris in late 1980’s, it is no exaggeration to say that he is now more Parisian than a New Yorker. He contributed to decorate the Perrier glass bottles with colorful abstract art. Kobra, a São Paulo native has his dynamic graphics and lively patterns showcased on Perrier slim cans. Meanwhile Tokyo-born Japanese artist Sasu helped decorate Perrier PET plastic bottles with her elegant and geometric creations.

"Creativity knows no borders. The vivid packaging designs featuring the work of JonOne, Kobra and Sasu all embody a bold and youthful energy that is core to the spirit of Perrier,” said Priya Shenoy, Perrier Group marketing manager.

Staying with street art theme, Perrier also hired Colossal Media to to handpaint 10 outdoor murals across Manhattan, Brooklyn, Chicago, and Los Angeles. Murals were put on display on September 22nd, while one additional mural to be revealed in December in Miami during Miami Art Week.

Harrods Launch No 1 Passant Guardant World’s Most Expensive Perfume $230,000

This from the outset is the most expensive perfume in the world. If you want to own it you have to pony up £143,000 or the equivalent $230,000. However there is a catch, almost most of that value come from the bottle perfume come with. The diamond encrusted crystal bottle covered in 24 karat gold lattice work is truly a one-of-a-kind that deserves the “world’s most expensive perfume” tag. Created by British perfumer Clive Christian and named “No 1 Passant Guardant”, the special edition celebrates the opening of the Salon de Parfum boutique at Harrods.

The extravagant perfume that only the super-rich can afford has a Clive Christian’s signature crown shaped top, created in honor of Queen Victoria. The top itself comes decorated with diamonds flawless white diamonds. A lion motif encrusted with two yellow diamonds and a rare pink diamond as its tongue adorns front of the bottle. All its gold lattice work is handcrafted. In all the bottle features 2,000 flawless, individually set diamonds. Clive Christian said “I was inspired to create an iconic bottle as precious as a crown jewel to mark this special event.”

Now here’s the not-so-apt part, the 30 ml of perfume inside this opulent vessel is nothing to celebrate about unfortunately. It is standard Clive Christian perfume No 1, which retails for £450 ($725). But for a special edition such as this, a special perfume of its own is the right way to go, both Harrods and perfumer may have missed an opportunity to do something very special we feel.

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