Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Minipresso Lets You Make A Cup Of Joe With The Amount Of Extracted Coffee You Desire On-The-Go

We believe that most of you out there are serious coffee drinkers and that you simply cannot envisage a day without a hot cup of Java. We, at Jebiga (also serial coffee drinkers), have been on a constant lookout for the best, the lightest and the most practical espresso makers, and we believe that we have found one. It is Wacaco Minipresso, a compact espresso machine that replaces the whole suite of coffee making equipment.

Standing at only 6.95 inches / 17.6cm tall (the height of a standard Thermos bottle) and weighing at mere 0.8lbs / 363gr, Wacaco Minipresso has a 2.35oz / 70ml water tank (there is an optional 4.6oz / 136ml tank available), sufficient for a couple of cups of delicious espresso. You don’t need any electricity, N20 cartridges or compressed air to power this beauty which is why it is perfect for moving around the city, camping, boating, picnicking or just travelling. So, how do you power it? A simple hand-pumping action will do.

Fill the water tank with just over 2 ounces of water, pour a ¼ oz of grounds into the capsule, seal it with a twist and pump until you get cream-topped coffee. The pressure that you are applying (116psi / 8 bars) is enough to get you a standard cup of espresso although you would need to pump at least 28 times to get a double shot espresso. If you are in the mood for Ristretto, you need to push the plunger 13 times. The espresso maker’s cap also doubles as a cup.

Wacaco Minipresso is available for coffee grind or Caffitaly capsules. It is not only highly practical, but also easy to look at thanks to its simple yet sleek, contemporary design. This versatile on-the-go coffee maker will be available for delivery in early 2015.

Withings Wireless Blood Pressure Monitor – Convenient Health Monitoring

Most of us have used a home blood pressure monitor at some point or other, either for medical purposes or just for our curiosity’s sake – nothing new there. But given that we live in a world dominated by all devices smart and wireless, the process of measuring your vital stats has also taken on a completely new guise – and now, with Withings wireless blood pressure monitor, even taking out your blood pressure becomes super-fast and ultra-simple, all at a quick press of a button.

The Withings wireless blood pressure monitor syncs automatically with an accompanying Health Mate application on your smart device via Bluetooth connection (or even through your smartphone cable) to deliver high-accuracy feedback and value recommendations, all with a view to keeping you in good health. This smart blood pressure monitor works with iPhone, iPad, iPod touch and Android smartphones and tablets (iOS 5.0 or above and Android 4.0 or higher) and the monitor cuff is simple to apply even without extensive medical knowledge. Once you slip on the cuff, simply turn the Withings blood monitor on and position your arm properly, and the device will automatically sync with the Health Mate application on your phone (the application is available on Google Play Store and Apple App Store).

Once connected, the application will take out your readings and instantly display the info on an easy-to-understand color chart based on the National Health Institute standards. You can access your blood pressure stats on the screen of your smart device or the online dashboard on your Mac or PC, and you can go back to them at some point later on in case you need to cross-compare your stats – all the readings are safely backed up on the Withings Health Cloud so you need not worry about losing track of your previous measurements.

You can also share your blood pressure readings with your doctor at the next appointment – simply tap the smartphone screen a few times and all vital stats are right there, in the palm of your hand in as many as five languages (English, French, German, Spanish and Italian). Plus, all the readings taken via the Withings wireless blood monitor are automatically synced with over 100 cool applications and services on fitness-oriented partner sites, including Runkeeper, Microsoft HealthVault and iBP.

Just like most home blood pressure monitors, the Withings smart device takes out your blood pressure measurements by means of the cuff oscillometric method – all you have to do is put the comfy cuff on and let it inflate automatically. The cuff also boasts controlled release and circumference of 22-42 centimeters (9-17 inches), and the accuracy of readings is incredible, with ±3 mmHg or 2 percent of result oscillation for blood pressure stats and 5 percent of accuracy oscillation for heart rate readings.

The smart blood pressure monitor can also be paired with Withings Pulse, Smart Body Analyzer and Wireless Scale WS-30 for some extra health feedback and best medical protection. Measuring 5.5 x 3.5 x 6 inches and weighing a slight one pound, the wireless blood pressure monitor runs on 4 AAA batteries included in the delivery box, and in case you have some how-to dilemmas, you can always check the accompanying user manual. Comfortable, reliable and easy to use, the Withings wireless blood pressure monitor is everything you’ll ever need to get accurate blood pressure self-measurements and have them all displayed on your smartphone screen in a straightforward color chart with detailed readings and recommended values – just what the doctor ordered.

Get it from Amazon here: Withings Wireless Blood Pressure Monitor

Garmin Forerunner 920XT GPS Watch

Ok, so you probably know Garmin timepieces are more than just regular time-and-date watches – for quite a while now, these unique devices are packing ultimate functionality to suit an active lifestyle and tough professional demands. Announced as ‘coming soon’, their latest wristpiece called Forerunner 920XT aims to combine some mean triathlon tracking features and handy smartphone capabilities to live up to the company’s reputation – so let’s take a quick look at it, shall we?

Sporting a recognizable Garmin design evocative of other brand’s wrist wearables characterized by a large display, well-built body and comfy strap, Forerunner 920XT is advertised as “15 percent lighter and 18 percent thinner than its predecessor” (Forerunner 910XT triathlon watch), with flexible, hinged watch bands for a snug fit on your hand. Especially designed for triathlon athletes, the 920XT is waterproof down to 50 meters (5 ATM) so it allows you to track your running performances, bike rides and pool laps with equal ease. The high-resolution color display provides impressively reliable feedback on your multisport statistics, and it also features a watch mode, 24-hour GPS tracking times (which can be additionally upgraded up to 40 hours on UltraTrac Mode), navigation by GLONASS signals and daily activity tracking options with details on steps, calories burnt, distance, countdown to a custom-set daily goal, sound ‘move alert’ after one-hour inactivity intervals, as well as sleep tracking. Like a host of smartwatches, Forerunner 920XT connects to your Apple or Android smartphone via Bluetooth to access calendar reminders, notifications, incoming calls, emails and texts – which is quite convenient when out in the wild for a forest ride, sea swim or jogging session.

When it comes to workouts, Garmin Forerunner 920XT is a neat upgrade of the 910XT: when biking, its integrated altimeter measures ascent, descent and gradient metrics such as riding speed, distance and duration, and it is also compatible with a number of sensors (such as cadence, heart rate and speed) for the most detailed ride stats. When paired with some ANT+ power meters (dual-sensing Vector system and Vector S), it can even display your right/left balance and average watts, and when combined with a heart rate monitor it will show you your estimated VO2 Max during biking sessions. For runners, 920XT displays the standard pace, speed, distances and time and some of the stats measured by the brand’s signature Advanced Running Dynamics found in other Garmin running watches.

In combination with Garmin’s HRM-Run heart rate monitor, it can also measure vertical oscillation (amount of bounce during the run), ground contact time (time your foot spends in contact with the ground per step) and cadence (steps per minute). In this configuration, it also displays a recovery advisor and a race time predictor, and there’s also a metronome with vibration capabilities and audible alerts to make sure you keep up the best cadence at all times. And in case you’re a running superman, the UltraTrac mode will extend the battery life up to 40 hours by turning GPS off at regular intervals to keep track of your race however long it may last and wherever wild it may take you. Swimmers will also love the Forerunner 920XT – designed for open water and pool swimming alike, this smart wearable monitors swim pace, distance, stroke count, stroke type and SWOLF score, and there are also a handful of extras like rest timers and distance alerts to keep you right on track and in the optimum pace when in water.

Once you’re done with your training for the day, you can also upload your performance metrics to Garmin Connect, a free online community which lets you save, plan, add notes and share your score online. The Connect community can be easily accessed either through the accompanying smartphone application using Bluetooth connection, via USB plug connected to your desktop PC or by automatically syncing your 920XT wirelessly at one or more custom-set Wi-Fi hot spots. The Garmin Connect Mobile application also lets you invite your followers via email or social networks to follow your LiveTrack session and monitor your statistics and map location.
Available in red/white or black/blue color combinations, Forerunner 920XT comes with a $499.99 price tag as a standalone device but you can add some extra dough and get it together with a heart rate monitor for $499.99, so check it out if you’re looking to enhance your athletic performance – because with Garmin, you just can’t step off on the wrong foot.

Get it from Amazon here: Garmin Forerunner 920XT

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