Friday, October 17, 2014

Pioneer Rearview Mirror Telematics Unit

Pioneer has developed another amazing gadget that will in a great way improve your vehicle. They have produced a rearview mirror telematics unit, which is going to be a great addition to your car’s equipment.

It is a wireless information module that is meant to be placed over the original rearview mirror, so that it can improve its functions and your safety, of course. This add-on features an LTE communication unit that is connected to the Pioneer’s Mobile Telematics Center, which means you will be informed about local traffic, weather, news, facilities, and so on. Yes, it does function similar to the navigation system. They promised low latency and high-speed and there certainly is no reason not to trust them. All the information is displayed on a 5-inch LCD touchscreen that is half-mirrored.
This device also has a built-in front-view camera and it can capture very wide angle, because of the high-quality lens, so it works as a driving recorder, but it has much more to offer. Namely, it is equipped with a very helpful Safe Driving Support Service. It detects potential hazards, while analyzing the movement of cars ahead, and it sends audio and visual warnings, whenever it senses a dangerous situation.

Pioneer invented another great addition to this gadget in collaboration with NTT Docomo. They put a noise-cancelling microphone in the module in order to take control of the system via Voice-Activated Drive Agent Service.
Besides working as a common rearview mirror, it can be a Wi-Fi hotspot or used in fleet management through the renowned Global Navigation Satellite System, as well. Acceleration and gyro sensors are included, naturally.
Pioneer has given us much information about the product, but the pricing is yet to be announced and they do not have to rush it, since the product is coming to the stores sometime within the next year.

Studio Siem&Pabon's Fervent Carpet Kills Dust Mites To Relieve Asthma Sufferers

As much as curtains, upholstery, rugs and carpets add warmth and aesthetic value to one’s home, let’s face it, they are perfect habitats for dust mites and other creepy crawlies which can make allergy-prone people suffer tremendously. Thanks to a Dutch design studio called Siem-Pabon, you can now have a carpet which is guaranteed not to induce any allergies since you can, believe it or not, heat it to 60˚C once every two months which kills dust mites. The carpet is called Fervent and if you are wondering how on earth can you heat the entire carpet to the temperature of 60˚C, please read on.

Fervent Carpet resembles an uninterrupted spiral of tightly woven material which has a hydraulic connection that serves as a link to a heat source like a radiator. Basically, all you need to do is to attach the hydraulic extension to the radiator in your home and let the heat do the rest. The unique spiral design of the carpet allows for the heat to be distributed evenly thus efficiently killing allergy-inducing pests.

Considering that 235 million people worldwide suffer from asthma, investing in allergen-free carpet sounds quite prudent. Before designing Fervent Carpet, Siem-Pabon carried out research into the effects that textiles and various other materials have on home environment. The design studio founders Anne Pabon and Siem Lenders say that during the research they came across cross an asthmatic person. “Because of his disease he is not able to use textiles like rugs, couches and curtains so his house felt very impersonal and unsociable. We found it challenging to give him back textiles, so he also would be able to make it homey and cozy for himself without having allergic reactions all the time,” they said.

Fervent Carpet comes in two colours – blue and green. The carpet will be exhibited at the Dutch Design Week which will take place between 18th and 26th October in Eindhoven.

Bell & Ross B-Rocket Limited Edition Watches

Bell & Ross has created two new watches inspired by the latest business cooperation with the manufacturers of motorcycles Shaw Harley-Davidson. The two new B-Rocket watches will be produced in a limited edition. For their design ideas are derived on the basis of “airplane-motorcycle” that has a unique style and exceptional aerodynamic lines. Visually similar, but different, Bell & Ross BR 03-97 and BR 01-94 watches come in a square enclosure made ​​of stainless steel.

Both models have a water resistance of 100m and dials with black, red and white color palette. An interesting detail of the watches is a marker on the “12h” which recalls the details of the motorcycle, ie. has the shape of a red arrow pointing down. Watches, designed for speed sports on two wheels, are available on a black leather strap that has red edges and horizontal stitches.
Bell & Ross BR 03-97 model is characterized by an interesting and large date display positioned between the red arrows and shaft clockwise. The diameter of the casing of this watch is 42mm, which is slightly less than the other model.

B-Rocket BR 01-94 watch has a diameter of 46mm, a dimension which may not suit many fans of specific Bell & Ross design. The above-mentioned model has additional features such as chronograph and tachometric scale. Both watches will be produced in a limited number of only 500 copies.

Dolce & Gabbana Introduces Mini Mix Sicily Bag

Dolce & Gabbana brand borrowed pastel colors of the cookies, ice cream and marshmallow with the aim of creating a new line of limited edition – Mini Mix Sicily Bag. The Italian design duo follow trends creating smaller versions of their famous models. Fendi already done that with the Baguette bag, Louis Vuitton had the original mini creations in their arsenal – Petite Malle. Famous Sicily bag was first introduced in the collection Spring / Summer 2008/2009, and the inspiration for it comes from the elegance of Italian women.

In addition to the new mini version, this bag exists in large and medium-sized models.
As well as its large and medium sisters, a mini version of this bag is versatile – it can be used as a perfect accessory for formal and casual events. This stylish bag has elements of bright gold, satin lining and plenty of pockets. Her other elements are adjustable buckle shoulder strap that can be removed, and two duo-tone metal plates located on the front.

Dolce & Gabbana Introduces Mini Mix Sicily Bag
Made from a mixture of colored leather, this limited edition bag is available in marshmallow pink, sky blue, lime green and lemon yellow. Lovers of fashion and perfect accessories will have to pay about $ 1,500 for it.

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