Monday, October 20, 2014

Remmus Sun Lounger Turns With the Sun

Here is “Rolls Royce of sun loungers”! Because, this luxury sun lounger by Remmus Ltd. turns with the sun allowing the user to choose whether she wants to stay under the sun or in the shadow of the sun shade. The 360 degrees rotable lounge also features electronically adjustable back rest, water proof BOSE loudspeakers, Bluetooth-connection, a wireless charging station for smartphones, as well as integrated water sprayers if you need to cool down. It also boasts boasts LED lighting that is operable both manually and automatically.

The lounger’s deck and upholstery is available in various materials. The price of the lounger with all available features can rise up to €35,000 ($45,000).

Finnish-based design house, Remmus recently introduced this luxury hi-tech chair at The Hotel Show in Dubai on 28th September.

Limited-Edition Chivalry Watch by Chivas And Bremont

Chivas Regal and Bremont Watch Company teamed up to create a new limited edition timepiece inspired by the craftsmanship, luxury and style of both brands – the Chivalry Chronometer. The classically stylish, polished steel Bremont Chivalry watch, with alligator strap, features a piece of oak cask used in the maturation of whiskies for Chivas Regal, the signature of James and John Chivas etched on the rotor of the timepiece and the Chivas crest subtly embossed on the dial. An engraved copper plate, taken from a retired Scotch whisky copper still, sits on the leather presentation pouch.
This watch is part of Chivas 12 Made for Gentlemen by Bremont limited edition gift tin. Collectors gift tin includes Chivalry watch and a bottle of Chivas 12 blended Scotch whisky.

Chivalry watches will be auctioned exclusively for charities around the world. If you want to get one of 12 collectors timepiece, you can participate in an online auction from 22nd October to 9th November, 2014.

Meat Shredder Claws By Cave

Hey, ho, BBQ lovers! Today we bring you a perfect little extra for all your backyard grilling and roasting sessions to make your meat preparation as easy as ABC. With Meat Shredder Claws by Cave Tool, handling and shredding some pulled pork, chicken and your other beloved red meats straight from the grill is by far quicker and easier than with any other standard BBQ fork set, so let’s take a look at this cool-looking grill accessory pack, shall we?

Thanks to the bear claw design of the Meat Shredder handler forks, you will be able to handle, pull and shred pork, beef, chicken, brisket, turkey, hams, roasts and other meats and have them all cut down to tasty pieces in a flash (reportedly, the Cave Tool meat shredders work as many as three times faster than regular BBQ forks). You can use the Shredder paws to pick your hot food from the grill, oven, burner and any other source of heat without the risk of dropping your chow or getting some mean hand burns. Also, with the tight and comfy grip of this cool Meat Shredder set and the six prongs found on each of the fork paws, your turkey, ham, pork and even watermelon will be super-stable and non-slippy when carving. The Shredder paws are also a great kitchen tool to have around when mixing salads and veggies, and since they are heat-resistant and BPA free, you will never have to worry about potential tip melts when shredding or carving hot meats.

Also, for minimum cleanup efforts, you can throw your meat handler paws into the washer kitchen since they are 100% dishwasher-safe and in case anything extraordinary should happen to your shredding paws or you find their performance not as satisfying as you expected (as incredible as it may be), the producer offers a lifetime full money back guarantee so you can return the set and get your dough back just like that, no questions asked. Plus, in case you order your set now, you’ll get a one-off download for ‘The Grill Master’s Essential Barbecue Recipe Book’ free of charge together with your two Meat Shredder paws.

So all you need to do is hit the ‘Order’ button, download the BBQ recipe book as soon as your shredding set arrives, invite your family and friends over, throw some meat on that grill and enjoy some of the 25 carnivorous delicacies, sauces, ribs, chicken, kabobs and other grubs prepared from professional recipes and instructional videos found in this outstanding cook book for true grill chefs. A perfect gift for your dad, husband, son, brother, uncle or friend, the Meat Shredder Claws set is all you need to stir up some BBQ fun in your backyard, so why wait any longer if you can enjoy your grilled meats at their finest today already?

Get it from Amazon here: Shredder Claws for Meat

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