Friday, November 7, 2014

Wrap Your iPhone 6 In Elegant Vaja Leather Cases

If extravagant solid gold iPhones and cases are out of your reach, next best thing is a genuine leather case for your iPhone. Vaja, the Argentinian luxury case-maker is known to make some of the most elegant iPhone cases you can ever lay your hands on. Their cases, made from natural Argentinian leather are presented in a range of designs. Cases offered in a vast color palette, gives you the opportunity to customize them in limitless ways.
Notable features of handmade Vaja cases are their slimmer design and light weight. Compare to most other designer leather cases, Vaja are priced right so most of us can afford one. Let’s take a look at few Vaja iPhone 6 cases that’s going to protect your new investment worth few hundred dollars .

 Wallet Agenda – From $130

Guys, leave your wallet home. This wallet + case come with two card slots, one ID slot and a dedicated bill compartment. Its polycarbonate frame comes wrapped in vegetable tanned Natural Argentinian leather and soft natural leather lining. Handmade case has cutouts for camera, volume buttons, power button, speaker and charger. Case measures 14cm x 6cm – 5.5″ x 2.4″.

Lola Wristlet – From $130

The Lola Wristlet is to women what Wallet Agenda is to men. Ladies can leave their handbags at home and just carry everything in Lola Wristlet. The highlight of this practical case is its detachable “Grip” leather case. It has four credit card slots, a bill compartment and a removable wrist strap. Leather options available include vegetable tanned Bridge, grainy Floater and smooth Caterina. Interiors are lined with natural Caterina leather. The Lola Wristlet come with a magnetic snap closure.

Top Matelassé РFrom $120

Vaja’s Top Matelass√© quilted case has seen an update with new stitching pattern, more padding and improved texture to add more luxury to an already unique case. It comes with a magnetic clamshell closure system and additional protection for corners. Its polycarbonate frame cover is offered in two leather versions – vegetable tanned Bridge and smooth Caterina.

Grip Stripes – From $110

The Grip Stripes as the name implies is made from multiple stripes of dyed Caterina and Bridge leather. Extremely thin yet strong, Grip Stripes feature a camera opening, cutouts for all necessary buttons and protection for all four corners. There are over 200,000 strip color combinations to choose from – no country’s colors are safe with this case!

Top LP – From $110

The Top LP is handcrafted out of 2 pieces of Argentinian natural leather and the back from polycarbonate. It features a magnetic clam shell closure and cutouts for camera, and other buttons. Lighter and thin yet strong case is available in multitude of color combinations.

Grip LP – From $90

The Grip LP is Vaja’s most basic case for iPhone 6. Simple and elegant, and made from Argentinian leather, it features a camera eyelet and cutouts for buttons, speakers etc. The thin silhouette offer plenty of protection including for corners.

Urbanears By Marc Jacobs – Fashionable Headphones From Sweden

If you want to spend hundreds of dollars on a set of headphones you can do that – buy a pair of Beats, Sennheiser or a Bang & Olufsen. You can even spend $14,500 on a gold plated Happy Plugs pair. But, if you want an affordable yet fashionable set of headphones, look no further than Swedish-made Humlan and Kransen. They are the result of a collaboration between Marc by Marc Jacobs and Urbanears.

Urbanears by Marc Jacobs are available in many textures and host of striking colors plus additional three striking shades inspired by nature – oil, ocean and berries. Humlan range is made from removable and washable parts, they also come with an additional socket so that you can share music with a second person. Highlights of the Kransen range include a patent-pending cable loop wrap and secure the cord and the snap construction feature that let users connect earbuds around their necks. Both boasts microphone and remote for hands free use with phones.

The Humlan retails for $60 and Kransen for $45 – both are available at and at Marc by Marc Jacobs stores and online.

Silver Cross Releases A Special Edition Balmoral Pram With A Hefty $8,000 Price Tag

Last year’s £3,000 Aston Martin Surf buggy from Silver Cross takes second fiddle to their latest luxury buggy. Available exclusively at Harrods as of yesterday and limited to just 50 units, this special edition Silver Cross Balmoral come with a hefty £5,000 (about $8,000) price tag. And the Rolls-Royce of prams is presented with many bells and whistles to go with the price.

Its hood and matching apron are covered in red hand-stitched leather, while the buggy carriage is made from metallic silver. The red and polished silver color combination can also be seen on the C-spring chassis. The buggy also feature Balmoral’s signature large white wheels, without them of course a Balmoral will not be a Balmoral. In addition to red, special edition is also offered in four other statement colors.

To make sure that no one mistakes the special edition to the regular £1,450 ($2,300) Balmoral, it comes with a “Bespoke Range” logo identification plate. If you want, you can even get a plaque fitted with your toddler’s name engraved on it. All these minor customizations are there to ensure everyone in the park knows who ride on these fancy wheels.

The Silver Cross is a company that’ been in the business of making baby buggies since 1877 and the Balmoral is literally their jewel in the crown. Royals from the Queen, Prince Charles, and Princess Diana to more recently Prince George had rides on their buggy and there are plenty of pictures to prove it. Instead of the old fashioned Balmoral, Prince George though travel in a more modern Silver Cross Elegance.

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