Thursday, October 15, 2015

Infento Offers Transformable Transportation For Kids As They Grow

Infento is the brainchild of Spencer Rotting and Sander Letema, two Dutch designers that wanted to revolutionize the toy industry. They were inspired by Lego and Meccano, and brought the “build it yourself” concept to rides for kids. The main idea is that your child and you build and customize his/her own ride just the way he/she wants it.

This inspires your child to be creative and get involved in the production process with teamwork. This changes your child’s mindset from a consumer to a maker, which is, some of us would say, one of the most important life lessons. From toddler to teenager, Infento teaches children to be proactive and imaginative.

Infento offers a vast number of kits with all the materials and manuals necessary to build a ride from scratch. A cool design feature is that the whole construction can be done with a single hex key. Also, the manuals are child-friendly and easy to interpret. If you and your kid are feeling creative, you can forego the manuals completely and build your own original ride. Your imagination is the only limitation for the Infento. The various kits come with a wide range of wheels and even skis, so you can make sleds and snow based rides.

Infento’s multi-functional and reusable parts are built in compliance with two criteria, safety and durability. That is why the connecting parts are made from high-quality aluminum giving the ride an exceptional structural security. Infento  maintains that any ride constructed with their parts can withstand the weight of an adult, although they recommend that grownups stick to helping with the build, and let their kids have all the fun.

All the other parts are quality made and child-friendly. For instance, Infento opted for a tooth belt instead of a chain for the pedals because of the added safety.
Infento is currently on Kickstarter. It has surpassed the initial goal of $ 50,000 by more than 6 times that amount giving insight into the project’s quality and popularity.


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